*wapoosh* Top o’ the mornin’ to ya laddies!! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Jack’s room here in this recording space, but also welcome to Marie’s Room. This is a game that has crossed my Steam page many many times It’s a free to play game and each time I’ve seen it it always reminded me of like the little screenshots and everything that it showed It reminded me a lot of Life Is Strange. Just the style of it and hearing the music here now in the menu It also sounds like Life Is Strange. It has nothing got to do with Life Is Strange. It just reminded me of that, but it’s an interesting looking game I think you just get into the room and you explore around it and you uncover a story that way through the environment But it said when I started up the game that this is a short game meant to be played like in one sitting. There’s no saves. There’s nothing like that. So I’m very very curious I don’t really know anything else besides that so let’s just start game. Shall we? It might have a few twists and turns and surprises up its sleeve for us. I don’t know why it’d have twists and turns up its sleeve. Good question, where is the journal? I will pose you a better question. What is the journal? Even better, why is the journal? Those pictures are changing. Okay, this is some weird Harry Potter stuff going on Okay. Let’s go around Wait, which one are you red-hair or brown-hair? Probably red hair This is lovely. Who’s this? A boneymoon in the Hahamas. You’ve a very buttery smooth voice. I like it a lot. Also California wines, they kinda suck I remember the first time I heard – like years and years ago when I was younger – the first time I heard Americans talk about the temperature when I was a kid, and I heard them say it’s over a hundred degrees and I’m like How does anybody survive over there? Because I was like, “America it’s so dangerous over there” Hundred degrees. I’m like, oh wait, it wasn’t that I was older that I learned the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius Okay, so we’re getting small bits of information as we go along Hmm, maybe later. This Chipotle is going straight through me This is quaint and cozy. The music’s lovely. “Welcome back Kelsey” I got an achievement. Awww. A lil’ cat post There it is. Marie’s Journal. JACK: Oh, I don’t need to read it. *Narrator continues* NARRATOR: Right now I can’t be near you so I don’t want you to come find me. I promise. I’ll be all right Marie Except she wouldn’t be. She would not be all right JACK: Whoa! Whoa! Hot damn. ” Wake me up when I’m famous.” Well, you see that’s never gonna happen if you’re asleep. You can’t just become famous you got to work very very hard for it Come on Marie looking for the easy way out. Don’t pick up Your a burger phone or his phone number he called her I know he blamed her for everything, but she should have blamed him for what he did to her and mr. Torres. Oh Okay, that’s a lot of intrigue going on What happened mr. Torres Trevor you guys do This is great man, oh I need Murray’s password and cat lover 69 The password again. I need to find it Password hint is I’m not a crook Damn thought she was Richard Nixon. You need to find it. I am NOT a crook Vinyl inbox This is a cozy room I want a room that looks like this Little loft room there was of such nice atmosphere to them and these little lights are always so nice turn on TV Have you seen this man No, I can barely see him now this man Yeah, I’ve seen him The Ed Sheeran string of burglaries in orange grove and She talked about some guy named Trevor and what he did Yes, the science project Of all people they just appear me with the girl from food rescue not religious But I got over it and chose to work my ass off I had to if I wanted to get that scholarship Me a person in fashion and literature pairing me with the food resource person ha Rageous, I like this little cat He’s gonna in a portal chemistry holds no surprises Love that Well to be fair, I’m sure it holds a bunch of surprises Especially when people started discovering stuff for the first time You know Science is full of surprises all the time Mr. Torres Thick as thieves those two ever since Lorraine died. They only had each other Marie was suffering when he was in intensive care That was a nasty knife wound Okay immediately I’m thinking some guy named Trevor broke into the house killed the mom stabbed him I Don’t know. We’ll see what happens She wouldn’t stop about time travel and black holes and stuff. I just wanted to do something simple Calculate shit Boring is what she said Her the weird kid ducked boring. So yeah, we settled on antimatter because who wants to be boring Not me give me antimatter. I need a you know a lot about that antimatter dog Oh Stephen Hawking Rest in peace Stephen and you Albert But you died way longer ago you were before my time Okay, let’s just keep exploring My friend, sometimes they got so hot. This thing wasn’t doing it anymore Then we take off to mr. Jones’s swimming pool That night I guess he must have seen us Hmm you’re my biggest fan Actually, you’re Murray’s biggest fan, I guess disk lamp La-la-land That movie was a shit piece of