What is a normal amount of anxiety? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

What is a normal amount of anxiety? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey everybody, happy Tuesday! And since it’s tuesday as you all know now I’m on Tumblr. And someone asked a question on my video that I put out yesterday which kind of gave a structure of what my video schedule looks like and a lot of people asked about what times to ask questions. Now there is not hard and fast rule because it really depends on my day. Sometimes I take the questions in the morning because my evening is really busy or I do it in the middle of the day when I have a little break. So it kind of varies. However, the most common timeframe that I’m usually looking at questions is around, you know if you asked it around one and two PM pacific standard time, the times that I’m on, that’s probably the most likely time that I’m on, just to give you am overall average. But like I said, it changes, just depending on my schedule, so, um, but yeah, that’s the answer to that. So, since I’m on Tumblr, I’ve already some questions, some of them anonymous, some of them not so some will be populated to my Tumblr. I don’t even know what you call it, my Tumblr blog. And the others, hopefully you got some of your questions answered. And I have three, as well as a journal topic, os thank you so much for that. And I think that was anonymous cause I don’t have a name on that. But, first question is: “Hey Kati, my question is what is a ‘normal’ amount of anxiety, and what is a ‘normal’ reaction to it?” I thought this was really great because we don’t really talk about what we’re aiming for when it comes to things like depression or anxiety because it’s very normal to have bouts of anxiety or depression in a regular, normal, healthy life. Things are gonna happen that bring our mood down, or things that make us anxious or nervous in some way. And those are all normal human responses. However, if it’s impeding on our life and we can’t get things done and we can’t do the things we want to do or interact with the people we want to because of it, then it’s a problem, right? Now a normal amount of anxiety is when something stressful’s happening, or you’re trying something new, like let’s say you’re getting ready for a big performance you’re going on stage, you have a test coming up, you’re meeting new people for the first time. A normal amount of anxiety is when you just have those kind of butterflies in your stomach and feel, you know, extra antsy or one your toes, or you have that little bit of feeling of anxiety and once the situation has either started and you’re a couple, five minutes into your performance and you’re in the zone, it goes away, or you’ve met people and you’re sitting down now and you kind of have already done the ‘awkward,’ you know, introductions and stuff like that. Then the anxiety feeling goes away. The struggle is, those of us who have really bad anxiety, it’s either an extreme amount of that, where we have panic attacks, or we can’t even focus some of us may even say that we dissociate when we become extremely, extremely anxious. And some of us, the anxiety lasts, like, forever and ever, all day every day, if you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. So that’s kind of a normal amount, and it will just come and go a little bit, here and there when things pop up, but it’s not something that we even really think about or worry about, because it’s just not really frequent. Yeah, and a normal reaction to it is honestly no big deal. If we’re experience a normal amount of anxiety, it’s usually because of something, and so we’re more worried about that thing, and that’s actually the worry so we’re like, ‘Oh, you know that test, OK, so I need to study a little bit more,” and we don’t really think about the anxiety so much, because it’s really about something it actually has a reason, and there is, kind of sort of a deadline for it. If that makes sense. OK? Now question number two, “Hi Kati, I will be starting group therapy this Thurday,” Yay! “And I am really nervous. The group is for people with eating disorders, but I have no idea what to expect. On top of that, I’m really shy and have a hard time speaking up. Do you have any adivce for me? Thank you!” I wanted to talk a little bit about groups, because I’ve run some groups, I’m getting prepared to run a group in January. And group therapy can be really beneficial because it not only helps us begin talking about the things that we may feel shameful about, or embarassed but it also gives us an extra amount of support and people who understand our experience, and it reminds us we’re not alone in our experiences. And, the What to expect? So the way that groups work is, if you’re new, the group leader will, most likely, and every group is different, so I’m just gonna tell you what I would do personally, and what people I’ve trained with have done. When you’re new to the group often they’ll allow you to introduce yourself, like, let’s say it’s me, they’d say “Hey Kati, it’s so good to have you. Would you mind just telling the group a little bit about yourself, as much as you feel comfortable?” So let’s have you, usually people will say, you know “Hi, my name is Kati, and I, you know, I’m here because I also struggle with an eating disorder,” like if that’s the group you’re in. “And so I’m just