What is atypical depression? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

What is atypical depression? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

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  1. I have struggled with depression with many years and sometimes it shows as atypical and sometimes it shows as regular depression.

  2. what if i have symptoms of both typical and atypical depression on different days, or even sometimes at the same time..? like as for sleep, it can take me forever to fall asleep. but once i am asleep, i can sleep for 12-18 hours easily. or eating, some days i'll be super hungry, and others not hungry at all. or even, sometimes i won't be hungry at all, and then starving all at once, but as soon as i start eating, i feel nauseous, so i stop eating, but i'm far from satisfied. and sometimes i will feel blunted and numb and like i can't feel anything, but sometimes i am so beyond sensitive and every little thing makes me super emotional. these changes can happen for me daily, or sometimes even within a few hours. and most of the time, i do feel physically heavy and weighted down too, super achy all the time too. i am taking some medications, but a lot of this happened before i started taking any of them too – mostly the sleeping thing though. and i was just watching the video on psychosis too, and am worried i might have that ? but when i got my depression diagnosis, the psychiatrist never mentioned it.. but i've always kind of had disorganized thinking and had scattered thoughts and couldn't tell a cohesive story without getting side tracked a million times, or i'd fumble over my words. and it's just gotten even worse lately, like i can barely speak a sentence without fumbling through, like i have some sort of disconnect between my mouth and my brain, like one's moving faster than the other or the message just isn't getting through or something. or even my brain and my body, like i always have such terrible spacial awareness, or my brain will understand something someone's telling me to say, look for or do, but my body will do something else. and even this post, i feel like i'm all over the place, and every time i talk to any sort of professional about it, my family doctor or the psychiatrist i saw, i feel like i don't get any answers and they don't tell me anything, they just give vague answers of "this is what it could be" or "do this and this" or "let's try this medication". i've kind of told my therapist, but she's a registered social worker, not a doctor or anything, so she can't give me much either. (she has been helpful with a lot of other stuff though, like she does her job well, she's just not a doctor who can tell me what the heck is happening to me physically). i'm just turning to the comments section on the off-chance that i might get some sort of answer from a general community of people with possibly similar experiences, bc i have no where else to go and some times other people are better at offering answers than the professionals. thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this and/or respond <3

  3. Hi Katie. All these acronyms are confusing. What is DBT? Thanks for the videos, they are great and belong me to understand my own disorders better. ❤️

  4. Now I finally understand what is wrong with me. I never understood why I was so tired, or why I couldn’t move, or get out of bed, or why I felt so miserable and hated everything, or why I couldn’t ever get myself to do my homework or even pay attention in class because I was too tired. while at the same time I could still enjoy some things, like watching TV or doing crafts. I had always felt this weight; a heaviness; making it hard for me to stand up or just open my eyes. At least now I understand what’s going on. That’s the first step to getting better. 😌

  5. I do not thinkI have depression nor have I been diagnosed with it. This is actually something I wanted to know.

    I was fine all day but then my teacher got the news from someone who didn't know what she was talking about that I wouldn't make it to something. She started to say some stuff and I started crying and couldn't stop for an hour. It got better but I had the idea that everyone was watching me (I was crying in my seat) and I had chances or slightly hot to freezing in my back. Idk what it was but I thought it was from stress.

  6. I thought the 'chemical brain imbalance' theory was made up by the pharmaceutical companies in order to justify the use of their products…

  7. Hey quick question, at 18 i was diognosed with bpd, i did cbt for 3 weeks before i realised i didnt feel i belonged there and the people there needed it more than I. Im now 22 and a few weeks ago i was cleared for having bdp (so i was miss diognosed)
    So now they say i have RAD..
    i was going threw a heavy depression early/mid last year and they put me on 30mg of cymbolta. It was a mirical drug at the time, the day after i started on it my depression went completely! And now i find its not working so they added olanzapine. Wich was good for like 2 weeks. So i stopped taking cymbolta and i feel better, more stable less hypo. But still on 10/20 mg of olanza
    My question is, with rad can it show its self similar to bipolar? Because when i was mis diognosed with bpd i have a suspision i had bipolar but my moods are too frequently unstable for bp.. plus im like really sensitive to meds. They just stop working and make me worse over time.. would appreciate some input as im too worried to talk about it with my p doc

  8. ABA is really similar to gay conversion therapy. It doesn't make the person less autistic, it just makes them look more neurotypical at the cost of being able to self-regulate in ways that make sense for them, which may not be as aesthetically pleasing to their caregivers, teachers, or whomever. It holds children to a behavioral standard that most adults don't even follow.

  9. Smiling depression and atypical kinda a mix for me I feel stressed and I hate when I can’t do my best when I think of things like why can’t I do this right anymore what’s wrong with me I have a nervous breakdown

  10. ABA is abusive and the survivors usually have ptsd, but at least now people know to take you with a grain os salt on the topic of autism

  11. Hi Kati. I find your videos informative and educational. I like watching them. Anyway, I’m gonna go off track here a bit but I think you look like that Actress, Nicole Sullivan. Well, take care and have a great day.

  12. I didn't feel sadness, nobody thinks that I could have depression because of my lack of sadness.
    But also did not think in the lack of happiness, my great symptom was the lack of vitality with fatigue.
    That I thought was everything, except depression.
    To get worst I eat bad and every doctor thought was just anemia and lack of vitamins.

