What a Difference a Day Makes! | Off Grid Log Cabin Sauna Ep 9

What a Difference a Day Makes! | Off Grid Log Cabin Sauna Ep 9

I didn’t really expect
anything where I went anyway but I wanted to rule
it out for the morning. Basically I went down to the
south end of the property around the beaver pond down there. It was actually a duck
which I was surprised that there’s still some open water so. It won’t be the last,
probably day, of open water on the two ponds. But just confirms what I thought. I went back there behind
the property as well, back through the open hardwoods and down to the cedar swamp down
here, a spruce swamp by the pond and then
back up through the trail and no tracks which just means nothing’s right there right
now because the snow is fresh but there’s not really
lots of feed down there so, well there is some feed but there’s acorns that I found earlier up on a ridge. I would imagine the deer head
more over to that to feed. But ironically all the
walking I did this morning and I did a lot maybe 10 miles of walking way back here, places I’ve never been which is this time of year
I did want to explore those and saw lots of signs,
well not lots of signs. Saw some signs way back
there on that oak ridge and then it drops down to
a series of beaver ponds and there’s actually an
active beaver in those ponds. There’s lots of fresh feed,
the dams have been topped up and ponds were full. So then there’s moose and
deer sign around those ponds and crossing each of the beaver dams so nice little funnels there. Easier spot to hunt but
wasn’t that much sign. Then when I circled back
I came on the other side of the meadow here. There’s a bunch of meadows, beaver meadows because this is inactive. There’s no beaver in
these ponds down this way ’cause there’s no feed left,
they ate it all off years ago so there’s little meadows, drops. You know old beaver dam
and then dried up swamp so a little bit of
water, or dried up meadow so a little bit of water going
through the center of them. Anyway, that’s just over
here on the other side of this creek and that meadow. And there was fresh doe sign. Looked like two does
and a decent size buck by the look of it’s in there as well. So that was very fresh. They were there as I was
going through for sure. So that’s where I’m
heading in the morning. I’ll get up right at legal shooting light is when I’ll leave here
which is half an hour before sun up because right there down at the valley here
would be one of the spots they come to. In fact I’ve seen tracks in
there the last week or so right here at the bottom of the hill. So I’ll do that, I’ll sneak down, I’ll get the wind in my face and I’ll just still
hunt all along the edge of the meadows and
through the hemlock forest where I can walk a little bit quieter. And then I could look out into the meadows and into the open hardwoods to my right. So I’ll spend a few hours
doing that in the morning. Looking forward to that actually. Have to start getting a
little bit more serious about hunting now. It’s November the ninth
so I’ve got about a month, a month and a half of bow hunting left to the end of the
season but only another week of rifle season. So I think what I’ll do is
concentrate on hunting here with the rifle because it
is a hard forest to hunt because it’s so massive. It’s a big woods here. There’s no agricultural,
no agriculture at all right in this area which means you can’t, it’s a lot harder to pattern
the deer because they’re not going out to an agricultural
field like your cornfield or soybean field or something to feed. They’re just wandering
all through the bush hitting the fresh acorn or
the most current oak trees. Most of those look like
the acorns have already been cleaned up by the wildlife though. So they’re just picking
at raspberry plants and all kinds of other
stuff so just widespread, there’s nothing patterning them and it’s a different kind of hunt. It’s very challenging. And this is not like the U.S.
or even Southern Ontario. So actually the term few and far between is very fitting for here
because the wildlife is few and far between so you could go for miles and miles and
not see a deer track here. You’re lucky if you see a deer. So I’ll make some dinner and
then just check over my gear one more time and then get ready
to head out in the morning. There’s been a little bit
of talk on my Facebook page about pemmican lately because
of that tallow I made I guess. And last week, one of the
more recent videos anyway. So tallow was the fat that I rendered down and actually here it is here. That’s what I’m cooking
my fries in right now, frying my potatoes in. But a couple of years
ago I made this pemmican for the season for all my canoe trips. So what pemmican is, is traditional food that was used by the Voyagers and the coureur des bois when they were exploring this country and founding the country
really on the fur trade. So exploring from Quebec west and trapping and trading as they went. Because they were going so far
and they were working so hard they needed a really high
energy dense food source and this is what they came up
with so basically what it is is rendered fat and dried venison. I guess in the past traditionally
it would have been buffalo ’cause they traded it form
the natives or First Nations out west where the bison were plentiful. So it’d be dried bison basically jerky and then you pound it,