looking for some extra support, nice to meet you.” That’s it, you don’t have to say anything extra, it’s just however much you’re comfortable talking about. Now they are going to encourage you to speak up in groups, and you’re going to have to, for lack of a better term, learn how to communicate in the group setting. Now it may take you a couple of sessions to feel comfortable, but after you see a couple of people speaking up and talking about their issues and the support, and the way that groups work, I promise you you’ll feel way, way, way more comfortable. But don’t worry, you’re not going to be required to speak up and talk about something your first session. Usually they just have you introduce yourself, as much as you feel comfortable. So I would just prepare in your mind a little introduction, and know that that’s just how groups work. We introduce ourselves to everybody, then usually there’s a topic that the group leaders will have come up with, or a question they have people working on or homework that you’re going over. It could be any number of those things, depending on how the group is structured. And that’s kind of how we go about it. It kind of just helps us all process together what we’re going through. OK? I think groups can be really great, by the way. Question number three, “Hey Kati, I was just wondering if having a history of depression makes you any more likely to develop postpartum depression even if you’re in a good state of mind during your pregnancy? Thank you.” Now, I did a video on postpartum depression, so if you have more questions about, um, or did I do it, I don’t know if it’s called postpartum depression. You can look that up on Youtube, and I have some more information on that. However, when it comes to this situation exactly, if you have a history of depression. It makes you, I want to say, and I forget the exact number, but I think it’s like two and a half times more likely to develop postpartum depression. Now, the main reason for that is because we find there are a lot of genetic components to depression, and a lot of, um hormones are changing during pregnancy, which we know effects how we feel, our mood and all the chemicals that are going on in our brain. And because we’re predisposed to have the chemical imbalance, chances are we will have postpartum depression. However, that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily going to, it’s not a hundred precent, like nothing’s a hundred percent. We’re just more more genetically predisposed. And the way that we have kind of strike back against that and kind of nip in in the bud, is if we’re pregnant, even if we’re feeling great I would start talking to your therapist, I would get a referral to a psychiatrist who works with pregnant or nursing mothers. And I would just begin getting a support team together, so that when this happens, you are prepared, whether you have postpartum depression or not at least you have a team ready for you when it’s going on. Because the thing that we really struggle with, with postpartum depression the most, is the fact that we’re new mothers, and that’s really stressful and there’s a lot going on, we’re not sleeping a lot. There’s a lot of other thing flying around in our universe, right? And so, it’s really hard to make appointments, to get to appointments, to set up things. And all of this work, in doing this ahead of time, saves us from that. Now all we have to do is just have someone take us there. So all that motivation that we may be lacking because of the depression is something we can kind of nip in the bud now. So I would encourage you to set up a plan. Get people in place. Have a treatment team ready for you, if you need them. And if not, you can call and cancel an appointment, say, you know, “I’m doing OK. I’ll check in with you next week.” So you have something in place, because just because we’re more predisposed doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen, but it also means that we’re more aware we have more insight, and we can prepare more for the potential happenings. Am I right? OK. So journal topic today says ‘Instead of saying, “I don’t have time,” try saying, “It’s not a priority.” Often, that’s a perfectly adequate explanation, but other times it doesn’t fit as well. For example, “I’m not going to edit your resume because ‘not a priority.’ ” That makes more sense than, “I’m not going to go to the doctor, because my health isn’t a priority.” The trick, this trick can help you sort out what you really don’t have time for vs. what you should make time for because it’s actually a priority.’ And I really like this because, often times, we spend so much time on things that shouldn’t be ‘a priority’ and the things that actually are get pushed back, and back, and back, and back, and we never end up doing them and so checking in with ourselves and make sure that we’re making what should be a priority a priority, and not making extra time for things that maybe shouldn’t be a priority right now, because we have bigger fish to fry. Am I right? I thought this was really cool! So it’s a really good check in, ever for myself. Like, what are we prioritizing, and what should we we maybe not prioritize any more? Something to think about I’ll see you all tomorrow, I’ll be on the website katimorton.com and I’ll also be a Youtube so ask your questions below today’s video, and I’ll see you then! Bye!