  13. Atypical depression can also be better treated through…you guessed it! Atypical antidepressants! I found SSRIs did nothing for me or made it worse. Taking buproprion (an atypical antidepressant) has changed my life.

    When talking about atypical depression, I really relate to it. I found people often didn't know I was depressed because of my symptoms being so atypical, but fortunately I was still able to get treatment. My jaw dropped when you discussed the sensation of weightedness. I used to dream every night that I was walking through invisible molasses, and the first sign of my depression is moving physically slowly. Great video, love your channel.

  14. I had a 6-8 month crash last year, and it was a very strange low because it caused me to have an area of muscle tension & twitching that slowly moved around my face over the months. The intensity of the sensation would vary in time with those "waves" of depression that you can almost feel flood into the room, and weigh you down, and deaden the air.

    Would be interesting to know what sort of physical sensations other people get when they're bouncing off rock-bottom? (I'm doing pretty well this year, don't worry)

  15. That’s interesting. The atypical describes me much more. I go between sleeping a lot to insomnia (or not being able to sleep at night), eating too much and then too little (I also had an ED when I was younger that evolved). You’re right though. It manifests differently in everyone.

  16. As far as I know I dont have BPD but I have have anxiety, depression and Im being assessed for autism and Im doing DBT and on a waiting list for DBT group. Why wouls they have suggested I do DBT appart from dealing with self harm urges?

  17. I understand that you did it a long time ago and I don't know what your current views are on it, but please please please do not support ABA. ABA is abusive and not necessary. I'm going to link a few first person accounts from autistic individuals who went through ABA when they were younger as well as some other resources to show the trauma that they went through to try to explain why it is harmful

  18. Katie, you are waaaaay too peppy to listen to when suffering depression. Sorry, but take it down a couple of notches!!!

  19. Badass!!! I was on the hunt for a good therapy for my new diagnosis of ASD since talk therapy doesn't do squat. Ur awesome!!!

  20. Thank you for this video. People who know that I have depression advise me to go out and get some fresh air to maybe temporarily deal with it but even that feels like the hardest task so I don’t want to leave my house. I was scared that it was something physical causing these symptoms rather than depression because although I’ve always been depressed, i’ve been experiencing these exact symptoms so I wasn’t really sure, and I don’t think I still am but this video encouraged me to ask for help, so thank you again!

  21. Do you still support ABA? How did you do it? I think it's a dangerous "therapy" and it's quite upsetting to know you did that. Why?

  22. I've been binge watching your videos because they all look so interesting and are fun to watch then i realised i may as well subscribe before watching them all 😂 I'm addicted help

  23. I think I have depression. My parents just separated and I’m about to go into high school. My anxiety has gotten worse too. Since the end of June I have just been feeling to hopeless about everything. Everything in my life has gotten so messed up. Most days for the past couple weeks I have stayed awake until 4am and then slept until 1-2pm. I will lay in bed for hours before getting up. I don’t eat breakfast or lunch and I eat dinner when my dad comes home from work. I’ve lost a couple pounds. I can’t tell my parent anything because I don’t want to make them sad or sway their choice on getting divorced. I’ve completely stopped reading which is something I loved and I have no energy for anything. I’m so tired of everything.

  24. #KatiFAQ
    im not sure if you answer questions from the comments section but my depression is majorly chemical unbalanced based- meaning i can actually feel happy and content but i feel this weird sensation in my brain and i always feel the need to change it. any kind of substance helps me to switch back to normal like a beer and weed even though its not healthy at all.

    basically, i need help in dealing with my imbalance directly, you talked a little bit about it in this video but some more info would be super helpful. i hope that makes sense.

    i love your videos!!

  25. so I am atypical? EVEN IN THIS!!!Ohhh GOSH!!!!! lololol..ok ok..pass me the ice cream please, i will add just some biscuits :PPP!!!

  26. Did you realize, on the DBT question, that you defined all the acronyms you used except for DBT? Oops! 😛

    I'm guessing it's Dialectical Behavior Therapy (in case anyone else isn't sure).

  27. I'm in my 40's. For 20 years, I thought I had BPD. It's only in the last year that I've considered ASD. In my 20's I first started DBT. It took me a while to understand it, but once I did, it was helpful to know.

  28. Looking at the signs and symptoms of regular depression, and atypical depression, is it 'normal' to suffer periods of both, alternating?

  29. MAOI’s have been the best treatment for my atypical depression. Those and medications for ADHD (the amphetamine family). Doctors have been afraid to prescribe these. It takes a lot of self advocacy.

  30. I asked if i could stop taking antidepressants because of some side effect that had adverse effects on my intimate relationship(sorry, so mouthy lol). my doc thought my symptoms had become manageable so she approved then she saw me for two more months and she said I could graduate from her clinic for now and whenever I feel that another crisis is arising I can always go to her again. I stopped taking antidepressants without a worry but with peace.

  31. i was actually diagnosed with atypical depression.. i've also been diagnosed with Major depression . Several years ago.
    i have been on antidepressants. They don't work out so well for me. They just make it worse.
    it took 2.5 years to get over withdrawl from medication.
    All psychotropics show signs of mitochondria toxicity. Google it please. it would be nice if i there was a Clinic with CBT.

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