break it into little pieces and then mix it with the
tallow, melt the tallow, mix the dried meat in it and
then put whatever berries you had as well to add some
more flavor and calories. Some carbohydrates, so I put
dried blueberries in mine. Dried cranberries would be another thing that’d be probably fairly
popular, or common back then. Anyway I like it, I salt the jerky, salted the jerky and then I
pound it and put it in here. And that’s two years
ago I think I made that and it’s perfectly fine. It lasts pretty much forever
and it tastes good still. I like it. Anyway what I like to do because it is, you really have to get used to that and it takes a long
time to get used to just eating chunks of that and nothing else so I was never able to fully
survive on that for a trip. I could survive I guess,
but didn’t find it palatable enough that
that’s all I wanted to eat for a trip. So what I have been
doing, or what I was doing with a lot of it, this is my last, I think I have maybe
four packs left of this. Is that I would put that in
a frying pan, melt that down and then cook my meal in it
so it adds all that flavor and calories to the meal without having to eat that straight. So what I will do now, I’ve
started these french fries. These fried potatoes on the
fire before I went out hunting so they’re precooked and now I want to, I’m gonna take those out actually. I’ll put them in a separate
bowl, heat that pan back up, put this in, get the pan
up to high temperature and finish off the fries, fry that again and then I have a bison
steak, a buffalo steak. Ended up actually buying
this when I was in town getting my groceries for the week. I really like bison or buffalo and it’s a nice little steak
so I’ll cook that separately but also in this and
then put the two together and that’s my dinner. I’m gonna throw some onions
and garlic in there as well. I always like that. I ended up pulling that pemmican out and putting it back in the bowl because I’m crowding the
pan here with these potatoes so they’re taking longer to cook and they’re going to
be harder to get crispy because they don’t have that
much fat in there or oil and I’m crowding it like I said, so too much moisture
and not enough exposure on all four sides to the grease. Anyway, so what was going to happen if I left that pemmican
in there all that meat was going to, little fine
jerky was going to burn so took it out and I’ll put it back in. I’ll finish these up and put it back in and put the bison steak in there with some onions and garlic. Should probably save some
of this for breakfast so I can actually head out deer hunting first thing in the morning and so it would be nice
if I didn’t have to bother cooking anything for breakfast. I could just have oatmeal
with my coffee I guess. Some pemmican flavored
french fries basically. Wish I had some cheese
curds actually to go them. Pemmican poutine would’ve been nice. That’s really good actually. I am gonna take a little bit
off this bison steak before, yeah perfect, medium rare. Perfect. I’d like to do something
that I actually filmed probably a dozen times. And I’ve never actually edited a video and released it to you
guys that’s opening mail. I know a lot of YouTubers do that and I’ve just never
felt like, I don’t know. It just feels pretentious
or a little bit strange to be opening mail on
camera but on the other hand I’ve always felt guilty for
not thanking people enough for sending me stuff because, you know, a lot of people go out of
their way, they spend money, they spend their time wrapping
stuff and shipping it off and then I try to thank them if I have their contact information directly but it doesn’t always work out. So I’m going to open these
things quickly on camera. Like I said, a little bit awkward. Let me know if you actually
like to see what people are sending me. I could do this a little
bit more often I guess. I don’t get into the PO Box that often. Maybe once every three weeks or so so some of this stuff has
been sitting there for awhile and people are reaching out saying, did you get this or that? And that’s the reason. I just don’t get there
often enough to get it maybe in a timely manner. So I’m gonna open these things quickly. I won’t talk about it too
much, won’t go on and on so I’ll just show you what
they are and who sent them and just know that I
do appreciate it though and I’ll sure put everything to good use. Including toys and stuff for Cali. So I’ll get into this very, very quickly. So people do send me stuff a lot and a lot of the times it’s
really nice handwritten letters. That light is so bright,
find a better way to do that. A lot of times it’s
handwritten notes or full, actually I’ll open one
from a guy who sends me something quite often. It’s amazing how much time like I said people are putting into
it and how much thought they put into sending somebody something that they’ve never met and I really, really do appreciate that. Just because I haven’t
shown it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. A lot of times companies
send me stuff too, right? And I guess that’s part
of the reason I don’t like opening the mail on camera because it’s, you know sometimes they’re
just looking for free publicity and I don’t feel like it’s a product that I wanna endorse so I don’t actually end up saying anything which
