What happens when you call the suicide hotline?!? Website/YouTube Wednesday #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

What happens when you call the suicide hotline?!? Website/YouTube Wednesday #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Happy Wednesday. And since it’s Wednesday that means that I’m on the website, ‘W’ for Wednesday, we’re so clever. And I’m on youtube. So if you asked your questions under yesterday’s video, I’ll try to get through some of them later tonight, just answering them one by one. But I have picked two from youtube and two from the website, and then I have a journal topic. So, and sorry about yesterday’s video. Sean was trying out a new camera, and it didn’t work.
It was horrible. And that’s why it took forever to upload. Because first of all the audio was really quiet, if you noticed you couldn’t even hear me, and it was horrible. And so I thought that I was going to have to do it again. And then we had to export it, ehh. It was a nightmare. And then I thought that it went up yesterday evening before I went to bed but then I woke up to no video, and I was like WTF youtube.
So annoying. But anyway,
so now I am back on my phone,
my regular recording device for vloging. And it was weird to have Sean recording a vlog, because I’m not used to having anybody recording me but me. And I was like
‘This feels weird, I feel like I am doing a topic video’. If you noticed at the end I was like
‘Towards a healthy mind and a healthy body.’ Like I do with my other videos. And I was like, what’s happening? Okay, so anyway.
I’m chatting too much, I have to get through my questions. First question:
‘If you call a suicide hotline. Who will you be talking to, what will they say, what will they do, what will happen,’ ‘what will they ask? But the way this is for a friend not me as she has thoughts and wants to know what will happen if she calls. Thanks.’ Okay, so. If you call a suicide hotline you talk to someone like myself. Actually, it will be someone who is an intern usually. Because it’s one of those jobs that doesn’t pay at all,
or not very much. And us interns we end up working those jobs. And that’s fine. It’ll be, you usually have to the cell phone with you and you are on call for x amount of hours, and there are bunch of people doing this. So chances are you are just going to get someone just like me. What will they say. They will ask you about.
They will do a basic suicide assessment. And that means that they will ask, you know. Do you have a plan, what are your thoughts like, how long has this been going on? And then they will just try to talk you down. A lot of you I know have called suicide hotlines,
so can you please leave your feedback below. Because I know many of you have had good experiences with it and you’ve called multiple times. So nothing’s better than our actual personal experience, right. Yeah, so I think that’s it. Nothing really happens. If they are really worried for your safety, they are going to try to find out where you live because they are going to want to send a PET team, or some kind of, a PET team stands for Psychological Evaluation Team, I can’t quite remember. But they are just the people that you call to make sure that. If I have a suicidal patient, that’s who I call to make sure that they are okay. So they just want to keep you safe. It’s nothing scary, they are not going to force you into doing anything, or ask you a bunch of bunch of question. They just want to make sure that you are okay. Question number two:
‘Hey Kati, is it normal to judge others and immediately find them unattractive and ugly?’ ‘I really hate to judge others because no one has the right to and I try to replace that with positive thoughts and’ ‘it helps. Why is this happening? By the way, I have really low self esteem if that helps.’ I thought that this was really interesting, a lot of you commented back on this. So if you were the person that asked this, I know that you haven’t added me on google+ because I couldn’t reply and let you know that I was going to answer this. And other people replied to you and couldn’t reply either, so they just used your username. This happens when we feel really bad about ourselves, it oozes our into everything, oh no. And I find that if I am in a really shitty mood, I’m grouchy with everybody. I’m like ‘Eh, what are you doing, driving so terrible, who are you, oh my god, bleh bleh bleh.’ Because we are in such a bad headspace,
that we have no other outlet. And often times when we can’t tell whoever we are really upset about, or if it is actually nothing and we are just tired or hungry or whatever. Often times we just judge people, we look at people on the street and we are like ‘Ehh, I can’t believe she wore that, oh my god, dah dah dah.’ And we judge. And it’s not usually indicative of the person. It’s not about us, we’re not a bad person is what I mean to say. And it also isn’t about the person that we are judging, because most of the time they are not even ugly, unatractive, stupid. We are just frustrated and we are just full of hate and ugly stuff a lot of the time and so it’s oozing out. And like you said, replacing it with
positive thoughts really helps. And just being aware. I find that if I notice how many times I’m aggressive or angry or frustrated or judging to other people. The more apt I am to say ‘Hmm,’ I sit back and I think, ‘It’s really not that bad. And that person actually, I’m sure they are very sweet.’ You can just lie, because we don’t know them, right. We are judging them negatively so lets judge them positively. So say things like, ‘I bet she spent a lot of time getting ready, I bet she is really nice.’ Or, ‘Maybe she had a really hard day. Maybe she’s running really late.’ You know, cut them some slack. We’d hope the same from others, right. So I find doing the positive talk really helps. And usually is happening to answer the question directly, it usually happens because we are feeling really badly about ourselves. And we are judging ourselves so much that it’s coming out that way too. Question number three:
‘Is it normal to have trouble deciding whether it’s your’ ‘healthy voice or your eating disorder voice telling you to eat/exercise. For example, sometimes I have already’ ‘eaten a decent meal and I can’t tell if my healthy voice is telling me to eat because I didn’t eat enough.’ ‘Or if it is my ED voice telling me to binge. The same with exercise, and I do it to healthy. But my eating disorder wants me to do it excessively, etc.’ This is a really good question. And I hear this a lot from my clients, ‘But I don’t know which one, I can’t distinguish.’ Now this is where the intuitive eating workbook is the bomb. It is amazing. It really helps us, it can help people who don’t even struggle with an eating disorder actively right now, help us actually listen to our body. So something that I do, that I tell my clients to do, is to gauge your hunger and fullness level. Which they will talk about in that book, if you haven’t looked into the intuitive eating workbook, look into it. It’s amazing. But you will rate your hunger on a scale from, I think it’s zero or one, I’m not sure, till ten. Now if zero being like ‘I will murder you for food, I’m so hungry oh my god.’ Ten being like ‘I could bend over and throw up right now, I am so full.’ Ideally, we want to start eating when we are around a four, when we think ‘I am kind of hungry, wow I am really hungry.’ And we want to stop around a seven. An eight is, ‘Oh, I had two bites too many.’ A nine is ‘I feel stuffed to the gills.’ Do you see what I mean, how we kind of gauge. And I find it really helpful to start trying to use that. So how hungry am I? Well I am kind of hungry right now,
maybe I’m about a six or a five. I should probably start thinking about what do I want to make for dinner. And then as you are eating, make sure that you are not taking hours to eat, obviously. But within the half hour that you are eating or twenty minutes that you are eating, check in with yourself. Am I feeling pretty full? How am I doing? Am I eating the full portion that my dietician told me to? Am I adding more, am I eating less? Just start checking in and rating your hunger and fullness. I also sometimes will have my clients rate their emotion, like scale of emotions at the same time that we do food. Like ‘How hungry are you’, ‘Well I’m like a four so my emotion is like a eight because I am getting hungry and I am freaking out.’ So those can really help you. And if any of you have tips about this,
leave your comments below. But that tends to help my clients gauge emotional-ness and hunger and fullness. And also for exercise I find that doing like a set regiment for a while can be the most helpful. Like 30 minutes of walking three times a week. And then we see how we do. And we talk to our doctor and we have them implement a plan for us so that we can stick to that structure until we feel okay doing it on our own.
Okay. And if you are tired or sick, don’t work out. Don’t do it, it’s bad. Your body needs the rest. Just tell yourself, ‘Kati would say that it’s okay to rest. Bodies need rest. If we are not feeling good, don’t do anything extra.’ Okay. Question number four:
‘I am 38 and seeking out professional help for the first time to deal with issues from being abused as a child.’ ‘My dad, mom, and brother were all abusive to me in different ways growing up.’ ‘My mom is gone now. But I fear that my therapist would want me to confront my dad and/or brother or write’ ‘to them, or write them out of my life. And I don’t want to do either. My relationships with them may not be perfect,’ ‘but they are still part of my life and I still love them very much. The only outcome to confronting them that I’ ‘can envision would be damaging to both of us.’ Therapists aren’t going to force us to do anything. We may ask you to confront within yourself, your abuser. Maybe writing letters that you don’t send. But if you don’t have any of that built up animosity or anger, or hurt that’s still lingering, then they wouldn’t ask you to do that anyways. But if you do, it’s something that we are worried more about you healing for you, not doing anything outwardly to them. That is at your discretion, it’s your choice. Because you know your relationship with them, you know what you could say and do. If you are wanting to build a relationship, then it will mostly be the work with you and how you work on communicating with them. Now, some people like to say that they forgive them to their abusers at some point. Like, you know, ‘Dad, I love you and I forgive you for what happened in the past.’ That might be something that you do more for you than for him. And that’s not really confrontational, it’s just a thing that you are saying, you know, ‘I’ve been working it in therapy and letting the past go. And this is part of that.’ But it’s something that you will talk about with your therapist. So never feel like your therapist is forcing you to do things.
Okay. And if you have a therapist that is like,
‘You’ve got to do this’, I think you should look for another one. Because that’s supposed to be something that we do together. Like a dance kind of. Maybe. Maybe like a Salsa. Now I’m just kidding, now I’m getting off track. But you know what I mean, it’s more us working together as a team meeting you were you are at and making sure that you get the support that you need at that time. Okay. And speaking of dancing, I’ve got my journal topic. Music therapy,
what does it mean to you, what you tried it before? I love music as therapy. And I’m not talking, I don’t know if there are actual musical therapists, there probably are. I know that there are art therapists. That will do like movement therapy like dance and stuff. And that can be really healing. But for me I find music to be so therapeutic, and so incorporated into my life in a way that I find helpful. Whether I need upbeat happy music, you know. Like some people even listen to disney tunes, gets you really riled up. Or like dance music or rap music. Or yoga music, like, ‘I don’t even know what that words are la-la-la-la’ But it really helps you mellow out. So I would encourage you to share songs, we are all looking for new music all the time right. Share some new songs that you like and tell us what mood they go with. And lets figure out a better way to use music to help us out. And if you haven’t tried it, try putting on some happy music if you need to be more happy. And mellow music if your anxiety is through the roof. And see what happens, right.
We never know. And let me know what you think. I will see you all tomorrow, I will be on twitter, because it’s Thursday. So ask your questions there.
Bye. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. Confidentiality my ass.They almost always call the cops. You get to the end of the call and you come up with a plan to stay safe and you start to feel better and then they’re just like “oh yeah. We have to call the cops” and it just shatters all happiness you just gained.

