What Newspapers Does Sarah Palin Read?

What Newspapers Does Sarah Palin Read?

i sat they live uh… yet another
interview with the liquor and uh… katie kirkpatrick by the way what do you read newspapers rises where
would you regard as usual curious answer from start to and reform the green you regularly appallingly deathly them parallel along
with the other hand i can really see it multimedia and among many of them have
gotten a bit didn’t see any other ministers contend
it let me get challenges the it injected it seems like power grandpa police harold first off kamon just name one his please leave wisdom investor self-referral it’s a simple in your local ascot paper it’ll seem folksy ill see my colleague
attraction scheme courses the governor of alaska she is
the last of whatever it is strictly the anchorage times i don’t know what it
is just being condo lead this town please don’t be
this dumb he was so bad at this just any paper macy’s astiverson any of them all of that that’s what she said military all the papers or any of them whatever’s comes across my desk when you have a routine a reading the
paper has a work or they just throws stopping across your desk but not all that has been a great inner
check this out i think a lot et cetera wire business minor thing but
who walks around talking their like and holding their hands like this you know is that segment tell you something to you know
who does a stimulant just politicians as an has set a lovely is just a general
antiviral politicians with their feet and gestures so let me tell you something to do you
have read all the papers and i love ’em at the same time i can in the single papers say no washington post saying your test is
something that civilians standard system cookie
conservative or testing something uh… for but there is the current from our office
at c_n_n_ and wanted to share the proper john
birch society universe that those lit grazie is from
my point is the real world like cocoa for co gopal slightly bits
red so and i know i don’t know i guess she doesn’t make the paper i get i don’t know what i thought the punt but
would not let this play judgeship isn’t it was the little pay the world he doesn’t know about it should know that the other causes for ms variety of course he doesn’t have a
bridal i’m surprised

100 thoughts on “What Newspapers Does Sarah Palin Read?

  1. I would've said New York Times and Long Island Post. My dad gets them free.

    And then I would've gone on to mention that I only read these papers on occasion, and get my news from internet sources. However, I do read newspapers for their sometimes amusing lengthy articles. Often, when I am traveling, I pick up foreign newspapers, to get insights into journalism and its perspectives from other nations.

    That's just an overview of how I would respond (I'm 17, in highschool)
    How'd I do?

  2. God, republicans.. you ask a SIMPLE QUESTION… and the talk talk talk talk talk… but never ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!!!!

  3. i hate the god damn avoidance that politicians do when asked questions, boehner is the worst at avoiding questions. he makes himself sound really dumb.

  4. Palin is jumbo dumb.
    There's still supporters of Palin that are furious at Couric for asking that question. Its like they are stubborn for stupidity.

  5. The problem with Palin is that there a lot of smart republicans who voted democrats just because they couldn't have palin as a VP. So having dumb candidates doesn't just hurt one party, it hurts the whole country. I wanna hear smart arguments from all partys. That's why ron paul should be the presidential candidate for the republicans

  6. this is fuckin awful. Katey couric must be pissed when she knows that she has to be the one to keep interviewing her. stupid as fuck!!

  7. This reminds me of her attempt at naming the founding fathers. Glen Beck asked who her favorite founding father was and she said "all of them".

  8. What the conservative anti liberals don't realize is that the Founding Fathers were liberal. They went against the status quo. They fought against the establishment. Their ideas were " liberal". ie. Liberating. If only these right wing conservatives had any clue. But what else can one expect when you have a society that believes in an imaginary sky deity. And bases its principles upon a 2000 year old vague book of fairy tales.

  9. This guy is is a fuckin fagget. if you were gov and then were running for vice president i dont think you will have time to read some newspaper. You guys are idiots for judging someone on one question out of 1,000,000 others. Maybe you drones listen to every word the media says.

  10. @IIndAmendment HAHAHAHAHA! Really? Really? You are actually defending this moron? This is not just one question that proves her stupidity; Roe v Wade, naming any supreme court case, doesn't know who Hamas is, she didnt know that AFRICA IS A CONTINENT, WHAT THE VP DOES, and NAMING A NEWSPAPER. You associating yourself with the pinnacle of stupidity is a very, very bad idea sir. May I take a shot in the dark and ask if you are a fundamental christian republican?

  11. You stupid fucking American morons, I'm sorry to generalize.. But only the assumption this broad could be president makes my skin crawl, seriously. Even my 9 year old brother is more down to earth and has a higher moral standard than this bitch..

  12. @S0k0s Your a stupid liberal drone who is uneducated. Take a moment to look up Mark levin on your little computer there and report to me when your de-liberalized. ps. your country sucks

  13. @IIndAmendment Are you fucking blind, literally? Palin is supposed to be a politician. They HAVE to read up on whats going on in the world. It is their JOB.