is probably not right either, it’s not fair of me. It’s a very nice mug actually. It’s a little gold coin
here, says I’ve crossed the Arctic Circle. Thank you, I appreciate that. This is a letter from a guy named, Ron. He sends stuff probably every,
once every two months maybe. And he just puts a ton of time and effort into writing these long, everything that’s on his
mind about, you know, helpful advice about building the cabin. Things that he’s done in the past. Just a novel and I do read as much of it as I possibly can and I
really do appreciate it and he always makes me something as well out of like a faux leather. So thank you for that,
really appreciate it Ron. This says, Shawn I hope
you guys enjoy these. Please read the burning
instructions in the candle tag before lighting if you have
any challenges or questions reach out, look forward to
hearing your thoughts, be well. Harry, so they make beeswax,
100% pure Canadian beeswax, beeswax candles, burn
time 220 to 240 hours. Burn time 90 to 110 hours. Tapers, very, very generous
of you and I know that these are not cheap but
they’re well worth the money to buy pure beeswax candles. I always wanted to make
them actually on my own and never got around to it
personally because of the cost and the availability of that much wax. So I’ll get a lot of use out of those, thanks very very much. I’m not sure, I think this is from, and I need to find the name. They sent me an email,
the publisher I believe of Dick Proenneke’s, One
Man’s Wilderness and this is First Wilderness: My Quest
in the Territory of Alaska by Sam Keith. So the publisher reached out
to me last month I think it was and asked me if I could write the foreword in the next edition of
One Man’s Wilderness, the next one that’s going to be released. Now, an addition just
was recently released with a foreword written by Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation
which a lot of you guys actually joke about me
being similar to him. So thank you for these,
thank you for everything. I really, really appreciate it. As I keep saying, please don’t ever feel like you need to send me anything. I just appreciate that you
guys are following along and you’re supporting the channel and giving me your comments and likes and you’re subscribing to the channel. That’s enough thanks for me, but of course I really appreciate
all the time and effort you put into sending stuff as
well and Cali does as well. She’s been getting some gifts as well and she’ll be opening hers
in the next episode I’m sure. So thanks everybody I
really appreciate it. That’s a lot of snow. Alright, it’s time to get out there. Deer might be on the move or
they might be hunkered down ’cause it’s pretty windy
out and very snowy. I think that maybe five, almost six inches of snow since yesterday. I was cleaning up in the afternoon getting all that building
material stacked up like the logs and stuff
so I could find them. There was no snow at all on the ground and now four or five inches
and it’s still snowing so we’re gonna end up with, I don’t know, if it snows all day
like they’re predicting maybe 10 inches. So what I’m gonna do
is try to stalk through where I found the deer sign yesterday. There were some fresh buck
scrapes and tracks and droppings just back here on the
other side of the meadow. I’m gonna walk slowly through there. Going to overdress so that I move slowly. Like typically when you’re
doing outdoor activities you end up overheating and sweating. That freezes and you get cold. But when you’re still
hunting for game like this even in the cold you wanna
move as slow as possible. It’s almost like stand hunting. I’m going to walk a few
yards and stop, look around, keep scanning ahead of
me and all around me in case they circle and then, sometimes I’ll stop for
five, 10, 15 minutes maybe a bit longer if
it’s a really good spot, or I suspect that there is deer nearby. Let them calm down because
they typically stop when they hear a sound of me walking which I don’t like these
pants for that reason ’cause they’re a little bit noisy. So that makes me have to walk slower too and be careful about
what I brush up against. So anyway, stalk along and if
I break a branch or something deer hears that they stop for minutes and stare in that direction
to see what it was and if nothing moves or
they don’t get my scent then they’ll go back to
doing whatever they’re doing. So I’ll have to keep
walking slowly like that and see what, if I can get
close enough to a buck. Like I said, they might be hunkered down but should be going good right now so the buck should be chasing
the does and harassing them. So like I said, I’m
overdressing for that reason. I can always strip down
when I’m moving fast, coming back or if I shoot
a deer or something. So I didn’t bring my camera yesterday when I was walking around. Today I will, I’ll put it in the pack. I won’t be able to film everything but if I see something
interesting then I’ll pull it out and show you what I’m up to. I like to wear my fur hat
but that’s a really bad idea during deer season so gonna
be wearing my hunter orange. This might be overkill though. Thing is you can always
put more clothes on, or take clothes off if you have it but you can’t put more
on if you don’t have it. So if I get too hot
with this which I might, this down jacket’s really puffy and warm. I can take that off and