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  1. #KatiFaQ Hey Kati, I have been experiencing a lot more depression in the past week, my grandmother gave my puppy away because she was stressing her out, and we had her for a whole year, she helped me through a rough time, and I am trying to get my puppy back- should I still be hopeful or should I just give up? Thanks <3

  2. #katiFAQ why do counselors worry so much when I switch cutting spots? I started cutting in a new spot and they seem really worried. Thanks so much for doing these videos! They have helped me a lot! 

  3. This is another great video! So a person from work has never experienced anxiety before and she began getting panic attacks an told me about them. So I explained I get those too. An ur normal an ur gonna be ok. She was happy to know that she's ok an normal an I told her I'm hear to talk if she needs me. She did reveal she was a self harmer which I don't know too much about however I told her (via ur suggestions) watch ur channel and get a therapist. Also go to a doctor get on some anti anxiety meds. 🙂 thanks Kati!

  4. #katifaq hi kati, this is an embarrassing question but is anal rape more traumatic than regular rape?  it just feel so much more shameful. and how does one even say that out loud to a therapist?

  5. #katifaq Hey Kati. How can I stop feeling guilty over blaming the wrong person for my hurt feelings? Early this year, I went to a therapist because I thought my brother was the cause of my depression. She encouraged me to write a letter to him to tell him how I felt, so I did. My brother wanted to work things out with me and now things are good between us. However, my therapist and I realized after I sent the letter that it wasn't my brother who was at the root of my depression, but instead my mother and her favoritism towards him which made me feel inferior. Now I feel guilty for blaming my brother for something that wasn't really his fault. Is it normal to feel guilty, and how can I fix this? Thanks.

  6. #katiFAQ. Hi kati, I've been seeing my therapist for a really long time and every now and then she talks about how we're both burnt out and need to take a team approach. I feel bad that I'm tiring people out and when it gets to that point I withdraw and stop talking about how I'm really feeling, which is like I'm untreatable and can't be helped. I just got out of the hospital but feel no better and am wondering if I should take a break from therapy since I feel like I'm on a merry go round getting nowhere. I feel like I'm such a burden but people keep telling me I should stay in therapy. I feel like there's no point anymore saying the same things. What should I do? Help!

  7. #katiFAQ   Hi Kati i have BPD and i have attachment issues ( getting too attached to people and idolising them, wanting them to rescue me)  i turn 25 in March and i have to leave my youth group as i will be too old 🙁  this scares the hell out of me, I'm scared of being abandoned, i look up to the youth workers so much i can't bare thinking about loosing them.I just feel that maybe if i make myself hate them then I've walked away from them before they can abandon me and then i wont get hurt and i wont miss them but that is really negative and probally more damaging in the long run…. SO how do i make sure this ending is a positive one? Thank you! PS, loving your videos keep on inspiring and helping others 🙂 x PS ( feel free to shorten this if you can/want if you do pick this as a topic )  (also this was written at midnight  of wednesday morning in UK)

  8. #katiFAQ Hey Kati, I don't know if you know a lot about how the mental health system works in Canada (Montreal, more precisely) but I was just wondering if I could get medication for social anxiety and maybe also depression (getting really bad, especially at school) without needing to see a therapist regularly, like maybe seeing a psychiatrist once a month or something but no more than that. I'm 16 and I wouldn't mind my parents knowing about it. Sorry if this is a really dumb question :/
    Thank you for everything you do 🙂 xoxo

  9. #katifaq  Hi kati, I was wondering what you think about the over-diagnosing of mental illnesses that (i personally agree) is happening lately? I feel like it really makes me think my ED is not serious/real because "if everyone has it, it's not a disease". I feel like if you pick any random person off the street and put them on a shrink's couch, they'll walk out with a diagnosis for anxiety/depression/etc when they're just feeling human emotions. Does this not make the life of people with actual mental illnesses that much harder? I'm all for raising awareness, but it seems like a bunch of people are just jumping on the mental illness bandwagon when they don't even have anything.