  14. @IIndAmendment You're really clever. I give you tons of evidence about the stupidity of Sarah Palin, and your response is "Your a stupid liberal drone who is uneducated". Thats a really intelligent argument. But what makes you sound still more intelligent is the fact that you call me brainless insults in the name of defending the dumbest politician to come out of the US in a very long time (even Bush was smarter). In case you don't have the intellectual capacity to notice, I'm being sarcastic.

  15. Katie was trying so hard to give palin a bone and it just goes right over her head. I'm surprised palin still has any political power.

  16. Evangelical Christianity gives all virtues a 180 degree turn. Desirable attributes according to evangelicals: Greed, selfishness, arrogance, bossiness, stinginess, unkindness, meanness, divisions, hate.
    I don't even believe in God, but I believe in being a genuinely good human being. In order to convert to Sarah Palin's brand of Christianity, I'd have to change my personality to that of a total asshole.
    Whether there's a God or not, Palin is NOT a genuinely good human being. She's an asshole.

  17. Katie: "Can you name one?"
    Sarah: "All of them, any of them been in front of me…."

    Omg, i can't believe she doesn't know what she reads. If she had said she reads "How to be intelligent…" or "Charlie Goes to Sesame Street", i would have believed that. Saying nothing is horrible, just goes to show what kind of dumbass she is.

  18. All they got is wet gun powder to "face off" with US elitists. We got the bomb, Baby, you have no chance!

    If the English language were the only weapon, you'd be blown out of the water on day one of man to man combat. It's like the British and their cannons going up against the Zulu warriors. The only difference is, the Zulu were BRAVE, while the Palinites are all sad and pathetic pussies with shit for brains, replaced by religious dogma and narcissism, the only substance LOWER than actual shit.

  19. @lolzgunner101
    Funny. You realize that the reason we were one of the world's greatest nations is because we were striving to be the best, and the single moment we decided we were, it slowly starts to degrade? And the queen is a Hollywood celebrity type of character, the royal family is basically Britain's semi politics related almost throwback to their history. Nowadays, they are governed by the Ministry.(Is it still the house of nobles/commons? I feel retarded for forgetting that bit. x.x)

  20. I am republican but not much of a palin fan but even less of a Couric fan.
    Why? because Sarah Palin is conservative and everyone knows it.
    Cute Katie is suppose to be neutral as a journalist. Now there is nothing wrong with this question by Couric however.

    Sarah made it much too easy for Katie. Bottom line Palin is a good person and a good conservative, but she was not ready for prime time.

  21. @syzygy501 what are you one of those brilliant college students who don't read the newspapers either
    and let your liberal professors tell you what to think.

  22. Are we ready for the next BIG political/sex/ethiscs scandal?

    Three names are in a very embarrassing light right now. One is a Senator who has already resigned; another one recrently lost reelection, and the third one is still a sitting Senator.

    Are we ready for the names of the ethically challenged trio of REPUBLICAN law makers?




    Would the die-hard right wing supporters care to start defending these dirt bags, or shall I go right into the PROSECUTION's case?

  23. When heterosexuals live together in sin, they should get married, but when a gay couple wants to get married instead of living in sin, they should not have the right to marry?

    Is marriage good or is it bad? Why is it good for heterosexuals and bad for gays?

    With people who HATE YOU no matter what, you just can't win. To a homophobic bigot, there is no good gay person.

    Live and let live, and stop blaming your conveniently absent and silent God for YOUR hatred!

  24. @zerogullibility The Bible says homosexuality is wrong. And good Chritans diagree with the pratice of homosexuality not the people themselves.

  25. @don222able I can't remember what the main arguments were when people tried so desperately to keep slavery going in America. It was already near the industrial age. The photograph was already invented, but slavery still existed. The proponents of slavery used ONE source for their arguments more than anything else.

    Do you remember the source of those pro-slavery arguments? I think it's some book or something. Help me out here, will ya?

  26. @zerogullibility while im confused about what that has to do with homoseuality, slave onwers took out and made up things, sighting the Bible that they were not truly quoting

  27. @syzygy502 Evangelical Christians are hateful, self-glorifying stinkers. Their only "values" are selfishness, bossing people around and causing pain and suffering for others. They are setting a horrible example. Jesus wouldn't ever sit at the same table with such anti-everything hate mongers.

  28. @mdmusil Don't base Christianity off of the idiotic ideals of Palin. She promotes Evolution for the classroom based on having teacher friends. She's an airhead. I don't know HOW she became mayor or governor. Alaska must've been desperate.

  29. @schlummieleinchen No, a True Christian actually lives like Jesus said to live. An actual change in a Person's life is evident. Anyone can label himself something like an athlete, but if ur lifestyle & mentality don't match what u profess then ur simply NOT who u say u are. It's simple really.