  2. I honestly think the best thing to do is talk with someone that is super close to you 🙏❤ because no one wants no police at their door

  3. Hotlines are total trap. Tgey say what you say is confidential but if that so why do they call the cops. Then the cops cuff you put you in a police car take you to the police station book you. Put you in a holding cell. Then hours later have a crisis person come talk to you. Then hours after thar you goto the ER wait hours there. You tell your story to at least 5 more people Then you go to the nut house. Forced to go to group therapy. And while your there people are hooking up with each other. This all happened to me. Sucide is a better option then calling the sucide hotline.

  4. I’m only 12 but life has been so hard for me I just wanna die. My parents probably hate me and a lot of people hate me for my flaws my whole class makes me the drama starter and I can’t defend myself. I’m weak, tired, and defenseless I keep asking myself the same questions “why does everyone always hate me?” And “what did I do that was so horrible?” And “why do I go to a catholic school praise god and say he’s good? My life is an emotional roller coaster that I don’t enjoy it. I have attempted to hang myself but I keep thinking about the people who love me.
    My best friends Endrea,Axel,Kelise,Jazlyn,Angelina,my-love(yes that’s her name it’s weird but I like it) and Riley. People keep telling me “be positive!” But it’s hard. I also get my flaws called out like “you always do this and it’s annoying.” “I wanna be her friend but she makes it so hard.” And someone even said “she wants to kill her self over a 6th grade relationship?” That was so hurtful you don’t even understand how ignorant can you be to say something so mean? I haven’t been diagnosed with depression but I have a feeling I do I’m lazy scum that can’t do anything right.but I’m not edgy I’m far from that I try to stay positive but it’s hard. My family never understands what I’m going through so I stay quiet and never tell them my feelings because they try to make it seem like I’m being selfish and that I’m only caring about myself and that you should enjoy being a kid because it’s worse when your an adult it’s so irritating.but I’m gonna stop complaining now because this is getting long.

