What Are The ESV Scripture Journals All About?

What Are The ESV Scripture Journals All About?

These are ESV scripture journals. Now available
in the complete set. I’m going to tell you about them in just a moment. These are the ESV scripture journals. The complete
set. I’ve got the New Testament, I’ve got the Old Testament. Now, you’re watching this
video, I had to set up this video. You know, like get the camera set up and the lights.
One of the things you don’t really think about is, how do you not make it look bazaar, sitting
behind these two giant boxes of books being dwarfed by them. I don’t know. This probably
looks crazy. But anyways, here they are, these two giant boxes. This is the complete set
of journals. I’m just going to show them to you and then tell you why they might be of
interest to you and how you might put them to use. So, this is the set that came out first,
the New Testament. Brand new, 2019 is the Old Testament. The complete Old Testament.
So, we just take this top off here and we’ve got the journals. There is one for every book
of the Bible. Well, not quite. Some of the books are stacked together. You find like
the minor prophets all together in, I guess, three volumes and so on. But, this is the
Old Testament beginning in Genesis, running all the way across. And then here we’ve got
the New Testament, beginning in Matthew of course, and then running through to Revelation.
These are scripture journals. What is the point and purpose of a scripture journal,
what is the format? Well, I just happen to have one extra one here. This is the letters
of Paul to Timothy and the letter of Paul to Titus. And so I’ll open it up and show
you what’s inside. It’s actually super simple. The point is, you’ve got the Bible on one
side of the page, on the other side you have just lined pages so you can take your notes.
So, we crack it open. We’ve got 1st Timothy, chapter 5, into chapter 6 on the one side.
And on the other side just a blank sheet of paper ready for your notes. In terms of the
scripture, it just is the very, very basic ESV text which means it has chapters and verses
and headings. There’s no cross-references, there’s no footnotes, none of the explanatory
notes you might find in your standard ESV text or in your ESV study Bible. None of that.
Just the chapter markings, the verse markings, and the various headings. Beyond that, it’s
just meant for you to write. For you to write, to doodle, to do whatever it takes for you
to better understand the text. So, why would you want to use one of these? They’re ideal
for personal Bible study, if you’re just going through a text, you want to better understand
it and you like to take notes. That would be ideal. Of course, you can write the notes
on the lined page, you can also write all over the text. These are relatively cheap
to buy, relatively cheaply made, so you can go through a lot of them. You can just go
through and make it your own, in that sense, and buy another one next year, if you want
to read these books again. Also great for pastors who are studying a text so they can
really engage with the text in that deeper way, and not have to mark up their preaching
Bible. And of course, for Bible studies, really for any purpose, you might find something
like this helpful. You can buy them online in individual, so I bought this one just from
Amazon, just as is, just for a few dollars. Or, as I’m showing you here, you can now buy
the entire set as well. So, ESV scripture journals, New Testament, Old Testament. I
find them helpful, I’m thankful for them, maybe something you’ll find helpful as well.

22 thoughts on “What Are The ESV Scripture Journals All About?

  1. I wouldn't use ESV. They change the text every couple of years. They try and say the end of Mark doesn't belong, even though it was well known to the early Church.

  2. Hi Tim Challies. I want to go deeper into theology but doesn’t know where to start to supplement my understanding in reading the Bible. Is systematic theology book a good start and written by whom? Thanks so much.

  3. I did something like this with Genesis on my YouTube channel. It is not really something for people to use as a Bible study. It's more like a Bible studied.

  4. something is telling me, Tim has just got started writing his own bible study therefore he is busy to release it in the coming days…

  5. Very interesting videos, I'm liking the concept and recently purchased an ESV Study Bible for my personal library, also I was unaware Baptists were in Canada. I'm more familiar with the Anglican and United Churches of Canada, as well as the Catholic and Orthodox communities (mainly in Montréal)

  6. Seems a little pricey for a paperback… £62 for the new testament? £5 for just romans… I thought the cover would have been a little nicer – say a trutone or some other soft touchy feely material…

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