What Equipment Do You Need To Start A YouTube Channel – Moment #89

What Equipment Do You Need To Start A YouTube Channel – Moment #89

Hmm mmm. Oh sorry, you just caught me dreaming
about becoming a YouTube star. Do you dream of becoming a YouTube star too? If so this
week’s one minute moment is for you. I’m going to look at all the equipment you need to set
up a YouTube channel. Well, I am rather excited about this episode because I love showing
off my gadgets. I’ve got one minute to try and fit it all in and if I don’t, don’t worry.
You’ll find all the links and all the details on the blog post. So go visit that afterwards.
Are you ready? Let me set my timer. The most important piece of equipment is a smartphone.
It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone or an Android. You can shoot your video on it, you
can record your sound, you can even edit on it. The next piece of equipment I highly recommend
you buy one of these. Yes, it’s a selfie stick. They are really great for getting all your
shots from loads of different angles even if you work by yourself. And my next low-tech
piece of equipment because I always forget what I am going to say. Post-it notes, I just
write my notes, stick them up next to the camera and it reminds me what to say. And
that’s telling me I need to tell you about the selfie light. I have a wonderful selfie
light, dirt cheap to buy, clips over your webcam or clip onto your camera and it will
illuminate your face. It’s actually nicer if you light yourself from the side. You can
clip it onto anything. I’m using my makeup mirror. Sound, sound is really important.
I’ve got this lovely Blue Yeti microphone but if you are out and about or on a budget
this Boya tie mic has got a really long cable, you get great sound from a distance. It just
plugs into your phone. You also need a clip to go onto the top of your tripod so that
you can fix your phone to it. I use a Mudder one. Again, you’ll find the link on the blog.
And there’s a couple of other bits and pieces I use. Go to the blog to find out more.

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  1. These videos are so helpful for SMEs who are getting their social media presence together – had never heard of a selfie light, but of course!  Thanks again, will have a look at the blog.

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