  5. Hello there fellow human, If you are feeling down or feel like like giving up remember that as a sperm cell you came into this world fighting. So dont leave this world without a good one.

  6. You’re quirky and weird. I Love You. I appreciate this video. I can tell you have a beautiful Heart 💜

  7. When I get sad … this is my favorite song to cheer up … You mentioned music … this is my healing song … https://youtu.be/2v8YragSIuI

  8. They don't help! I called the suicide hotline and she asked me if I want to talk to someone who understands more about my problem, so I said yes and I got redirected to the Trevor project and still the same! Their response don't sound like they want to talk to u like they're bored and trying to get away from the conversation.

  9. I wasn't suicidal but had a seizure and I'm musically inclined and write songs I was riding my bike and randomly had some lyrics for a anti suicide song pop into my head and I didn't have any paper at the time so I took a sharpie and wrote the lyrics on my arm and would of wrote them when I got home. I ended up having a seizure and when paramedics showed I had refused treatment like usual but once they saw the song title and lyrics on my arms they took it as I was suicidal and they then said that I was going too the hospital for evaluation and when I refused they called the police and next thing I know I'm being tazed and sent too the hospital all the while I'm telling them I'm not suicidal it's a anti suicide song that I had too write on my arm due too lack of paper

  10. What happened to me… I called the hotline maybe 2-3 months ago. And I called with no intention to commit suicide. Just to talk through my depression and such. The guy I talked knew I had no intent cause I even told him that. 20 min after the call the cops showed up at my house. My parents weren't home. So I was freaking out I told them it was a joke. And they didn't believe me at all. They told me to not call if I don't have an issue. And i just nodded. So i would never ever call a hotline ever again because they do call the police in most cases. 😐🤨

  11. A few hours ago today, after I talked to them, the police showed up at my door. I told the person on the hotline i was fine, but the police still came. So, Im kinda scared about whats going to happen next.. are they gonna like put me in a mental hospital?? because im perfectly fine..

  12. If you really dont need the police, you should make it clear to the hotline worker. Like REALLY clear because, they might take what youre saying and blow it out of proportion. I think if you mention suicide its a rule or something to call the police.

  13. Ok so I read the comments and thought yeah that isn’t happening. Anything to avoid the cops just not sure who to even tell I just need help not being treated like an animal . I was going to call one but now I’m just like yeah I’ll just have to suffer for 2 more years (im 16) my parents would get involved and it would be this huge shitty mess and everyone would just hate me. I want help but CANNOT have parents or police or my school involved.

  14. Everyone’s saying they were taking to a mental hospital and everything. Don’t tell them you plan to harm yourself just say you need to talk to someone and they 9/10 won’t call police. I hope everyone has a great day. I’m sorry this happened to all of you

  15. Im looking at all these comments, I was really hoping i could at least talk to a fucking hotline about shit…apparently nothing is sacred anymore. Why would they involve police…like I understand from the others point of view. But when ur the actual person it makes u scared, nervous and overall uncomfortable…

  16. I called them once and they didn’t help me at all lol.
    I felt like the fbi was watching me the whole time

  17. I would recommend going on an anonymous site, like reddit. They give great support and won’t let you go anywhere. They will help you, there are things like Whisper as well. So many sites dedicated to saving you from all the pain you are in.