  10. i was thinking of going on anti depressants again but now i know that it is going to be impossible because i have to switch health insurance plans and i wont have any insurance for some time as well most likely i am trying to find some but its not going well i cant get obamacare because that doesnt allow me to apply until after my bday

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid i love these Q and As

  11. #katiFAQ Hi Kati can we have cross addictions? If so how can we mange all of the addictions at the same time (ED,SH,Drug abuse) or do we work on one first then the others? How can we prevent new ones?

  12. #KatiFAQ   Hello Kati, I am 24 years old and have been struggling with cutting and other self harm for about 15 years. I have had very little relapses in the last 5 years, and I am very proud of that. But recently things have been extremely stressful and I gave into my urge. But today I was searching for help and I discovered you on youtube. I was watching allot of your videos about self-harm and how to cope with it etc. And I can honestly say they helped me in so many ways. I finally got the courage to tell my husband that I relapsed into cutting. Lets just say he finds it stupid and hard to understand. But basically I am searching for advice on how he can help me get through this time and ways we can communicate better about my depression and self harm. Thank you so much for your advice, You are an amazing person for speaking out for those who find it hard to speak for themselves.

  13. I went to group therapy this summer – my therapist set it up between 5 of us around the same age. At first it was scary, but everyone was nervous.. now we're great friends! I highly recommend it!

  14. Hey Kati I understand if you don't get to me for questions but I have perfectionism personality trait I can't afford therapy anymore and it's hurting my friends too but I have a hard time feeling loved I know it's there but I feel nothing just empty.

  15. hi Katie, I've been struggling with my ED for nearly 3 years. long story short I go through restricting phases and binging phases. when restricting I'm happy, losing weight, it's almost euphoric. when I'm binging I'm in agony I won't go to school and I hate my life. not only that but my
    mom lost her job due to her own personal issues and my sister constantly points out my
    weight gain saying I'm morbidly obese (which rationally I know I'm
    not) that just fuels my ED. I feel so out of control and I physically can't get the "courage" to go to school, nor can I focus on anything. I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and I'm extremely stuck. I have nothing anymore, not even the peace I get when restricting because things are too out of control I can't even do that. Restricting to me is the only time I'm "normal" it's black and white there is no grey. My question is what do I do to bring some order into my life? I'm so desperate! please help.

  16. Hey we just uploaded a video on Postpartum Depression myths and symptoms in a 2 part mini web series. You can watch the first part here:

    and look for the 2nd video to be uploaded very shortly on causes and other forms of PPD you might not know about

  17. #katifaq I have an appointment with a GP for the first time in regards to my ED and future recovery. I'm terrified! I have no idea what to expect, as previously only a counselor was my "treatment team." What's a normal level of involvement between professionals?

  18. #katiFAQ. Hello Kati! As I become increasingly exposed to intimacy and my sexuality, I realize how uncomfortable it makes me feel. I tend to reject most relationships because I dislike being intimate/have no sexual desire, even though I really respect and appreciate the person. With the relationships I don't reject, I find myself to be extremely shy and passive sexually. I've never been abused, so why does this continually happen? I just want to enjoy it. Am I asexual? 

  19. #katiFAQ Hey kati i luv you videos andd i get a lot of good addvice from them. But now i really need advice. My sister and i suffer from similar issues but in very different ways – i tend to be stronger and silent whereas she is a drama queen who always wants eyes on her and she wants people to feel bad for her. For instnce she seems to think she is addicted to cutting… which is a JOKE. In the time frame of a year she cut herself a total of 3 ttimes! I used to cut myself at least 3 times in a DAY and i have been cutting for over 2 years… Im not saying any of this for sympathy but it just really ticks me off.

    And when she does cut she basically goes around flaunting it to everyone, and everyone feels so bad and they gie her sympathy and it just really ticks me off because it is enabling her.

    I just cant stnd her she makes me so mad i might even hate her! But i dont wnt to hate her, but i just cant help it. Everything always has to be about her, she has 'so many problems' and 'No one has it as bad as she does' and 'She struggles constantly with cutting herself'

    She is self centered and vain and self absorbed and immature and attention seeking… But she is my sister and i dont want to hate her… How do i stop hating my sister when she acts like this?

    I realy hope you can help me and answer my question – thnx so much for reading this long winded question you are th best!

