What Does VR Mean To You? (VR Experiences at World VR Forum Event)

What Does VR Mean To You? (VR Experiences at World VR Forum Event)

What does VR mean to you, how would you describe
VR? Well, that is… Do you have an hour? It means some.. Here is what I think, it means a new way of
interaction A new way of consumption a new way of connecting young, old demographics
cultural in a medium that allows us to experience things the same way but yet different It’s exciting, I think it’s for us like the new
industrial revolution, but it just happens to be a visual one and an artistic one. Hello everyone! Cas and I just got at the World VR Forum in
Crans Montana in Switserland. We just got our passes, as you can see. Here you go and we can’t wait to explore more, we just
had a talk that was really interesting and we’re going to more talks Explore the things that are here and we will
let you guys know, how it is! Well, what is interesting about VR The positionality that it gives me when I’m inside virtual reality Something is actually happening to me and
I’m in a state of being, which is very different from watching something on a flat screen Where, you know there is something that is
really happening with me. There is a drama, there is biochemistry that
is changing but I always know that I’m sitting in front of a screen So the way that the story affects me is not
spacial VR it affects me spacially and the unconscious
brain of where I am in time and space is dragged into the story world And that is really propounded and is very
new it’s another level of information that
this medium can deliver To make a certain kind of communication even more
dense, more rich, more possible Virtual reality is a possibility to involve
people at a very intimate level in stories in experiences Because as you know, what you live in VR goes
into your memory as a moment you really lived As opposed to for example a piece you saw,
a painting you saw or a movie or a book you read. So that in VR you are living something and we make it the most expressive, the most
meaningful, because we don’t want it just to be beautiful and pleasing but also meaningful For us meaning is really important I don’t know if you know this terminology
but Every dog in life, every dog years is worth
7 years and I like to say that VR is moving at the
speed of a dog year, 7 years at a clip Meaning it’s moving so fast, nobody can predict
where it is going to be but you know it’s going to be different I think personally, when you look at the things
that I am excited about are location based entertainment LBE’s, physical
footprints combined with a VR or AR AR is a big one as well, because I think that
is an area for more people for us to have an ability to experience immersive
content anywhere we’re at with physical objects, is an exciting prospect And then also AI So I think big communal places to be able
to enjoy them like LBE’s AR and AI Hi, we’re here at the Dreamscape experience:
Wake up and dream We just tried it yesterday and It’s really
awesome it’s an experience where you have to escape
certain rooms from dungeons to space by solving puzzles It is really awesome because you have to do
it co-op, I did it with Chary and it is so much fun They actually put props on the ground, that
you have to pick up and throw to each other Your hands are also tracked and your feet
are tracked, so it was a really fun experience If you guys ever see it on an event, you have
to try this out! It’s awesome! It’s the last day of the World VR forum and
we had the most amazing time with these two beautiful, young, talented ladies And we can’t wait for them to come back again
next year Thank you, see you next year We’ll see you next time! Bye!

16 thoughts on “What Does VR Mean To You? (VR Experiences at World VR Forum Event)

  1. Wow such a cool event, and interesting video, thanks! Also, I loved the editing of this video, feels professional,great work Cas and Chary 🙂 Keep on!

  2. Huh 🤔 I believe it's called immersion- another level of interaction, keyboard and mouse are highly accurate, a pointy finger = funny game play.
    Take care

  3. This clip deserves way more views. Glad you had the time to go there. Wake up and dream seems insane! Must be a very nice co-op experience 🙂 Gah…. so much cool VR stuff, so little time! /Benny

  4. Great video Cas and Chary. Would you mind if I shared this video on my blog and linked to your channel? I've gotten more into VR coverage cause of how fun your videos has been.

  5. Just discovered your channel and can't wait to dive into more content. You both are awesome! I work on VR in the advertising world, and i'm an avid Samsung Gear and PS VR Gamer. Look for Jonny VR 🙂 Thank you both!!!

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