  30. Everytime they talk abiut Sarah Palin it's hilarious because of the many ludicrous, ridiculous, and rhetorical statements she says.

  31. @UnexpectedWonder There are as many different kinds of Christianity as there are Christians. Whatever one of you Jesus Freaks says will be disputed and negate by the ramblings of another.

    Religion was invented so idiots like Sarah Palin and you can join in discussions too. Without Jesus, Sarah palin would have absolutely nothing to contribute to any conversation. She's academically unfir to sit at the grown'ups table. Are YOU any better?

    I'm too smart for all that Jazz.

  32. @mdmusil There are many different LIES about Christianity. You ask Me how I'm different. I don't have enough space to talk about that. Have you ever contemplated suicide?

  33. The reason she did not answer this truthfully is that she did not read a paper at all regularly. Well, then why not lie and say that she reads the Washington Post or the New York Times, for example? Because then Katie would have asked her who her favorite columnists are that write for whatever particular paper she mentioned, and she would have been unable to name them and would have been caught in lie.

  34. @sonykroket It's not nonsense. I guess value of human existence like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Answer me this then, kind sir. Does Life matter @ all? If so, then why does living matter?

  35. Palin is Schrödinger's cat. She both reads and does not read both any and all the newspapers at the same time.

  36. Get real she's read's Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Better Housekeeping and Readers Digest. But she can only understand a maximum of 3 words in a row….such as 'One Upon A…" or "Happily Ever After"….

  37. who needs a newspaper; we have the internet. the internet is low cost and convenient. you can get both conservative and liberal news.

  38. you can always understand the character of a person by the enemies she has.nobody here would stick their neck out like she does. takes a lot of guts. i don't see that from anybody here.

  39. An idiot masquerading as a authority on subjects she knows less about than the average teenager? Sorry, but I'm not impressed by Mrs. Palin's ignorance. She's even more ridiculous than the infamous Dubya "intellect".

    Stop calling idiots genius, and stop selling haters as brilliant social operators. Palin is the exact opposite of all she claims to be. To defend her is sharing in her obnoxiousness.

    If you insist Palin is a wonderful person, you're part of the problem. Shame on you both!

  40. Man as much as I like you ,you are so bias against her.She tries to stay mainstream in a so idiotic way,that most times she appears completely ignorant.She is not that stupid,she is dangerous with very bad pr

  41. That's your best shot? You don't deny any of Mrs. Palin's profound shortcomings. She is a horrible person, and an intellectual dwarf. You would, of course, still support her in any political endeavor, correct?

    How do you people (pick your own "label") manage to fall asleep at night, and what "God" is it you pray to and who loves you? Racist, Religious, Retarded and Rich. Oh well, 3 out of 4 anyway.

  42. No Democrat would EVER call both parties "equally bad", it's code for RIGHT WING EXTREMIST…aka ultra-fundamentalist "Christian.

    Stop trying to impress "the wrong kind of people" with your spin. You are LOSERS now, and you will coninue to be LOSERS. Republicans currently in office were elected through FRAUD and vote rigging.

    Your free ride is about to end. Your tactics have been exposed and you have NOTHING to look forward to except EXTINCTION!

    Enjoy it and don't forget to PTL, anarchists!

  43. All the things said to describe the incompetence and ignorance of Sarah Palin were justified? Just trying to make sure the main issue here isn't lost. She is as dumb as described, correct?

  44. Obama is an intelligent, educated man. Do you doubt that?

    Palin is a mental dwarf, who needed 5 attempts (at different universities) to achieve minimal academic credentials.

    Where exactly are the open questions? Palin reads "all newspapers" but can't name one. Sign of brilliance or stupidity?

    Sorry, your biased spin is desperate and shows your own shortcomings. People with no debating skills and no facts should never enter a debate about skills and facts. Get some, then try again!

  45. actually the hand gesture is called the "steeple". it's an expression of confidence, control, authority or power. you see this with lecturers and speakers, wealthy business executives and, in this case, politicians. think about it: when was the last time you saw a bum on the street making that hand gesture when they ask for spare change? so, yes, people do that all the time, though yes there is an irony here in the sense that its coming from palin, who displays severe intellectual poverty.

  46. its amazing. she failed a question that is impossible to get wrong. she could lie to our faces and we cannot prove her wrong. we know she can do this since she has repeatedly gone around peddling blatant lies. she can say "Fox News" and we can't prove shes lying. in fact she probably does watch Fox news- yet this eludes her. she can say the wall street journal. we'd go, well WSJ is a conservative paper, she is conservative, makes sense… and she still struggles…

  47. if couric asked her "what is your favorite color" and palin replies "all of them", conservatives would brutally mock her, and they'd be right to do so. why is this any different?