  20. I am very scared to develop postpartum depression. I currently struggle with Major Depression and feel like I am going to be an inadequate parent already. I don't even know if I want to have children because of it… 

  21. #katieFAQ

    Hi kati,
    Im sure you know how much college can be overwhelming at times, being in a new territory that can cause anxiety, stress and even lead to depression. Anyways, I am an overwhelmed freshman trying to fix these various struggles on my own but have still been feeling really down since i got to college so I decided to seek help!
    The reason being, growing up I never was forced to stick to new things. If I didn't like a sport or tried to pickup a new instrument or found honors classes to be to hard my parents would allow me to simply quit. Therefore all throughout middle school and high school this bad habit continued. Once I got to college surprise surprise, it is not only academically challenging but mentally challenging too! So like I was raised, I want to quit but know for a fact I can't because my parents won't let me (for good reason) but still because of this bad habit of just giving up when things get hard I find myself having suicidal thoughts because that would be the ultimate way of avoiding these new challenges.

    Anyways When I saw a doctor (required before seeing a counselor at my university) he said in order to get through college "You must have to find the motivation from within" (for example do you hope to drive a nice car, provide for a family someday, live in a big house) find that thing you desire in your future and focus on it allow it to be your motivation instead of focusing on why you think you can't do it. he also went onto saying how college is this great opportunity many people don't get and how I should be thankful for even being able to get an education.

    The problem is
    A) I've already tried to find a positive goal to go for but when I even see a chance of failure all I think about is how I'm not going make it to success.

    B) i know the opportunities college gives me which is part of the reason why I get so much anxiety over every little assignment!

    C) Finally he said He didn't think i was depressed but If I'm not depressed the the problem becomes why do I feel like this all the time? And now what do I do because there is not a set of things I can try to recover.

    This whole low self esteem, depression and anxiety (all un diagnosed) is really taking a toll on my grades, sleeping and study habits causing more worry.


  22. #KatiFAQ I am trying to find a therapist. I have had a long history mental health issues and been in many treatment centers and hospitals. I am doing so much better now and come so far but I still have things to work on like my ED. I have been to see a couple of therapists lately and I tell them my history and they said they can't help me and refer me to someone else. The same happens there. Should I not tell them my full history? Would they get upset if they later found out? Sorry for this being so long. Thanks!

  23. #katiFAQ How do I get more confident? I've got my last 'self-esteem' session next Tuesday and then they have to discharge me as I've already had more session than they should give to people. My therapist wants me to ring another team that are qualified in CBT but I just can't I have an issue with ringing people I don't know.

  24. #katifaq you talk about groups, I couldn't go to a "group" as it's the ultimate I'm not to blame for me and I don't mind who knows but I phone helplines as I know they're anonymous. In other words I still hold myself to blame for things. It's all too complex but I would like to not blame myself I can't even get the courage to heal book because I fear that someone would see it and no I'm not at risk

  25. I should also add here that people may assume I'm a state I'm not, I'm actually better, a lot better than I was and my relationship with my mum is better than ever, I've pushed myself to heal and live! But this "blame" thing still stays? Even though I've done so much work.

  26. #katifaq  Hi Kati.  I wondered why it is so hard to get actually diagnosed with anything these days, or is it just my experience?  I'm in the UK, which might be relevant.  I used to be diagnosed with more specific anxiety disorders, including agoraphobia and social phobia/social anxiety disorder.  Now everything is '-like symptoms' or 'traits of'.  I have so many 'almost diagnostic labels', it's unreal.  It seems that I'm only diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and probably OCD, although even that was 'Obsessive Compulsive symptoms' last time.  They talked about 'PTSD' and then changed it to 'PTSD-like symptoms'.  I have 'Borderline traits', which I can understand.  (I meet enough of the criteria for BPD, but it is to do with the extent to which I meet the criteria in the various categories, apparently.)  I now have 'social anxiety symptoms' and 'agoraphobic symptoms', even though I am not any better than I was when I had a full diagnosis in these areas.  Sorry for so much ramble, and I hope I'm making sense.  Is there a reason why the health professionals are more reluctant in general to give accurate and specific labels?  My husband thought it might be because it would harm my future career and life prospects, but I'm not sure.  Is it because they are worried about giving out incorrect diagnostic labels?  When I fill in forms for benefits, I have to say exactly what I am diagnosed with, and now, it doesn't seem to be much, at least on the mental health side. 