crap Glad Trevor snuck us in I don’t think I could have handled wasting 20 bucks on that Never thought I’d see Murray there then again. She always was a dreamer. I bet she loved it She never realized I didn’t want to be her friend in public Where’s the QR code go I’m curious. I don’t have a QR thing on my phone who uses QR codes anymore But also Lana and is great. I mean, I don’t normally like musicals, but I enjoyed this good acting is good cinematography You shut up Kelsey Okay, I’m updating my journal. I’ll take a look at that now in a second Disgusting but cheap I Used to them after I didn’t want to go to the food kitchen anymore. The vicious taste of these meatballs Still beat thee. Oh crap. I thought you would keep talking my bad. Oh, this one’s a shiny. Ah Pretty are you gonna read it arrives to read this one? Okay. Oh my god They put me on Kelsey’s team my heart races whenever I stop to think about it don’t think she’s all that please though I wonder whether she remembers me for the food rescue God, I hope not. I feel so connected to her. Isn’t that weird? I’d love for us to be friends. She’s just amazing Can’t wait to start working on our science project. Did you get that our science project Finnick I’m gonna explode from excitement That’s sweet Big mood this is me, like constantly. This is me on a 24/7 basis He screwed up But I was worried. I’m still worried. But what else could I do? Cuz he hasn’t been to food rescue in a while and I just wanted to make sure she was wasn’t hungry or something So I offered her my sandwich Would I do that? No, he’ll never be friends Good one Murray Really really well done She looked at me like I was crazy and walked out an hour behind with the project – I hope we make the deadline your cue January 5th 2018, so it’s current at least We’re all just matter. That’s what Kelsey keeps saying, but She’s right, but matter is also life And life is something we need to take care of She likes to be out on a limb She says she’s got nothing to lose BAM. She didn’t even realize she was saying what she was saying Maybe I’m too sensitive Hmm. Guess that’ll show me to believe that we were friends You guess I am a shadow person after all. I think she’s gonna break her neck by the way, see if I care Fuck I’m so stupid. I Finally got to see lala land. They showed it on classics night at the theater. I went with Ben loved it Kelsey was there too. I was happy to see her I actually freaking hugged her as she pushed me away Asked me what I was doing and the trevor asshole was enjoying the show and her stupid cheerleader friends. Oh It says I am alone. Do you have a little crush on Kelsey? We’re going to be friends Oh fuckin swear jerk You may have noticed sweet Journal that there are less and less F words in these pages. I am so friggin proud Only when I go berserk like when Kelsey threw that rock through my window But it’s hard to keep up Then it’s hard to keep up. Did you know that as a little girl I used to curse abundantly Trying to extend my vocabulary here that thought it indicated intelligence and I guess I looked cute up to a certain age But he said mom hated it. So every time I used the f-word he made me put a piece of candy in the swear jar Can’t tell you how much that hurt every time Because I’d never see it again. I think he’s secretly Aiden. He must have rejoiced. Yep. Vocabulary extension again Every time I swore like a madman mad woman must have Okay, so these are moving quite forward time that was my er season was January now We’re on to April April 13th 2018, but wasn’t that long ago? I think he’s crazy He keeps calling me at the most impossible hours just to yell at me calling me names Threatening me that if I don’t let Kelsey go. He’ll do this or that As if I’ve got her tied up in here. I now unplugged the phone when I go to sleep I’m getting real bad vibes off some of this students off dudes bad news There’s been another home invasion just two blocks from here. They killed the woman this time and the police think it’s Trevor. I Suppose it was him in our house. I Can’t wrap my head around it. It’s too big But Kelsey says it isn’t true. The Trevor is a bastard, but would never commit such a violent act Looking at that tour and t-shirt you think she might be in denial here mother of God were you dating a dude who killed people and Went into their houses Sweet Jesus. Oh There’s the rest assured quite an asshole After we broke up he got violence sometimes One day he dragged me through the school hall by my shirt until one of Marie’s geek friends stopped him Ben I think it was he got a lot of shit for it later. So Ben was the guy going out with Murray Huh? Murray always dreamed about going to Europe. I don’t think she ever went You should come over. It’s great we got a lot of stuff a lot of culture a lot foods a lot of different languages going on and this This tiny little piece of the world Look at what I wear have a good time and a bin Panda panda panda panda. Oh wait. I looked at that picture already. I just want to search around and find everything else History Torres and Murray were robbed in their own house Long after we met at food rescue He