hello Grace? that’s great great
yeah I’m coming home you’re coming home? yeah I saw you on YouTube I was watching
your epic videos I’m coming to join you you’re coming to join the vlogs yeah
oh my gosh well when you’re gonna be here yeah yeah I’ll be right there okay
great okay okay I’ll see you soon bye all right ah Sharer’s um there’s been
something I need to tell you what’s going on sure welcome to the vlog
welcome to another epic day uh yeah there’s something that I need to tell
you there’s been a lot going on and a lot of things that are about to change
and a lot of things that are going to be even more epic so if you haven’t already
hit that subscribe button and join the best family on YouTube the Sherriff am
and yes remember yesterday in last vlog when that guy was outside my window well
uh let’s take a look outside real quick let’s see what’s going on here today
there’s a lot of noise a lot of construction going on stone all this
stuff they’re totally ripping the house off and actually I don’t think I ever
showed you the front side of the house the house is completely torn open we had
issues where the house was actually built on top of an old farmhouse which
means that the foundation was cracking so we had to quickly call people in to
tear off the old structure we had to get rid of all that old haunted farmhouse
stuff so we can build our house with stops cracking and doesn’t like fall
over so there’s been a lot going on and it has been totally crazy but there is
something that I need to tell you that is completely going to change the entire
Sharer Family and sharers the surprise is gonna be so big I can’t wait for you to meet
them you it’s gonna be so so so so so epic so this is something that I’ve
passed by every single day this room by every single day and we’ve never
actually got in there but it’s not one of these secret hidden rooms yeah this
room belongs to someone of my family they’ve been away traveling the world
they might have been been in your country and they’re coming home today so
I can’t wait to open this door oh hold on someone’s on the front door let’s go
let’s go see you safe oh it’s oh it’s a worker
oh wow sure is I can’t wait to okay let me show you real quick the outside of
the house real quick and then I’ll go open that door oh this is gonna be crazy
oh wow so here is the bottom of the house it’s totally ripped out I think
this vent right here Oh No Sharers look there’s a vent there but there’s also a
vent here and I think this is the one oh oh now hold on there’s more holes in the
house see sharers the house is built on top of an old haunted farmhouse so the
foundation is just cracking like crazy so this fake window right here goes to
one of those secret haunted rooms at our house and someone cut something so it
actually comes to the outside and they drilled a wire through there so when I
was underneath the house the other day I could see light shining through so I’m
not sure why someone cut a hole in there but something weird was going on I think
all this weird stuff finally gonna stop because we got a crew here they’re
totally ripping the house off they’re getting rid of all this old stuff that
the house has been built on top of they’re literally tearing the house in
sections I didn’t even realize this but the house is like built with styrofoam
like can you believe a house is built with styrofoam that’s so weird so
they’ve been tearing all this stuff up we even got stone they’re gonna
completely redo the house it’s gonna look so good we have so much going on
insures check it out this is what the house looks like right now
totally totally torn apart we have to completely fix all the structures of the
house oh that’s like we’re Carter’s secret attic haunted room is whoa yeah
they’re totally getting rid of all the haunted parts of this house it’s gonna
be like brand-new when it’s done and as we go back here they’re tearing sections
right by the garage too we got a giant dumpster check this thing out this
dumpster is huge we just have so much going on at the house and we also oh
sure we also need to open this box we still haven’t opened this box so if you
haven’t already commented comment what she thinks inside of this box Oh
well that’s weird the dumpster door is open whoa I didn’t even know you could
open a dumpster like this oh ho we could go dumpster diving whoa this is
so cool so that’s a little update on the house let’s head inside I got till mama
share that uh someone special is coming home to join the vlogs this is gonna be
so cool by the way Sharers this deck is also getting ripped off too because I
didn’t realize this but underneath the deck
leads to one of those rooms that I was in the other day
if you come underneath here check this out we had to tear this all apart
because this is one of those windows and I think on the other side of this window
is where we can access that map that was hanging on the ceiling I’m pretty sure
it’s just past there so we’re gonna try to tear this wall down so we can access
one of those maps so I don’t have to walk across all those weird boxes and
all that like black slime on the wall like I said a lot of stuff going on
let’s go check with my mom broke right never got ahead to the train station
because we got someone very special very very very special to pick up oh baby