put it either in a pocket or into that backpack. Well, that’s twice today
that this young buck crossed over the dam
right here by the cabin. I’m looking up at the cabin right now. So when I got up this
morning, came outside and started coming down
the path behind the cabin down towards the water,
towards the beaver dam there was tracks coming
up right passed the cabin. Just kind of circled
around and actually stopped to feed a little bit. So probably during daylight
by the looks of it, like right at legal shooting light so half an hour before sunup by the looks of how much snow was in the track and it was headed that way
so I followed a little bit and then decided that
I’d circle all the way around the meadow see if there
was any deer on this side and then down to the next
meadow and then back up around to where I thought that
deer might be going. Sure enough I get all the
way around and just about all the way back to the property boundary on the southwest side and decided that deer must not have gone that way. It must’ve gone back the other way. So I stopped, picked some
birch bark off a tree so I could get a fire going later and ended up as I was
taking the birch bark off and putting it in my pocket I look over and there
he is, staring at me. So I swung my rifle up, he took off. Didn’t know what I was
I guess ’cause he went down to the south and just
about to go up a ridge and I started getting a doe call and I guess it turned right away and came and got downwind of me right
in the open hardwoods too. There must have been just
a little ridge between us and I didn’t see him. Anyway, I started tracking
him when I figured out where he was going and
came all the way back, all the way through my tracks, all the way back to here essentially. On and off we were playing cat and mouse in the thick woods here, the hemlocks. So he would go a little
bit, I would circle. He would pick up my scent or
hear me and he would circle and ended up that I got
to this little clearing right here at the edge of the stream and jumped him, he was
standing right here. He went running across the water here and right back across the dam again so it’s probably right
back to where I originally put him out this morning. So I’ll give him a little break and go back out there slowly
track into the wind maybe. Maybe an hour from now, give
him time to settle down. It’s a good buck for food. Young buck but good body size. Yeah, it’s tiring. This snow is getting pretty deep. It actually is adding
to the amount of effort it takes to walk through it. But it’s pretty and it
makes for easy tracking. You can tell which tracks are fresh. Looks like there was at
least one doe, maybe two does in here with that buck this morning as they were last night so
I figured they would be. So I might be able to
just set up right there by the cabin every morning
and evening for the rest of the season with the
rifle to shoot down to here crossing the dam and then when bow season kicks back in in a week and a half I’ll set up right on the
edge of this beaver dam. Get a stand in there. It’s a good time to talk
maybe about hunting. I’ve got a lot of people,
most people that follow this channel know that I hunt obviously. But there is some people that are uncomfortable with it at
least or that don’t like it at all, are kind of anti-hunters. There’s this common joke it says, well none of us is
getting out of here alive and if you think about that from a, well I guess from your own perspective. So if you know that
eventually you’re going to die how would you choose to die? Obviously you’re not gonna
choose the slow and painful death you’re going to hope to pass
away in your sleep of old age, or in old age and that’s just
not what happens to wildlife. So if you were a deer how would
you like to end your life? Typically the animals
in the wild almost never die of old age, maybe never. They typically, especially up here, taken either by predators
or injury or often here it’s starvation in the winter, or could be even freezing
to death but usually from malnutrition first or an injury from a predator attack or something else or falling through the
ice, that’s a common form of death here as well. So if you put it in perspective
to die by a hunter’s hand is actually one of the lesser evils and when it comes to
evil hunters that I know, the majority of hunters,
especially as you get older are not evil. We harvest game, food
from the land and we take an animal’s life, we do have remorse. I think that probably the
best definition of evil is causing something or somebody pain, unnecessary pain and discomfort. And that’s certainly not what hunters do and we don’t maim game, maim animals try to make them suffer. Our goal is to take an
animal cleanly, humanely and end its life quickly so
that there is no suffering. And you know, sometimes
the consequence is that mistakes are made and there
may be some undue suffering but that’s not the intent of the hunter. The hunter is not evil. So I can certainly say that’s the case from my perspective at least. It’s not even 10 o’clock,
I’ve only been out here for two and a half hours
but I put a lot of miles on. Unlike what I said this morning I moved a little bit too quickly. Probably knowing that he
was coming back to the cabin should’ve known he was gonna hang up here and taken it really slowly. By the time I got the