was stabbed almost died She was knocked out with a baseball bat She was in the hospital for a while stitches concussion. She still had headaches. She said damn That’s fucked up So the mom doesn’t die in the home invasion But the dad was stabbed during it and Marie almost died Home invaders stabbed a father bash his daughter. I Can kinda read this not really So is that the dude that Kelsey was seeing Trevor Marie insisted on saving these she was going to make a new world with them Whatever that was supposed to be. I’ve never actually seen her build anything Her Lego what? Legos pretty dope build that I’m not a shadow person. Yeah, it took me all I had to convince her she wasn’t Okay, so now I’m curious as to what happened with them I Loved skinny-dipping but Marie Insisted on wearing this thing Really? I mean it was mr. Jones’s pool after dark. No one would ever come close to the Freak and He wasn’t there just to be clear but someone else was Oh Mr. Jones, I was like, isn’t mr. Torres her dad Or mr. Jones her dad, but I forgot his name is mr. Torres, not mr. Jones She loved being a birthday girl. Mr. Torres would take her shopping every year Cool can you call him by his real name and sub calling him? Mr. Torres? Every whore hates emojis trucks would roll in me and Murray never missed Jorge’s tamales When I was a kid, Jorge would put some aside just in case my mom was too drunk to feed me again. Jeez, man This games got some heavy stuff going on He had money you see He bought me thinks I was gonna wear these to the prom Fancy right at the time. I didn’t know where the money came from This is my jacket she asked me why I was so angry all the time and I told her because It’s a dirty deal it’s Russian Roulette and utterly unfair the cards had been dealt any player would have passed I chose to be angry instead but Marie my friend Marie She got me a new deck and suggested I deal again that’s a nice gesture and Let’s read some more the journal entries though Cerritos Orange peels have you ever peeled and orange? It’s so juicy The drops erupted from underneath the skin like fireworks in the setting soon The trees and mr. Jones’s garden had them. I used to live off his garden vegetables and fruit before I met driver Then I lived off the streets you made it sound like someone discovering poetry for the first time. Oh This is a new one we needed this beer water and origins oranges like so many nights before Trevor No, I’m not going to let him spoil my night at the pool with Kelsey He Who Shall Not Be Named shall not be named Not today. Take that Voldemort Kelsey took me night swimming in. Mr. Jones’s pool. I was scared shitless the first time but two beers and freshly picked oranges chill best nights ever That’s cool Dude, these are new Kelsey is so angry at the world like all the time. It’s kind of annoying, but I get it We all have a different story to tell so as a friend I did the only decent thing I told her she could do anything. She wanted she just had to make it happen not wait for it I told her to deal again not drugs the carrots Kelsey broke up with Trevor finally she can do so much better than that total loser He assaulted her in the school hallway, of course, no one saw it happened, but he literally tore the clothes from her body. Fuck Promise not to swear. So there you go But she she’s done with him now things can only get better. I Was the 11th is the 13th. Oh Wait, this is that yeah Lisa was the Trevor that then he called me impossible hours just to yell at me calling me mean names threatening me that if I don’t let Kelsey go he’ll do this or that as if I got her tied up in here Oh, So did he come here looking for Kelsey? She called me her friend today, I’m not a shadow person anymore. She’s my friend that’s adorable Oh Those sparkly shoes, she wears them all the time last night the heels dug into my calf at frickin hurt Have you seen those heels? So I yanked them off her feet and told her not in the bed. She was amused I can’t think why To be honest, I wish I was a size 9 because they look absolutely gorgeous on Kelsey’s feet at least When I tried them on I looked like a little girl trying on mommy’s shoes You got to think for a thing for feet there Marie Just stop what do you keep writing this shit? I know there isn’t much news and orange grove, but it’s been ages Not literally, but you know, they’re never gonna find them I wish everyone would just stop and leave us alone so I can forget the whole god-awful night Some think my dad was a hero for trying to stop them truth is we never saw them coming That guy jumped and stabbed my dad Something snapped and I would have punched him scratched his eyes out. I swear I Think I could have killed him But the other one got to me before I even knew there were two I never saw their faces Neither did my dad so they never caught them. I’m not fearless Huh, did we get a thing for this yet? Damn what’s the password again shadow person? There we go Kitti gif oh It’s adorable it’s playing with fish on an iPad I’ve seen that gif actually before many times We’re gonna rail someone need to get hurt before we step up and act for Christ’s sake If