  27. #KatiFAQ  Hi Kati, I was wondering if you had any tips/tools to break out of a binge/purge/restriction cycle? I know all the things I should be doing – journalling, 3 meals, 3 snacks etc – but I really can't seem to break out of this downwards spiral, what can I do?!

  28. #katifaq  Kati my Best friend and I we've been close for almost 6  years. I was always by her side and she was always my mine. When I was diagnosed last January she took a step back. It's like she scared of me now. Although I haven't change, we just put a name to what I have and now ive got a therapist that helps me to become better. She says that I've changed and that she she wants the old Avia back. She doesn't want to hang out with me anymore, she never texts me and when she does its only to let me down or to judge me. I don't know what to do. Im not the kind of person that likes to talk back or hurt people but she is hurting me and I really want her in my life but not as she is now. Why is she acting like that? is it common?

  29. hi katitry sherlock i remember you mentiond you like detective shows its awsum also i cant sighn in to your website as i never get the confromation email 

  30. Hi Kati. I had my first session with a therapist 3 months ago and since then he tells me over and over again that he has more important patients to treat. It took 5 years to get the one i guess i have right now. I don't know what to do. He didn't even look at me when I explained why I wanna see him. I am so frustrated! btw: love your videos.

  31. #katiFAQ I need a question answered can therapists look at thee clients Facebook to cheek cyber bullying as i get bullied online

  32. #katiFAQ

    I'm considering applying to be a crisis intervention volunteer at my local sexual assault center, b/c as a survivor myself, I want to be a support and advocate for others. However, I also struggle with PTSD and BPD. I'm actively working on my recovery and am aware of my triggers, but do you think it's a good idea for those with traumatic pasts to work in this capacity, or should I just stay away until I'm "cured"?

  33. #katiFAQ
    Hey Kati
    I need help. Sometimes i have fantasies about hurting or even killing people, especially my boyfriend. I am already in therapy but i have so many different problems that we didn't really talk about that yet.
    So what can i do to stop these thoughts when they come up?

  34. #KatiFAQ  Hi Kati, Should I tell my parents I have OCD (Primarily Obsessive with Intrusive thoughts)? They know about me struggling as I am 16 so had to tell them and I am getting help for it but my counsellor confirmed it is OCD but my parents don't know that she did. Is it really important to tell them? I have told my friends I have OCD so I am not by myself with this. 

  35. #KatiFAQ I have all these medical conditions that the doctors just say that I need to lose weight for them to improve and/or change my diet, and I know that they are right but I just can't seem to control my eating. They don't seem to think I can have an ED though as I'm so overweight. I'm scared of them all getting worse but no one is helping me. I don't know what to do (NB: I'm in the UK so can't just see a different doctor and can't afford to go private and can't access therapy). I just can't see a way forward and am sick of feeling ill and out of control all the time. They just make me feel like it's my fault and I've brought it all on myself and I should therefore sort it out myself.

  36. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, so I have a question.
    I have been struggling with anxiety and OCD for two years. I am on medication and I have attended a CBT therapy that really helped me. 
    I was great for most of the last school year but since summer holiday things are getting worse. 
    I am in my final grade and there has been a huge pressure on me lately. I am too terrified to go to school, but skipping class makes my anxiety even worse. Recently I have experienced derealisation, depersonalisation and I think that I hear voice in my head that I cannot control. It insults me and tells me I should hurt myself even kill myself. I am definitely not planning to do somethig like this, I am too aware of the fact that this thoughts don’t belong to me… 
    I hear the voice only if I am stressed out so I try to avoid being stressed but because of school it is not possible. 
    I just can’t understand how my mental condition could decline so much and the voice freaks me out because I worry I might be starting being schizofrenic or something. 
    Is it normal too experience such stuff when anxious person like me is stressed? Will I be OK soon?