rifle up he was just, I couldn’t get a safe shot at him. But it’s starting to clear
up a little bit actually. Oh, there’s ducks flying way up there. Heard some fling around earlier. Low to the water too. But anyway the sun’s peeking
out through the clouds here, it’s beautiful, snow stopped. Think I’ll go up and make
a tea and then like I said, give the deer an hour and head out again. Took off, yeah I’m gonna end up pushing him right out of the area so I think maybe I’ll give them a break for a full day at least, maybe two days. So this is why I don’t
stand hunt in a new spot. Like don’t go to one spot and sit. The main reason is that I
just don’t know the area well enough yet. This is my second fall here. Didn’t really do much deer
hunting here last year but the only times I did go out I actually saw a deer
down here in the valley. So the cabin’s just over there. If I come over across the hardwood ridge and back down into this little valley it’s to the south and
west of the beaver meadow. It’s all these hemlocks in here so the deer like to get in
there when the snow falls because there’s not as
much snow on the ground and it’s also cover. So what happens is this
morning when I sat the track crossing the beaver dam
come right past the cabin and over this way. I walked over to here but
the wind was blowing in there so I ended up backing out and actually, honestly
looking for different deer and then coming back to
this spot from downwind. So I went all the way around the meadow, far, far down to the next falling meadow way down the creek and back up. When I got all the way to here essentially on the other side of all those dead trees that got hit by lightning years ago, just on the other side of that is where I put up that young buck that ended up circling me
and I played cat and mouse with him all the way through
the bush on the north side of the meadow. So then I jumped him and
he was with a doe this time at the beaver pond, or at the beaver dam right by the cabin. So they ran right passed the cabin again. Kind of split up and then
came running through here so I’m following this
running track right now and it’s probably headed
up over to my other pond where the next thicket is. Where the next batch of
heavy cover is for hiding. But what’s interesting is
I just found another track coming out from there from this morning going up this way so I’m
assuming what happened is that the buck and the doe
were in that spot together when I jumped them this morning. They separated, the doe must
have come up through here. She’s probably the one that
I see all through the summer for the last two years
that kind of lives down in this part of the property. So I guess the buck ended up going all the way around and
then trying to come back over here to try to find her again. So this spot as I’m getting
to know this property and now that I’ve walked such a vast area with some snow down and
not seeing that much sign I’m thinking this is probably
one of the better spots to just sit. So I’d already identified
this little rock ridge here as somewhere to sit with
my back up against a tree and be able to cover this whole valley. Now, I don’t know if there’s
other hunters in the area, I haven’t heard any shots or four wheelers or anything this week which surprises me. ‘Cause if they were
out and about they’d be pushing deer into this area, ’cause there’s not much
activity here with just me. Anyway I am going to continue
following this track slowly just to confirm my suspicions
and maybe set up this evening and just wait to see
if they come out again. In the meantime I’m gonna
look for a spot I think to get a fire going. Dry out my gloves and
maybe cook a steak up. Was hoping to maybe
have some venison liver this morning, or this afternoon. Thinking that’s not gonna be the case. It’s a tough hunt. It’s this big, big land up here and there won’t be deer for
miles and miles, like zero. There’s hardly any game
at all actually right now and they travel and they
don’t go to one spot, they don’t bed in one area and
they don’t feed in one area so it really is random
which is why typically we do what’s called drives here in Ontario on this kind of terrain
where you get a bunch of guys and they work their way through a bush when the deer come out to stand. The standers are the
ones that get the shots. Then you get to see
some pretty country too and it’s not as boring just siting around waiting in a low productive
spot and not seeing much. Anyway, let’s see what we can find here. Turning out to be a
frustrating fall so far. So I went out for a walk
this morning, well hunting and sitting and walking
for a couple of hours, maybe three hours this morning. Didn’t see anything, didn’t
even see any fresh tracks. Came back, worked on the
cabin for the rest of the day and just went for a walk right now and a moose and two deer
have walked in my footprints since I was out this morning. Which they do like to do. They’re curious and it looks like the path of least resistance so they
tend to walk in footprints of whatever animal’s gone before them and often backtracking
to see where I came from or where a person has come
from so that’s what they did. Moose and deer. So try again tomorrow morning. Still early, I could be out still but I’m gonna let the fire
almost die off or die down. Fire that back up and get dinner going and just get ready to go
back out in the morning.