  48. I agree with your interpretation of the "steeple", but I also share his annoyance, because like all the studied body languages of the insincere, it is designed to hide behind, and it is a massive cliche, like wrapping yourself in the flag, when you know you're nothing but a corporate shill, which is the case now with most of our leaders in the US, thanks in part to the Citizens United ruling of our National Corporate Advocacy Court, er, I mean Supreme Court.

  49. Really; you want to argue against Obama's intelligence? I don't like the guy (he's a corporate shill and warmonger, like most Dems), but if you want to attack him, don't do it on the basis that you think he isn't smart; that won't fly with any honest person who listens to him debate. His high intelligence is obvious, like him or not. The comparison between his followers and tea bag fans just doesn't work, but I do agree that it's dumb to worship any corporate shill.

  50. I largely agree; Obama has continued horrible Bush policies. We have not one indictment of the known perps of the biggest heist in world history, not one indictment of the Bush gang criminals, etc. But you overstate the case; the Dems aren't just as bad. To confirm that, all you need to do is look at the preferences of big capital, which supports Repubs over Dems, because they know your rhetoric is false; Repubs are the corporate "A team"; Dems are the "B team".

  51. It might be code for right wing extremists, and not precisely true, but it is depressingly close to the truth; most propaganda has a kernel of truth behind it, before being twisted to serve someone's agenda. No Dem or Repub would call both parties "equally bad". What you apparently failed to notice, is the real problem isn't one branch of the corporate party or the other; it is the fact that Dems and Repubs do indeed serve the same master; which will be true as long as campaigns can be bought.

  52. I think I get where you're coming from, and I'd always prefer to listen with an open mind than brand someone as being from this faction or that, but Palin was indeed horrible; she is a disgusting person, but that is rather irrelevant now, and I won't review her history; you can easily find it yourself. Ted Kennedy might be a bad drunk and a bad person, but is praised because of his political accomplishments; to compare Palin and him politically would be ridiculous.

  53. You're just here to rant eh? What in my post remotely inspired you to come up with an analogy to Hitler? The right wing is wrong; on that we agree. But the Dems aren't the "left"; they are further right these days than Nixon. They all depend on billionaire money, and they know better than to "bite the hand", so little changed with Obama. Noam Chomsky is an anarchist, not Sarah Palin; learn what it means, not just how it's misused to smear people; it isn't an insult to those who know what it is.

  54. I have a low tolerance for the intolerant masquerading as saints. If on top of it all they are mentally challenged charlatans, I'm OUT.

    Sarah Palin is the bottom of the barrel. She is a profoundly flawed human being and a pathetic excuse for someone who should be in a leadership position. President of the United States? You must be KIDDING!

    Stop condoning this FRAUD committed by this clown each time she speaks into a microphone!

  55. You know Jesus sat at a table with an apostle he knew betrayed him for pieces of silver, right.

  56. And your POINT?

    You will NEVER out-argue an atheist. We have the facts on our side, and all YOU have is more of the same…faith, twisting and turning….and of course an unlimited amount of home-spun bull shit.

  57. i was meaning according to the bible Jesus did not care about a person's personality i was not saying they weren't what you said but you treat Jesus pickier than he was depicted

  58. The basic idea of Christianity (conservatism) is to support everything that could possible demand sacrifices, cause pain and suffering and make life less enjoyable for OTHERS. It means rights (for the "Christian") and responsibilities (for OTHERS). It also means that strict rules should be in place for OTHERS to follow, while Christians are exempt and/or excused (once caught breaking them). What would Jesus say about all this (other than perhaps agree with the above assessment)?

  59. Of course she doesn't read any newspapers. That's why she's so uninformed. She doesn't read anything weightier than People magazine.

  60. If Katie had done proper research on interview questions she probably would’ve learned that a lot of politicians that work in government probably get memos throughout the day on the most vital current events and articles, etc. and Sarah Pallen has been the governor of Alaska and a quite popular one at that.

    Is it not possible that she did not want to give free advertising kudos to the liberal media??? And to certain media corporations?

    A better question could have been… ‘Over the years how did you form your world political view? And opinions? I am sure a lot of our audience would love some of the resources that have helped you get where you are today whether it was a favorite professor or text book etc. ..? And to assume that magazines and newspapers were definitely what formed Sarah Palan’s political world view before getting “tapped” to be VP is nonsensical.

    Is Katie Couric going to be getting paid for any magazine or newspaper that Sarah says that she’s read? And the accusative face that where ever she gets her information isn’t right. She says she read anything and everything like most intelligent people do and maybe doesn’t want to feel like she’s advertising for any specific paper or magazine right now. She could’ve gotten her world political view from a history class or of many different places not just a magazine or newspaper…

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