What Does My Golden Retriever Do When I Read a Newspaper

What Does My Golden Retriever Do When I Read a Newspaper

Funny Dog Bailey vs Newspaper

100 thoughts on “What Does My Golden Retriever Do When I Read a Newspaper

  1. Oye gran Amo no te sorprendas cuando tu amigo perruno te hable jajajaj que lindos admiro ; tu amor de ambos

  2. I hate newspapers…it takes all your attention… I am getting bored, I will eat it before you can read it 🐕 is bailey a leo? He needs attention all the time…leos hate being ignored.

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  4. Daddy pls stop it with that news paper thats too boring and I'm the only fun entertainment here! 😉😄

  5. Reading the newspaper is very boring! Fight with newspaper and get ready for them very interesting.

  6. 10 years before my mom had a dog named bhujji ,he was so cute like bailey, my mom loved him a lot and bhujji also shared unconditional love for my mom, he don't like my kids he never allowed my sons near to my mom because he was jealous of them, but he's so cute. he don't like to take bath so runs and sit under the cot ,one day I saw tears in his eyes, I asked ''heyy bhujji what? He showed a swell in his leg, he was like a child to everyone, but he is no more 😔 ,I cried a lot bhujji….,..where are you ?

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  8. Kkkkkkkkkk ninguém consegue ler jornal nessa casa kkkkk com o Bailey não kkkkkkkk

  9. Darling Bailey wants 100% attention from his dad..
    And he deserves it so 😘😘😘
    Bailey is love..😍😘😍😘😍

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