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    You have maple trees , cut one down , trim the branches they can't reach and leave it lay you'll be surprised how they will eat the twigs off of it , definitely a good food source for deer with nothing else to eat and you'll have a hot spot to hunt or cut a few down in the same spot , the following years there will be lots of sprouts for them basically create a food thicket .
    Don't go chasing them around , bring them to you , you'll also help the rest of the herd , it's a win , win !

  14. Didn't read all the comments, but I take it some people are opposed to killing wild game. I understand them and respect their choice. I have been hunting and fishing for meat for more than 60 years. I have killed dozens of deer, elk, rabbit, squirrel, quail, pheasant, grouse, etc. I have fished for and caught thousands of fish of all kinds in a vast number of places. Myself and my family and friends have enjoyed the wonderful drug-free, energy-giving protein and taste of wild game and fish when properly prepared and cooked. And, it's not only the satisfaction received from the completion of a successful hunt on a personal basis, but the opportunity to enjoy God's bounty and my love of the outdoors with those I love and want to spend time with. Now that I am in my 70's, I don't hunt big game much any more as it is a younger man's game in the mountains where I live. Field dressing, quartering out, boning and packing a bull elk is not something for the faint of heart, especially in country where a bear may be interested in contesting you for it.

    I noticed that you were eating pemmican with your fries. I have my own pemmican story. When I graduated from US Air Force pilot training and was headed to Vietnam, we were required to go through survival school. The school was in the mountains near Spokane, WA in March. There was several feet of snow on the ground and we were lead through various shelter-building demonstrations by the instructors and fire-making, navigation, etc. over several days. For our final "test" we had to navigate over several miles and a couple of mountain ranges to reach a gathering spot all the while being searched for by the "enemy force". We were provided with minimal equipment and basically no food. This was to replicate the conditions we might find after being shot down in enemy territory. Our only source of food for three days was a block of pemmican. We went out two at a time alone and were able to make a fire.

    I am originally from Mississippi, so I had no experience with deep snow, navigating in the mountains, or pemmican. That was my only, and hopefully the last, experience with pemmican. The winter mountain experience didn't do much to prepare me for the jungles of Vietnam, so we went to another jungle survival school in the Philippines. That's a whole nother story.

    Thanks for your channel. I really enjoy it.

  15. Meant to add to my previous comment that I have greatly enjoyed hunting and fishing in Canada. I killed a Boone & Crockett class whitetail in northern Saskatchewan several years ago. And as you mentioned on this video, the deer were few and far between. In 5 days of hunting I saw a few does and two bucks. One was a one-horned spike and the buck I killed.

    I go with a group to Shikag Lake in Ontario each June for smallmouth, walleye and pike. Some of the fellows have made the trip for more than 35 years. It's been catch and release for many years now except for a few walleye for shore lunch. Excellent fishing, and I especially love the smallmouth. For the first time, I am hoping to take my son on the trip in 2019 if he can get off work. Wonderful lake, camaraderie with good friends and guides. Good food and accommodations.