otter there you are what are you up to oh you’re just looking out the window
you’re watching the workers work yeah we got like giant slaughters in here going
all the way up there say hi to the Shares otter good boy good boy you ready
for the big surprise yeah where’s mom Oh mom there you are your snack and just
like Carter guess what I found what you found you wait to see what I found
come on what would you phone because I was afraid to go any further come on
whoa mom what are you doing up there you’re like destroying the house I was
trying to father something metal up here whoa careful careful whoa whoa whoa
careful ooh mom this is not a good surprise I have a
much better surprise to tell you about then like the house falling apart even
more all right let’s take a look and see what this is come on in what is that
maybe this is what’s causing a leak I don’t know what is this thing what is it
I don’t know it looks kind of sharp like maybe it’s caused the leak in the pipe
there’s another one up there hold on now the other one mom what is that whoa what
is it Kate a skin like an ice skating what what
that’s what these things are why are they inside oh you know what mom one of
those pictures that that guy shared when he knocks on the door with the old pond
work was when it froze these must have gone to the old farmhouse and maybe up
there was like a spiced skating storage closet or something and that’s why these
ice skates are still in the house okay sure is well that’s one surprise let me
go upstairs let me show you their bedroom and then we got to go pick up
that the new sheriff and members – come on let’s go let’s go let’s go I gotta
show you this awesome room oh you ready but I was about to show me your epic
room oh you want to give an exclusive room tour okay well
I’ll come now I’ll come I’ll come get you okay sheriff’s a surprise I time to
pick them up it’s happening sooner than I thought let’s go get in the car chairs
I can’t wait to unveil the new sheriff a member let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s
go let’s go are you ready come on let’s go let’s go
Oh grab the keys and grab the share the love hat oh yeah ready to go Otacon come
on let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go oh yeah are you’re excited you
know who we’re picking up come on otter come on oh my goodness
there’s even more mess up here but Sharers the funniest thing out of all
this mess this construction equipment is actually uh not for construction this is
Carter’s fun little toy that he got to play around with he’s been doing some
insane drop tests office three can’t take that today because the sheriff you
remember that were picking up it’s gonna have a lot of luggage I know you want to
go good boy good boy oh let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go and we are off and
we’re on the way to pick up this sheriff a member now Shares if you go back and
some of my old blogs you might actually see they’ve actually been in at least
one of the vlogs but then they went traveling around the world so that’s why
they haven’t been home for a while that’s all about to change and some more
epic vlogs are gonna be on their way hurry up let’s get to the train station
and let’s pick up the new sheriff a member oh yeah okay we are pulling up
Sharers keep your eyes out I don’t see anyone yet so maybe we’re
not in the right place but keep your eyes out we are getting close let’s go
around this circle we might have to park I don’t know where grace is but grace
said to meet her here okay time to get out and look I’m not sure oh
I just like daughter and they’re hotter stay in the car okay
you stay okay we’re at the train station time to go look now Sharers it’s pretty
easy to spot someone in the sheriff and they always have at least one piece of
merchants at all times for me I merged out from heads until I got the Hat I got
the three million merged shirt three million merch band I even got the shirt
who loves talks and this year the love sandal you know he’s got to find someone
here who has at least one piece I’ll show you the love merch oh well there’s
not many people right now maybe we’ll go in this section here where the train
comes in so the train goes in through there and there’s the station in there
so maybe there in the train station let’s go see let’s go down this tunnel
let’s see if anyone’s in here hmm oh this is so cool though check this out
no way you walk across this tunnel and you can see cars coming right at you
this is so cool well here comes the truck here comes the
truck ready whoa whoa Sherri’s hang on I see someone wearing share the love merch
oh my goodness crazy grace grace oh I’m ready to vlog I
got all the merch on I got the sunglasses oh yeah I got the shirt the
Hat in the back oh yeah gracious swagged out oh how was
your trip it was long I’m so excited oh yeah sure this is my sister oh yeah
she’s finally home she’s done traveling she’s home she’s ready to help out and
make some epic vlog oh yeah any epic ideas comment them down below oh yeah
we’re gonna get home baby otters in the car waiting we’ll see you tomorrow so
until then you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace!


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