  18. If you need someone to talk to go to 7Cups of Tea. You can text with someone anonymously and they’re all very nice! I am one of the listeners. 🙂

  19. The worst part is I used a landline once and my power went out so FUCK ME I spent the rest of the outage waiting for the PET team and they never came to this day

  20. The suicide hotline isn’t good because all they do is call the cops on you which can make you feel so much worse

    It’s better to text the crisis hotline it’s confidential if they want the suicide hotline to be better make it confidential and pay your damn workers with qualified people

  21. I was having thoughts, I still am. But I was going to call the suicide hotline because I heard good stories, where they just support you. But I went to the comment section on this video and I was like “helll nooooo”

  22. Going through commets makes me scared of the suicide hotline.
    I have never called them. And wont in near future. The thing is, I live in denmark. And in denmark, we have what's called "the child phone", that you can call, untill the age of 23.
    They can't see your number. They can't see your name. You parents can't see it on the phone bill! If they think some adults should help out, they ask the kid to calmly talk to the parents, or askes the kid to hand the phone to their parents, unless it's about abuse or bad parents.
    And it's not just if we selfharm or wanna die we can call.
    Being scared about love? You can call.
    Are you getting bullied at school? You can call them.
    Do you just wanna know more about the child phone? You can call them.
    Or like I did a few weeks ago, call just to talk things out. Cry a bit. And get a little advice with you on the way.
    The best is, there is a chat system. A call line. And sms line. And the ability, to write a "letter" that both adults, but also kids can come with advice on.
    It's amazing, and if any kid in denmark needs that, you should totally use it 🙂

  23. reading the comments, i know i will never call a suicide hotline…

    i've always been so close to calling a suicide hotline when i was desperate for help and i am glad i didn't…

    but now knowing that i shouldn't call a suicide hotline made me feel like there really is no…no source of help for me…?

    like…i can not talk to any of my friends or siblings because they themselves are struggling and if i tell them what i'm thinking in my mind then i know it will hurt them mentally too…and i can't talk to my mom because she never understands and she always inputs something negative to everything i say so it wouldn't help at all…

    i guess it's a sign that i am meant to keep it all in my head and keep it all built up in me…
    there is now no hope for me? i'm done

  24. I feel like doing it a lot but I can’t call them because my mum can see who I call and she’ll get mad at me and judge me

  25. listen, the reason why the suicide hotline has the power to give the police your information isn’t so your gonna go to jail or shit. it’s because the police are supposed to protect their community, and that’s what they are doing when the suicide hotline gives them your info. the police will most likely go to your house, so they can take you to a safer place. i have seen this whole thing play out with my own eyes. it wasn’t for me.. it was for a very close family member that tried to take his life. so if you are suicidal, and the only reason why you don’t want to call is because of the police, please call anyways.

  26. Man do you have a direct line. 😣 I’m not trying to be negative at all but the hotline I called … at first, I felt like my mind could be changed & a stranger that does this everyday was the only hope to guide me…
    I told her, how i felt about her scripted talk, gum chewing and “okays”… then thanked her lol, told her good bye and continued what i was doing before my sister helped me to the hospital…

    I will never Recommend a hot line, or atleast that one… but stuck knowing i need to let it out

  27. I've gotten close to calling a hotline so many times, but I get scared someone will show up at my door or that my family will find out and be disappointed or that I might somehow get in trouble. I'm so thankful I have a group of friends I can call who support me and calm me down. Without them, I don't know where I would be. I think if I called the hotline and someone showed up at my door, it would just make it so much worse, I would probably feel very disappointed in myself and almost ashamed.

  28. for many of those who need help, and have wanted to call but is scared vc of cops, i would be happy to hear you out. sometimes that’s all you need!

  29. ive called the hotline once and they were really nice and the lady just was talking to me and being really comforting

  30. I called once i got a really really nice lady who listened me cuz i needed to really talk with someone and i fwlt 20x better! The second time i called i was have suicidal thoughts and i needed to talk again the guy didnt really care or listen he just hung up on me at the end of the call.

  31. I really need to call them but I don’t need the cops at my door my parents would be really mad at me, they want me to be prefect.

  32. i called and a woman picked up. she said she had other people and she needed to get to them first and told me to call back later. that broke me.