  16. Shawn, have you ever heard of the FIRE movement (financial independence, retirement early)? I have kept spending a lot of time and thoughts on this lifestyle lately.

  17. Another lovely video as always – was interesting to see the mail you receive and doesn't come across as boastful at all. Its a lovely thing.

  18. I still say you eat like a King! Isn't Bison one of the leanest of red meats? I know I loved my bison jerky, picked up from a Pow Wow years ago.

  19. I really enjoy your videos, I won't ever be able to go and do the things YOU do, but I feel like I'm sorta there watching you and your beautiful dog. Keep doing these videos.

  20. I maybe asking a stupid question but do you have a lock for your door? I thought maybe you should have one especially at night. There might be gears in the region and could smell your cooking.

  21. Shawn in watching this episode I was struck with a memory of a really excellent movie that I think you would appericate or perhaps you've seen it …THE LAST TRAPER

  22. Why is your sauna and bath house close to the outhouse, and not closer to your cabin? Won't you get the smell from the outhouse?

  23. Can you make calls out there or have internet service are there options available now that there werent before just asking to ask

  24. ok gotta ask, is that a browning 508, them things is connons, you gonna shot at a elephant up-north-country, bonnie&clyde-style, them browning was there fav,s. if you read about them —— you need both arm,s & leggs steady for recoil about to hit ya, be carefull——

  25. Do you make your own soap ? I love to make it. I make mine fancy but you could make yours pretty basic with fat/ oils and lye (caustic soda) a big batch would last forever

  26. Shawn, I'm kinda interested to know in what general area the cabin is located? I know you want to keep the precise location a secret and you should. It would just give a more clear perspective of the surroundings and remoteness of the place.

  27. where abouts in Northern Ontario are you ? We have a camp on Fraleck Lake , north of Sudbury, that we plan to move to permanently, once we are set up with solar. I was just curious as to your location.
    Love your videos !

  28. This is truly inspirational. I am a carpenter from a city and a country were housing homes and mortgages are the biggest worry for everyone. A lifetime of running a rat race paying for a 3-bed semi working for the man. This is a man with more wealth and freedom then i will ever know. Good luck to you Sir

  29. Os troncos selecionados e já limpos vamos serem levados carrinho que James mesmo confeccionou para o lugar onde o novo quarto será construído.
    Uma pausa dentro da cabana para organizar um lanchinho e para se preparar para sair de caça porém sem sucesso.
    No frio os animais se ressentem e ficam escondidos em seus abrigos.
    James como todo homem nativo canadense tem o costume de caçar.
    A comida é uma boa porção de batatas fritas, um bife de churrasco com cebolas caramelizadas.
    James não passa fome pois ele sabe que necessita repor cada dia suas energias para seguir o labor de construir o quarto de sauna tão desejado.
    Já no descanso do seu escritório abre as correspondências enviadas pelos seus fãs. muitos presentes e dedicatória mostram o carinho que sua transmissão ocasiona e ele agradece a todos por isso.
    A nova e presenteada caneca é apreciada por James com a
    degustação de um bom café porém ele está empenhado a caçar e sai fora preparado para enfrentar o frio vestindo os abrigos necessários.
    Muita muita neve e ele se sente defraudado na caça pois os animais estão no seu refúgio bem escondidos das garras de seus predadores, inclusive das de James.
    De volta ele retoma o curso do trabalho.
    Que curioso mas Cali não está na vista talvez porque hoje James não quer interrupções além de que o frio e a neve estão intensos.
    Revisando as imagens das câmeras que estão espalhadas em diferentes partes do terreno da cabana Long Cabin, se pode observar a presença dos animais silvestres da região.

