Welcome to Blogger’s new look

Welcome to Blogger’s new look

Welcome to the new Blogger! As you can see,
we’ve completely redesigned the dashboard to focus on the actions and information that
are most important to you. From here, you can access all your blogs and
start a new post, view your blogs, or, jump directly to any other area of the site with
this pull-down menu. In the new Overview section of your dashboard,
you’ll find a graph of your most recent traffic numbers, a summary of comment activity,
and follower counts. For extra guidance and inspiration, you’ll
also find a list of helpful links, a feed of Blogger updates, and a showcase of other
blogs you may find interesting. We’ve expanded and simplified the Post Editor
to give you a larger canvas for drafting and previewing your work, so you can focus on
creating great posts. You’ll find the publish, save, preview,
and close options along the top, and other options like Labels and Schedule along the
side Let’s go back to the Overview page, where
you can also access other important tools from the left-hand navigation. Like the Earnings area, where you can learn
how to make money with your blog, and the Templates section, where you can change your
blog’s appearance and try one of the seven new Dynamic Views. We’re excited about how these changes will
help improve your Blogger experience. and look forward to bringing you more.

51 thoughts on “Welcome to Blogger’s new look

  1. I don't know why everyone is complaining about the new interface. It is much more user-friendly and intuitive.

  2. I think the new look is absolutely awful. I was so relieved to learn I can go back to the old format. Please continue to allow this to be an option.

    OR explain why the new way is better than the old. From what I've experienced, it's not easier to use. It doesn't look better. It looks much worse.

  3. Ich kann das neue design nicht ausstehen, es ist nicht leichter, besser, schneller oder gar verständlicher. Ich hatte vor Monaten schon bei den ersten Vorstellungen Verbesserungsvorschläge gebracht und dtealliert (wie viele andere übrigens auch) aufgeführt, welche Probleme ich habe und sogar, was Lösungsvarianten wären.

    Niemand ist drauf eingegangen, es ist alles immer noch so.

    Ich will das alte design wieder.

  4. Very very bad (ok?). I lose much time with this new blogger.
    Please, I want the old blogger! Goes horribly wrong in the way I wear my blog.
    To check the posts is horrible, is infernal… 🙁
    I am sorry not to know very much English. I am disappointed with blogger

  5. I think the new look is not working correct. I changed to the NEW LOOK, guess what, I lost my layout, template and everything become a mess. It happened about a week ago. I have around 17,000 posts, got the blog I like, with ads and day after day I improve it, or at least I tried to. With this brilliant idea of who knows who or whom I can't even fixed the mess i have now

  6. I'm having a damn problem, since the new look was launched i didn't do anything to my layout, just yesterday i added some new widgets, and my blog kinda change, because before i didn't use to have a horizontal scroll bar but now i have one, and well, i just don't know how to explain the rest, but is it possibe to get some help from someone out there, please :((

  7. I'm left wondering what chowderhead at Blogger thought that a white-on-white design interface was a nifty idea. The old design was better, clearer, more efficient, and you didn't need to wear snow goggles to see what page elements you were adding.


  9. I have an art blog, my main interest is to be able to post pictures easily and rapidly. The new interface is a freaking NIGHTMARE. Can no longer slide pictures exactly where we want them, can no longer easily resize them, the html text is completely screwed… What the hell Google?!

  10. I really have nothing bad to say about the new interfabe, but the compiler is CRAP. It's almost impossible to format a text without getting tons of useless HTML tags in the code: it's impossible to control empty lines, pictures positioning, and everytime you load the page, it is different, new lines are added, huge interstellar spaces between paragraphs are added. Please give us back the old compiler. Why are you guys doing this to us?

  11. Jesus H! I can't even get the fucking closed captioning to SHUT OFF on this English translation of an ENGLISH spoken video!!!!!!

    LAYOUT is NOT listed in your little handy-dandy (worthless pile of shit) "pull-down menu".

    This interface SUCKS. What the HELL was wrong with the OLD one?

    I've "tried" the dynamic views in the past and found them to SUCK. I made the mistake of "trying" them again tonight 2 see if anything had improved. IT HASN'T. I can't revert to my OLD template. U fucks!

  12. I was told i can publish my own website using my own Domain Name using my Blogger blog for 10$ a year. I went through the whole process only to end up with a page that says 404 Error. I looked this up on the internet and it turned out many people had the same issue but no one offered a solution. Calling Google did not help either as no one was able to direct my call. I am stuck with no help. Please let me know how I can get my domain name back!

  13. Am I plain stupid or what? I've been without posting about a week.  The Dashboard in my blog is completely different.  When i try to create a new post , i cannot position the pointer in the writing area, can you please help me?

  14. Ist da jemand, der mir etwas helfen kann? Seit der Umstellung kann ich einfach nicht mehr bloggen und komme auch nicht auf das neue Dashboard, vielleicht stelle ich mich etwas idiotisch an….  Danke im Voraus, Peter

  15. Blogger signup button hidden… then new blogger ads not displayed… when will u open blogger ads and signupfor adsense button……………………..??????????????
    Before 1 year  not signup button disable and blogger web page to not displayed ads… 
    blogger all step disable and hidden………………mar 23 open or not ?????????  

  16. This is very old and it won't even play.  I got a message that my browser from my Dashboard says it is not supported. 

    This is the message I left:

    This is what I have:
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Edition x64 Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
    Browser: Microsoft Corporation Internet Explorer 11.00.9600.16428
    On my dashboard you indicate that my browser is not supported but mine that Exceeds Internet Explorer 10.  And the compatibility view is turned off.
    This is the page where I got the message:
    @42247 and I added this to one of my following on my dashboard from a Twitter person the I am following:

  17. Blogger how i rescue an old Blogg, I see it people is able to see it and comment but i cant see it in my dashboard. Y use the other options (forgot your passport, etc) . And No results…. DO I LOST MY BLOG ?

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