  33. One time I called, a lady asked if I had a plan, when I intended to do it. I told her my plan and that I thought about doing it now, then she sent two websites and ended the conversation pretty quickly. I attempted to overdose and went to a psych ward.

  34. What if someone told them that they only have suicidal thoughts but they’re not planning anything? Will they call the police?

  35. I recently had to text the hotline . It actually does kinda help. They asked if it was okay to send help but it was like late at night and i didnt wanna disturb my parents. The people are so nice and they didnt really judge me , they were just there for my safety and made sure i was gonna be okay which in a moment of crisis it feels like its all crashing down. Ive been battling anxiety , depression, self harm and some other things since around puberty. I recently was put on anti depressants and am currently getting help. The person on the other end though understood that i wasnt having it and was trying to calm me down, i actually fell asleep texting them because it was so late at night and i woke up to the suicide notes i wrote and a bottle of pills beside me . If i didnt fall asleep i most likely wouldnt have even been alive at the moment.

  36. I don't want to commit suicide but I was interested on how it works on suicide hotlines
    (not to be offensive to people who are going through hard times)

  37. I called and they said that they were going to get law enforcement if I was going to shoot myself with a shotgun, I said what shotgun they said the one that your about to use I said oh right it's put up I have a pistol now they said just stay alive please I went outside and shot at a tree and they hung up law enforcement never came

  38. What’s the point of a confidential hotline when they call the police. I had them show up to my house while my parents were home. Not to mention my moms a therapist but she attacked me and basically told me I was saying this because I want attention and because I was sick of school work. Little did they know my best friend had just attempted to kill herself that same night and I had heard about it. She told me she was suicidal but because me and her both are depressed and talk about just not wanting to live I brushed it off. The night after she walked into the middle of oncoming traffic and was hit by a car. When I found out I broke down. It’s my fault she’s in the hospital but more importantly I feel like my mom and the hotline made it worse for me. I feel a little better everyday knowing she’s getting the help she needs. I just wish I hadn’t been the cause for this to happen.

  39. if i call, will someone try to show up at my door? i just want to talk to someone over the phone. i don’t want to get in trouble by my parents. is there a number i can call to just talk over the phone?

  40. i have called the suicide hotline for a total of three times. the first and third time was for myself. there was a younger man that answered, i felt like he helped quite a bit. the second time i called was for a friend, she was 17 miles away from me but i couldn’t get to her so i called for help. the lady that answered said she was way too far and was not going to send help and it wasn’t a crisis. the next morning the friend i called for was in a hospital nearly dead, but it “wasn’t a crisis”.

  41. It really sucks that we have to struggle on our own because we are scared of people we know and love finding out, because it is a hard subject. Because of this fear and nothing being confidential it makes it so much worse for us all. Xx

  42. If you're worried about the Suicide Hotline getting cops involved, turning up to your address……..find a public phonebooth to call from. 😉

  43. The suicide hotline is not scary, the only way the cops will show up at your house if you are about to harm yourself or already have. I call the suicide hotline as a way of reaching out for help and talking myself out of it before I do self harm. The suicide hotline should be used for that and a lot of other situations

    Suicide Hotline

  44. I clicked on this video immediately read the comments first comment says that the hotline is a cop trap glad I decided check yt for answers before doing it

  45. Trying to think about why I feel so lousy. 1) My back's been pretty miserable for over two weeks but muscle relaxers and acetaminophen at least help that. (Trying to think on some positive aspects, too.) 2) My front lawn was really messed up following a flood June 29 and it still has not been repaired (I rent). On the positive side, the grass is coming back. And the gravel in the driveway has been replaced (took over three months, but it's there). 3) Finances are really tight. I receive disability (okay, that's a positive) but the flood killed my car and I'm now paying monthly payments for the car and four new tires. (On the positive side, the car is an 11 year old Lexus and is just the nicest, most comfortable car I've ever had.) 4) I need a dresser so that fabrics and quilts, etc. can be stored in there, instead of all over the floor or the room I use as a study. But I'm feeling like I need to pay off the car and tires first. But I really, REALLY dislike disorder! 5) It's the end of October and my SAD kicks in when the days are shorter. (Positive – I ordered a full spectrum light bulb and in Goodwill today, I found a working, new Verilux light box.) I would dearly love to have my electric "fireplace" (it was never returned to me when I moved) and the bookshelves (same thing as the "fireplace"). At least those can eventually be replaced.

