What has having your own blog taught you about SEO?

What has having your own blog taught you about SEO?

MATT CUTTS: Hey, everybody. We had some noise in the room
that we were in, so we shifted to a new locale. Hope it’s not too bad. We have a question from
Madrid, Spain today. The question is “Have you
learned something about SEO that you wouldn’t know if you
haven’t had your blog?” Really good question. I started my blog because I
wanted to have a place which was a channel where I could
just put up my personal thoughts or thoughts about
Google and not have to worry about something getting edited
or basically have an unvarnished channel. And what I didn’t expect is it
would help me step into the mindset of a webmaster or a
site owner a lot better. If you’re only working on trying
to reduce spam, and you never, ever see that many of
the great sites out there, then it’s easy to get into a
mindset where you’re like, OK, there’s a lot of bad
stuff out there. But it’s easy to forget, there’s
a lot of great stuff out there as well. And so I like to tell a story
that one of the very first VPs of Engineering, Urs Hoelzle,
used to say, look these are regular people. They have websites. Of course they want to rank
highly because they think they have great things to show the
world, and we need to be sympathetic to that. And so a lot of people, when
they come into Google, I often will do a new engineer
orientation or at least I used to in the past. And I’d say OK, what do you call
it whenever people try to rank higher in search engines? And they’d say well,
it’s spam. And that’s not true. Like it’s a natural instinct to
want to do well and want to do better in search engines. So I think that’s one thing that
I learned, is how to step in the mindset a little bit
better of a publisher or a site owner. There’s definitely been a
few things I’ve learned. Like if you make lists, if you
say the top 11 things about whatever, you definitely
get a lot more clicks. And so it’s sort of a good
reminder about human nature that unless you’re actually
practicing some of that keyword selection, what things
do I put in my title, oh, it turns out if you write about
iPods, or gadgets, or accessories, or Chrome
extensions, those can drive a lot of traffic. You know, it’s really helpful
to see all that stuff so that’s not just an academic
exercise. So there’s been a lot of stuff
that I’ve learned about SEO because I’ve had my own site. It’s something that I’m glad
that I do, and I encourage a lot of the people on our team
to have some sort of web presence, or have a blog or have
their own domain, so that they can just remember, OK, what
we want to do is find the best possible sites. We don’t want to get in the
mindset of every site being bad, and we have to take action
on all those bad sites, and forget that there’s a lot
of great stuff out there.

31 thoughts on “What has having your own blog taught you about SEO?

  1. That isn't a SOPA shirt Matt's wearing, in case anyone's wondering…it's the closed captioning of the video being censored.

  2. There are two options: Ether you are totally wrong, or Matt managed to get his hands on some crazy cool and expensive video editing software, because that censor even curves to follow the lines of the t-shirt. I'm gonna go with first option.

  3. Lots of talk and absolutely no usable infos. Sorry to say but truly useless. I just lost another 2:38 minutes listening to this. And it happens way too much often here. Please please please be much much more specific in your videos or if this is really Google, interview others around who wan actually give real useful infos.

  4. Don't mind the background, though I was getting use to the Original Series Star Trek personal quarters background of the other room 🙂

  5. lol – i just had written on Saturday a little SEO survey about Your Blog and the OnSite SEO signals Matt – did you has smelled it?

  6. nicely said. It's just outrageous the level of opacity you guys play. and even all your little answers here are just piss on our faces. can you never be clear? Those damn systems will die eventually. We look forward to it.

  7. Like your SOPA shirt Matt 😉
    If this video doens't tell people that Google (and you) mean well, I don't know what will. (looking at top rated comments)
    Good to hear that you use best practise SEO (what keywords are searched for) to get your message across.
    Keep up the vids Matt, they are always interesting.

  8. SEO is a shell game. It's a total scam, and thousands of people have been totally misled into thinking that they have any control over the way Google is going to decide to rank your sites. Matt doesn't write the Google Algorithm from the sound of it. He's the wrong person to vent on. And you really have no way of knowing where you're actually ranking at all since personalized search came out. You might see yourself on the second page, but I might see you as #1. If it's bad, do proper marketing.

  9. You just said exactly what I was about to. It's a shame because the vast majority of SEO wannabes will vote it down or vote the other guy up, but you, sir, are absolutely correct and he is wrong. If he had bothered to market himself properly, not rely on something he has no control over, and not waste his time rank checking, he wouldn't be complaining…nor would most of the whiners, for that matter.

  10. Can Google provide content ID's for blogger? as they have given in YouTube to make some one's video copyrighted and to protect there content. I wish Google should provide content ID's for blogger also if it's possible it will definitely help blogger to create a good quality blog.

  11. That, my friend, is a complete load of crap, and the reason why is in the answer to these three questions:

    1) Do you know that SEO exists?
    2) Have you rank checked to see that you're #1 on ANY search (never mind "every other search")?
    3) Have you studied Google's help materials?

    If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then newsflash: you're no longer innocent. Neither am I. Neither is anyone else here. We're here because we're trying to gain competitive knowledge. Period.

  12. With a comment like that, you'd be well-advised to study the ancient Chinese proverb "arrogance is the downfall of the jackal."

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  14. Using "The top 11 list…" or that sort of titles does in fact bring in more clicks. If you do that plus add some power words to it, you'll definitely get better results.

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