they had none of this shit would have happened and no one would have died Only two emails I can read This is from mrs. Mr. Phillips the principal. Hi, Marie. It grieves me to hear that This is how you feel, but I’m afraid there’s not much I can do at this stage I understand you are alarmed and feeling safe, but trevor has not broken any school laws nor has he hurt anyone I? Would like to invite you and Trevor into my office to see if we can start up a conversation between the two of you Let me know when you are ready to talk, you know where to find me. Okay, I know Why didn’t you tell me Murray? No wonder you were so frightened. We never should have gone to the orange grove my god So Trevor sent an email with the pictures showing that he could see Mr. Torres and Murray That’s messed up this all there is Huh One day I just had to know what’s up with all the cats She said she admired them that they were who they were without any pretense that They had no fear of confrontation. She wanted to be more like them Little weird but cats are pretty cute so I can’t blame you for looking in the pictures of them when Bumblebee went missing Murray cried for days She thought I couldn’t hear her at night. I Could never prove it but I’m sure it was Trevor This is messed up so this is the cat she got bumblebee four-year-old cat. Oh, no, my pet is missing Orange and white tabby bump up. He usually wears a red collar with his name He’s an orange tabby with white chest and paws green eyes. Please help me find him That’s sad Murray what were you thinking? You know that’s illegal Goddamn stuff really got that bad This is all I can do three percent or 33% cherished Horus wife I said Hey Huh That’s Maria’s birthday That’s weird. I guess she wrote it down for that Ben guy for her pizza and movie party All right. I might have been a little jealous you think Your inflection doesn’t tell me anything Laraine Murray’s mom died when she was five my mother she might as well have been dead. She looks more dead than alive Anyhow passed out on the couch empty bottles of gin on the floor From my little Marie Curie That’s cute. I wonder she named her for Marie Curie Trevor was never far off though When Marie and I wrote our bikes through dark nights just to get a taste of those perfect oranges I knew he was lurking in the shadows. I Never told her but I think that’s how he found us. He followed us back to the room. So Let me get this straight Marie and Kelsey were friends Marie really liked Kelsey at least just as a cool person type of thing And what has it become friends with her and then that built up and they became friends But trevor was going out with Kelsey and they broke up. Marie was going out with Ben well when Trevor got broken up with he went crazy and Did a whole bunch of weird shit broke into houses stabbed the dad She was my friend and I had to tell her so I came back here throwing stones at the window But she didn’t react. So I threw a bigger stone and it shattered the glass She kept the stone as a souvenir to remind her not to trust me ever again Mr. Torres loves that beer after the robbery. He only had a couple left Apparently there were hard to come by Still we decided to try a bottle once Marie loved that label She drew it in her journal. Remember that all that happened later that night. I’m not sure Maybe I don’t want to remember All right more journal entries let’s read the rest of these boop I Need to find the key a five-figure number Five figure number Dang, I probably saw it already didn’t I? and now I can’t think Because I didn’t know there was a key code and I didn’t know I supposed to be looking at it Okay, there’s still some that I’m missing With those I love cats because they’re not afraid to be difficult. Ha ha ha This is cute. I Feel out of place everywhere outside of this room She said she was sorry I know but fuck I feel like I’m walking on eggshells and that’s not what a friendship should be. Like, right feel disconnected She did not want to be my friend. She was embarrassed fuck fuck fuck Read these read these Today was a good day. Only 5 emails from Trevor only 5 Hope he’s finally getting it. She’s not coming back. He really holds me responsible for it I can handle that if it keeps him away from her when I saw him in the hallway this morning He slid his fingers across his throat again. If he wasn’t such a scary-ass clown I’d laugh But he does scare me. I Don’t tell Kelsie these things She shouldn’t worry Took me forever to convince Kelsie to ride a bike because it ain’t cool Our rides are the best part of the day now and on this day, we rode them through. Mr Jones’s Orange Grove in broad daylight we got home with a basket full of the juiciest golden oranges. I Didn’t even think about getting caught They’re not listening I’ve tried every authority at school I even tried the cops But they just patted my shoulder poor little girls still traumatized bump on the head didn’t do her any good fuck Yes, I’m swearing now a jar full of candy. What should I do? I wish I could tell Kelsey but she’d go insane and get herself hurt or worse Go back to him trevor is dangerous. I Know it’s him. And