    So, tomorrow, I need to tackle the bills (it's so easy to put that off and that makes me feel even worse). I need to do laundry and do dishes that have been waiting for my back to feel better. Those things will help me feel better.

  46. I've called hotlines many times. 99% of the time they will only call the police and trace your call if you say you have a "plan" to commit suicide. Key word here is plan.
    If you dont say you have a plan and you're just "passively" suicidal, they wont call the cops.
    Tell them you just want to talk. They'll ask you questions to guide the conversation, but you dont have to answer if you dont want to. You can easily deflect and change the topic.

  47. my friend called a suicide hotline and the worker on the line thougjt she just wanted attention and said no one would care if she did it.

  48. Hey kati I like your videos a lot I have bpd and find you very informative- I like how upbeat and down to earth you are in your videos xx

  49. I’m honestly scared to call in general I don’t know if I can get in trouble with the cops or cps. This kind of makes it worse knowing that I can’t even trust a help hotline.

  50. I have a Teaneck that works SOMETIMES I try and trick myself by think “If I die they will miss me” by that’s all that’s keeping me here thank my mom for letting me stay alive Even thought I don’t wanna be here I just called one before this video but hung up within a second

  51. I thought the hotline would help you, not make it worse….. I don’t have anyone to go to. I have no friends. I tried to tell my cousin and he said he doesn’t wanna hear that “Shit” and this just makes it worse for me. I feel like I’m nothing.

  52. Well.. I called the suicide hotline once – I have a heavy depression and some really hard situations to handle, such as relatives illnesses and disability (I wasn't raised by mom or dad). I was unable to graduate from university. It's even hard to find a job because of lack of vacancies in my profession in my city (I'm not feeling I can handle my own business) and me feeling high tension in ordinary situations caused by the way I perceive some things and a constant feeling that I'm doing everything wrong. Sometimes it's getting hard to communicate. I wanted this to stop but I know that my relatives need care even if they don't really like me. And a woman from that hotline said me to stop whining and feeling pity for myself. Police don't even care 'bout that call. Great.

  53. Called the Suicide line. Said I wasn’t going to act immediately but that I think about Suicide everyday. They hung up on me. I will never use this resource again.

  54. I’m afraid my mom will hear me calling and be like “Why don’t you just fucking talk to me? What the hells wrong with you?” Like hoe, I HAVE TALKED TO YOU. You just dismiss my sadness like you dismissed my dads love for you. 🙁

  55. Seems like the comments on a youtube video are more supportive and helpful than these hotlines….i only say this because most people were just taken into custody and there are people saying their done with life in the comments and everyone is reaching out by wishing them well and telling them they arewanted and needed and telling them everything will get better…just makes me speechless

  56. No one can stop suicide thoughts. Not the suicide hotlines, not the police dept. you are the cure. You can stop thinking about suicide. Searching and learning will help (ex. What is left for me to learn?). There is no shame in not knowing..

  57. Sometimes people just call or text the hotline because we need someone to TALK to, not someone who will just call the cops to your house while stalling on the phone. I know some hotlines are nice and talk to you, but most call the police and then call themselves "heroes" saving people's lives lol sUrE

  58. I called today. Never again. She was nice, said what I wanted to hear, and then rushed me off the phone…same as everyone else in my life showing I'm not worth the time.

  59. never calling ever again, called once the guy was so sweet i opened up quickly never once did i say i was suicidal next thing i know 3 police cars and 2 ambulances banging at the door. next thing i know i’m in the back of a police care being transported over to some psych ward they ruined my family all i needed was to talk now my family doesn’t trust me i hate the hotline more than anything and the text line is just as bad

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