  37. #katifaq Hi Kati as you know I'm doing a psychology and counselling course at my university. How do I let my tutors know about my struggles without them thinking I'm looking for special treatment. Xoxox

  38. #katifaq tomorrow I'm going to my gp about my anxiety/ depression and I'm really nervous. I was just wondering what will happen/ what will they do/ ask? Is there a cretin test or assessment they do?

  39. hey kati, i have just recently been referred to an anxiety specialist clinic after my counselor told me my safety risk was too high to ignore, he had to then ring my mum to inform her on everything that had been going on for me, it all happened a week ago and i do not see my counselor anymore as it was my last session, but because my new referral is going to take a few weeks i dont know what to do now that im not seeing my counselor anymore! we have no contact and it was a very breif "goodbye" im struggling with the emotion of missing his care and now im struggling with the anxiety of my new referral! aghh?! any advice?

  40. #katiFAQ hey kati I have a question can what your parents eat like around the house for dinner and such contribute to an eating disorder. Like my parents don't make a bug dinner or anything so when I don't want to make something I don't eat. Do you think this could have almost cost my eating is ordered

  41. #katiefaq my question is how do I tell someone (a trusted adult) to stop pressuring me to tell my parents about my self harm?

  42. #KATIFAQ Kati, how do I stop defending my E.D./negative voice? Whenever I talk to people about my feelings they always say things like " you don't deserve to be so sad, you have worth, you're so pretty etc." and I find myself defending the negative voice by saying that I do deserve it or I am worthless. How do I stop giving this voice so much power?

  43. Can you have panic attacks without having an anxiety disorder? For example: I have had panic attacks (not on a daily or weekly basis, but enough times that I can tell when they're coming and enough times that they have a minor impact on my life) Does this mean that I have an anxiety disorder? Also, I have some of the symptoms you listed, and as a young child, for a period of time, I was given medication to help control the affects anxiety had on my day to day ability to function. Since then, I have only had minor ticks, but this past year the panic attacks started. Does this mean I have an anxiety disorder? And what can I do?

  44. Do you have an suggestions for avoiding avoidance? I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and for the most part, I don't have much any more in my daily life. But now I tend to want to avoid things that might cause me anxiety such as crowds, festivals, dates. I think it's more a fear of having anxiety again because even if I end up doing these things, I don't have panic attacks. I better way to explain, is I now go to the grocery store that I know is slower, I now go later at night, instead of in crazy rush hour. At what point have I adjusted my life too much because of fear?

  45. hi Kati… been watching your video… can I ask like me having bipolar , how long do I need to feel like this is there any result that someone is being diagnosed?

  46. Is social anxiety a disorder? I struggle with depression/anxiety, but I don't know if specifically social anxiety is a disorder/chemical thing or just part of who I am as a person and not related at all to how my brain works. I don't have panic attacks or obvious physical symptoms besides sweaty hands, but I always feel uncomfortable and feel like people are always watching me.

  47. my anxiety is just low level constant with occasionally with panic attacks. it only really badly interferes with work and my social life

  48. Hi! I e-mailed you about my Career Exploration Project which I have to do as a MSH Student at ST. John Fisher University! Please look into it when you have a minute! Thanks 🙂

  49. I’ve recently got a grip on trichitilomania over the last week and I’ve done really really well surprisingly. However, I have noticed kind of a big increase in anxiety. Is this because I’ve been using hair pulling as a copying strategy and now that I’m removing it the anxiety comes out?

  50. I feel like I may have anxiety. I can't be sure since it just comes and goes and it's usually brought on by something. But sometimes I'm a mess for no reason. I'll want to talk to my friend and feel really nauseous when I call them or I won't understand something from school and it'll ruin my day because I'll feel really stupid. I don't know what I'm doing, or what the point of me typing this up is. I just wanted to get that out, I guess.

  51. I went to the cinema the other day and we where running late so by the time we got there it was packed. I had to walk up the isle and felt like everyone was watching. By the time I got to my seat I was crying and my brother just got mad that I was crying again about “nothing”

  52. Can stress make you extremely itchy? I've been suffering from this for nine years, and I'm tired of this. Doctor said that it was just stress, but it's not going away.

