What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Hey guys! Welcome back to my youtube
channel. My name is Natalie, and I blog at NatalieBacon.com. I am going to talk
with you guys today about what I wish I knew before I
started my blog. These are things that I think would have made the journey much
better faster and smoother and I get a lot of questions about starting the blog
so that’s what I want to share with you today. Let’s get started. The first thing that I wish I knew before I started was that I
should have had an end goal in mind. So instead of just winging it and starting
the blog because I wanted to talk about my money journey I wish I would have
known that if I had the goal of building it into a business ahead of time it
would have made all of my choices early on a lot easier and clearer. So if you
know that you want to start a blog to make money or to become an influencer or just as a hobby to diary your life kind of those three different things knowing
that ahead of time will help make your decisions about your blog so much easier
because they are all very different paths. What a lot of times will happen is
you’ll want to make money blogging but you’ll make a lot of choices down be
like influencer path and focus more on popularity and you won’t make any money
that’s just one example. So I wish I knew that sooner. The second thing that I wish
I knew before I started was that the name of my blog doesn’t matter like that
much. So I stressed out so much about what to name my blog I ended up with
Financegirl in the beginning and now it’s rebranded to NatalieBacon.com.
Well this is just not something that is as big of a deal in determining the
successful blog as I gave it weight or as a lot of new bloggers give it weight
in the beginning so if you’re freaking out about what to name your blog stop
freaking out yes it’s good if you come up with like a good name but
it’s not going to determine the success of your blog I suggest looking at your
competition and your niche and seeing what their blogs are named do a lot of
people have their first and last name are they a combination of a few words or
is the topic name and the blog like you know the Financegirl was obviously
finance and women related topics. So do a little research but do not freak out do
nothing weeks trying to come up with a blog name this is just a very big
mistake that I made. The third piece of advice that I have for you is to not be
intimidated if there are already a lot of bloggers doing what you want to do.
This is a common myth that oh there’s already so many bloggers out there in my
niche I don’t know what I can bring to the table. You totally can bring new things to the table it might not be in information or
expertise but it’s gonna be in your story like no one else is you and no one
else has your story as it relates to whatever it is you’re blogging about so
don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated by a market being saturated. I would be more concerned if you’re thinking about starting a blog in a niche where there
really isn’t a niche and like no blogs exist about it that I would not do. The
next thing that I wish I would have known before I started blogging was that
my blog is gonna stink at first and that’s okay. And I think I would so much
pressure on myself to have this perfect blog and I just needed to be okay with
the fact that the first couple of months are going to be rocky like ups and downs
everywhere and that’s just part of blogging. So don’t feel like you have to
come out of the gate with this perfect blog because it’s impossible it’s like
you weren’t born knowing how to blog you have to start as a beginner and then get
better and that is what you’ll do you know it’s it’s like money this YouTube
channel. Oh my gosh if you go back to some of the very first few videos I look
like terrified talking to the camera like terrified. It’s painful to watch, but
now it’s what six months later and it’s so much easier for me to talk to the camera. There was no way for me to jump to where I am now without going through those six months. Same thing for blogging you’re
going to struggle at first and that’s okay that’s the beauty of it because you’ll
learn and grow and you will get better and your blog will get better too. The
fifth thing I wish I knew before I started my blog is that blogging is just
as much about the topic as it is about sales and marketing, if you want to turn
your blog into business. So when I first started I was just blogging about money
my money journey I have no idea I could make money from my blog and fast forward
to now and I totally turned my blog into a business where I made 45 K gross last
year. If I would have known from the beginning that that would require the
sales and marketing that it does I would have done it so so so much faster it’s
not enough to just learn about your niche so for me like personal finance
and personal development you have to learn about the sales and marketing too
and this can kind of tricky because you have to become an expert in both as a
blogger over time. So what I would start to do is start listening to sales and
marketing podcasts in the morning when I’m getting ready or reading a sales or
marketing book and just constantly be trying to fill my mind with new
information about it even though the content on my blog that
I’m producing is personal finance and personal development. So if you want to
start a blog to make money you need to learn about sales and marketing because
you’re building an online business. The sixth thing that I wish I knew before I
started my blog is that I should have got in the mindset of making my blog
about the reader right away I made it all about me and this is hard for me to
understand at first because everyone says you know you need to be vulnerable
and you need to be honest and open and your readers need to like you
and connect with you so I thought that meant sharing all these stories about me and
it does and it doesn’t, so you need to include stories about yourself or about