  30. God blessed me with with natural gifts i could see angles shapes levels eye to hand coordination i could draw Music all these things before i was 10 years old . But i was LONER ,my only friends artist and musicians mechanics of the few friends Friends we TALK very little no think just DO

  31. I've only just started to watch, but it was mentioned in the comments of videos the number of the thumbs down, but not a single negative comment. In other words, they are fast enough to dislike the videos but would rather hide behind their screen and not say why they dislike the video's so they don't get a mouthful from the people who do like the videos. I will admit some video's aren't for me, but that doesn't mean others wont like them, but in this world you will never please everyone. Carry on doing what you enjoy and ignore the haters.

  32. The natives made pemmican also back than i guess it would come in handy when game was few and far between in winter for them back than. Itll be interesting to try it. Lol i was thinking the same thing regarding poutine with the pemmican and fries

  33. With all the wolves, coyotes, lynx, bears and the lack of agriculture you have up there its no wonder that deer are rare.

  34. I have no problem with hunting for food. It's big game hunting – killing an animal like a lion just for the trophy head that I hate.

  35. Shawn, I am a fairly new subscriber of yours. I am thoroughly impressed and have enjoyed every video I have watched so far. Thank you! Keep up the great work and motivating us subscribers!!

  36. Thank you for sharing mail & meal time,wondering how do you keep your game from spoiling in the warmer Weather not winter months, my grand father was a hunter to feed the family I just started watching your channel I love seeing and hearing about your life.Again Thank you.

  37. I like all your videos you put up, I really enjoy them , I subscribed after the first video I seen , I also watch the commercials in full . Love your channel!

  38. I could live in that cabin with my dog and a bible for the rest of my days in blissful happiness no problem at all

  39. Hi Shawn, I enjoyed the video. I love them all really, but this one was especially nice and informative for many who don’t understand WHY people hunt. It’s not from a hateful personality disorder like some try to say it is. I’m glad you shared hunting in a humane way because it is just that. Also part of your survival (choice to live from the land ). Nice video.

  40. About you hunting and the reaction of some people:
    they also eat meat and that has been killed. The difference is; they did not slaughter it themselves, but bought it in a store.
    They do not realize that it was once a piece of a living animal what they are eating.

  41. I don't eat meat but I have no problem with people eating meat, I grew up eating meat but never really liked it.
    I agree totally that death should be fast and the least painful! That's why more and more people are against halal meat and cosher meat where the animals's throats are slit and left to bleed out! Horrible!

  42. Love me some Shawn videos… However they come, I find him absolutely fascinating, motivational, encouraging, a master at whatever he sets his heart on doing. Is hardworking, not at all lazy or work-shy, but takes on each task, with intent and purpose. He is an excellent role model. I could go on, but that's enough for now. Thumb-downers are simply ones who are inadequate, self-pitying, lack backbone and self worth, not to mention jealousy.

  43. That was Very cool.. : ) The best way I explain pemmican to people is:..Have ya had corned beef from a can? Well, that's it, plus berries for vitamins.. ^_^ The natives were BRILLIANT for that! It's a full, sustaining meal, that keeps forever, whether it's hot or cold out.. ; D
    It's a brilliant way of preserving whatever food you catch too….My grandparents and parents, used to cook it with chopped up taters like you did, with some grease (bacon or whatever you have, and sometimes with eggs scrambled thru it..) and called it [ pork, beef, or chicken ] Hash.. YUM!! It's delicious and filling!! thumbs up It was amazing, especially with pan fried, or over a fire, toast..!! Y U M !!! : D
    After seeing this (and most of your other videos) I have to ask… Since you have a cool drone, and such GORGEOUS land…Have you ever considered doing, fly-throughs, and over the landscape videos, with the drone, and some chilling tunes, as relaxation videos?
    ^_^ thumbs up I know summer, fall, and winter, here in Ontario, would make some killer videos for that.. (especially seeing some of your other awesome clips you've done) I honestly think you'd have a knack for it..! : ) …Just a random idea/question for ya…..

  44. Where is Cali…….amazing how much she is a part of your videos and we miss her if we don’t see her. Hope she is ok.

  45. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You and your dog in the middle of nowhere. Living a life that many of us would love to do. Getting away from the glass and concrete and suffocation. Thanks Sean.
    Almazan kitchen is another gem of a find of anyone has never seen it. 2 Serbian fellas cooking (no talking) outdoors by rivers.

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