  53. what if that I get the normal amount of anxiety every time that I am doing something that I normally do (going outside,getting of the bus,talking to people that I talk to every day or even posting something on social media )

  54. i have very high social anxity and usally never leave my house. i get bullied emotinaly and phisicly so i stay in my home most of the time

  55. This is very helpful. And insightful, I get excited mostly about normal situations people find anxious but in the past I'd get way too comfortable with new people opening up and thinking I could trust these nice new people, or I recognize anxiety as excitement, my symptoms like panic attacks, checking things, physical symptoms is around repeat type situations, like leaving the house. I've been diagnosed with CPTSD and generalised anxiety disorder.

    I wonder what a normal level of fear is?
    People act like I'm irrational about fear but I see myself as logical, for example someone beats me up once, unless that person gets anger management I don't see what is stopping them doing it again, if someone hits their wife I will have fear to mix with them, what is stopping him hitting me If I do something he doesn't like (and how am I supposed to know his triggers and then if having to tip toe around the person your then locked into some narcisstic relationship??)
    Even my therapist acts like I over reacting to think that someone in the past who pulled a knife on me or gun etc would do it again, or come after me, but that behaviour is not something someone in control does?
    So I wonder what is a normal level of fear?

  56. I had suffered anxiety for years after traumatic event and the work I do but i noticed that after I reach the menopause stage this got worse. do you know if menopause , traumatic event has a link with anxiety and can this lead to a severe mental health problem?

  57. What are common type of fear like if someone has fear being alone in room so is it common or its jst extreme form of anxiety or fear?

  58. #katiFQA Is it normal to have anxiety when a teacher leaves the classroom and the kids start talking? Or when a teacher yells really loudly at the class ( not me specifically , just the entire class)

  59. Anxiety and depression disorder I hate it I pray everyday that I don’t have to deal with this again but I deal with it everyday I don’t even want to get out of bed 🛌 or go anywhere it’s a sad 😢 life to live

  60. Could you do a video about Absent seizures and autism withdraw? How to tell the difference. I have both of these and I myself can’t distinguish the two a part.

  61. #KatiFAQ How do I deal or what will help me deal with a friend who I'm no longer friends with, and the fact that they left me when I was at my lowest and needed their support and failed to show it, as I would to her. Thanks! 🙂

  62. i have had anxiety for as long as i can remember, i would have panic attacks everyday before school and during i couldn’t get out of bed for school so i was homeschooled and now i’m back in school again. i have panic attacks everyday before school and then when i’m in school. and the thing is i don’t even go to classes, i sit in guidance office and sit on a computer all day and that’s still too much for me to bare. i’m scared i’ll get my mom in trouble because i just can’t build up the courage to leave the house. what should i do?.

  63. Heyo. So Im a teenager and Ive never had a panic attack before but I have come close to passing out while in a crowded space and I tend to hyperventilate sometimes . I constantly tell myself at night that I'm not worth it and when I get a headache I hit my head to make it hurt more. Ive had a problem with cutting before and I've told my mom about ALL of this but she says that it's just " the ickiness that comes with being a teenager " I want a therapist, but my mom won't listen to me and just says it's a " teenager thing " is this just a hormonal thing or should I push my mom some more to get help?

    ( I've stopped cutting btw, I want to sometimes but I don't )

  64. #KatieFAQ hey Katie! Thank you for your channel. I wanna ask you do therapists work everyday or are there specific days a week they work in?

  65. When I was having my Spring concert I had a solo and I never had a solo before but when I got up there I kick anxietys butt

  66. I know it's small but when you say "we" instead of "you". It makes me feel less alone if that makes sense.

  67. I like this video because it it says in the title what it is. The most recent videos seemed like clickbate.

  68. Ima put myself on the spot real quick but I hate when I’m in public and my friend hits me around people like playing around or like when they touch me playing around and stuff around people because everyone looks at what I’m gonna do next and I feel like I’ll look like the biggest dork making the smallest interaction back like I’m physically awkward as well helpppp

  69. This was much more helpful than my doctor. I told him I thought I had anxiety issues (which took a lot to bring up) and he said as long as I can leave my house my anxiety is normal LMAO

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