someone else as it relates to the point you’re making. So remember that people
are always thinking what’s in it for me when they’re reading content. If you can
share a story about a point that you’re trying to make like you know if I shared
my getting out of debt story that someone would be interested in that not
because of you know any gossipy information that’s like irrelevant but
about my life they would be interested in it because it’s sharing a story about
getting out of debt that they can apply to their life. So I wish in the beginning
I would have known how to intertwine personal stories with the point I was
trying to make. One really good quote I heard on a podcast was never tell a
story without making a point and never make a point without telling a story. So
it’s having both of those in your content that really makes a difference.
The next thing I wish I would have known before I started my blog was that
starting a blog requires spending money. This is hard for people to understand at
first including me I had no idea I thought you know maybe like 100 bucks or something and that would be it. My blogging expenses are over a thousand
dollars a month and that kind of blows people out of the water. So gross last
year I made 45K and my expenses were like 13K or something so it does cost a
lot of money. But you know that’s relative right it didn’t cost me $13,000
my first year blogging I only made you know just over 8K my first year. I
don’t remember what my expenses were off the top of my head but it’s always been
relative so I just wish that I would have known that my expenses would
increase over time. And this is due to other services that you kind of want for
your blog as your business grows because there’s a higher rate of return so I use
ConvertKit for email marketing and Leadpages for
my landing pages and all these things to try and get more people onto my blog
staying there joining my email list all that stuff. Well those services cost money so I just wish ahead of time I would have known
and had that mindset that this is a business I’m growing and there’s going
to be expenses that grow over time. Before I started blogging I had no idea
that I could actually turn my blog into a sustainable business while working
full-time. I wish I would have known that because I probably would have quit
practicing law even sooner I would have become a financial planner sooner and I
would have made more money blogging sooner and paid off more debt faster. So
it’s just it took time for me to grasp that and get that mindset that I could
do both and that I could be able to turn my blog into a business while working
full time. You know I do this by being really really intentional about my goals
and my planning so I have my goals I planned them out on my calendar and once it’s on my calendar it’s as good as done. I just execute and I have that mindset
that it’s going to be successful and it’s going to work so I believe it and
then I get the results I want. I highly encourage you to adopt this mindset and
really believe that you can do it because you will get the results that
way. The final thing that I wish I would have known before I started blogging is
that there’s going to be this like a resistance to starting and to taking
your blog to the next level each step of the way and to fight through that
resistance no matter what. So when it was starting my blog I spent way too much
time thinking about the blog name and stuff that just you know you can do
quickly when I created my first lead magnet or email opt-in spent way too
much time on it and it ended up you know being terrible I had to create a whole
you know bunch more before I even got it right and now I can whip one out like a
few a week if I want it to. I’m going through that right now with my ebook
it’s almost done you guys that is what really taken me months to write one
ebook. That is absurd. So there’s like this resistance whenever
you’re trying to take your blog up to the next level and it’s a mindset
thing for sure because it’s a new territory right I’m so used to blogging
and creating you know lead magnets right I can just do it quick quick
but like this you go this first digital product I’m creating that is new it’s
new territory so I’m going so slow and I think I wish ahead of time I would have
known that at each step of the way as I grow my business it’s going to be
challenging and have these new feelings of resistance that it’s best if I just
work through with massive action. So that’s it as far as things that I
personally wish I knew ahead of time before I started my blog. I’ve created a
one-year blog action plan that’s a freebie you can download I have a
five-day blogging bootcamp if you’re interested in starting a blog a few
other blogging tools that I use and recommend that I will link to below.
That’s it for this week thank you so much for tuning in please subscribe and
have a great week bye bye!

11 thoughts on “What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

  1. I've just gotten started blogging this week after months of starting and stopping and I've made pretty much all of these mistakes already 😂

    Thanks for your helpful videos!

  2. I've been blogging for about 4 months now but definitely taking some notes on this video. I really struggle with sales and marketing but I'm learning a lot. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great video Natalie and some excellent points. I've had my own blogs since 2014 and the opportunity continues to amaze me. It's not the passive income source some believe but is still a great business. There are no 'secrets' to being successful, just putting in the daily work to slowly build your blog's authority and traffic. I've found SEO to be one of the few ideas where a blogger can really set themselves apart. Most bloggers avoid SEO, especially off-page linkbuilding through guest posts and broken link-building, but it's a great way to build traffic and boost your rank on Google if you dedicate a little time to it.

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