there’s nothing I can do. They never believed me. I don’t think I’ll ever see bumblebee again. I Can’t sit and watch I’d have to be fearless. I Found this site, we can buy guns off anyone and that I mean to shoot not that I mean to shoot anyone It’s just I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s for protection, you know It’s not what they say Anyway, there was this guy who wanted to sell me this totally new 9 millimeter meeting him out of town somewhere a little shady I admit or with Trevor looking around I’ll take my chances. I Did it I hope I’m not going to regret this okay, there’s a lock here July 5th 2018. So 7-5 18 I Don’t know I Need to find the key a five-figure number oh Yeah, that’s for damn it Oh Five-figure number are there five figure numbers hanging around anywhere? That I have missed I thought Elsie’s funky an adoring boyfriend free burgers from the kitchen. He worked in sparkly things He bought me I thought if I took care of him, he’d take care of me And we’d get out just in case I didn’t get that scholarship I had no idea where the money came from Damn Trevor say this is Kelsey. And Trevor said I could watch that gorgeous mouth eat anything I’m all for a love and affection man, but that’s weird We’ve got another new journal entry though Hated that thing Okay, well over the top don’t you think it’s Rubik’s Cube nothing crazy There’s no such thing as food waste and don’t I know it the smell of garbage will be in my nose Forever and the taste of it in my mouth. I Swore, I would never be that hungry again. I didn’t care what it took Hmm Okay Can I get everything It’s like each there’s like tiny little things everywhere that might be able to be interacted with It’s like some of the posters won’t be interactable but then one of them in the middle of it will be or something like that Okay, let’s let’s at least read these new journal entries I got You’re gonna hurt figure out which ones are new there’s the beer bottle thing. Oh she was talking about all those Missing one here This one I’m trying to ignore the fact that all of Kelsey’s cute stuff is paid for with Trevor’s money He’s such a creep. I don’t get what she sees in him. She says I’m jealous as if Thing is she thinks she needs to get away from all of this, but she doesn’t She got away from her mom all on her own He’ll sees the smartest coolest sweetest person. You can imagine he doesn’t need anyone to get her out She can do that all on her own Too bad. She doesn’t believe that herself yet But all these the this one high school kid saves classmates from hunger food rescue and so this is the first one after that school article people kept asking me why I did it as if I were some kind Of hero so stupid and I keep telling them the same story aren’t they sick of it yet? Maybe I should publish a book my life story. So they’ll stop bugging me crazy people here for the last time Last fall I caught a kid stealing someone’s lunch from a backpack and he stuffed a sandwich in his mouth our eyes locked He panicked dropped the food and ran. I never realized some of my classmates were actually hungry So I joined food rescue to help their the end everyone satisfied Some was Kelsey one of those people All right, I’m missing like maybe something up here I’m missing one down here And one down here So I’m missing like three or four things maybe one of them is this the case but I don’t know what the number is yet Or at least I can’t remember where I might have seen it la-la-land That movie was a shit piece of crap Maybe I should QR code never snuck us in I don’t think I could have handled wasting 20 bucks on that The QR code just says well done you thank you so much for playing Murray’s room No problem, these are the good times that make me forget all the troubles seemed so far away. Wait a minute, is that a song? Wait, there’s a one on this there’s a five Nine four Okay, so some of these pages have numbers on them, there’s no numbers on this one Nothing there Nothing I see here first one I see is a four Okay, so four nine Four nine five one. I’m missing one Must be a five digit number Okay, so some other stuff clearly that I’m able to click on in the room that I just haven’t done yet Okay, I’m gonna turn you off because I’m trying to think I didn’t like that. She kept the stone Why did she have to be reminded? I told her I was sorry, but she said it was for me to remind me Cuz she likes you you big goof Hey should be a new journal entry somewhere This is this one, yeah, okay. I’ve camped down a bit that Lala night was she was with Trevor and He is such a fucking asshole. She’s different when she’s around him Nothing that makes it all right, but she did come straight over to tell me she was sorry She knows she was wrong broke my window with that damn rock. She said if I’d answered the call of the pebbles She wouldn’t have thrown the rock She’s been here ever since Doesn’t have anywhere else to go really except for Trevor I’m glad she’d rather sleep here right now. As I write this. She’s on the bed going over some notes from class I like having her here Dad’s okay with it That’s cute So her mom Her mom being piece of shit that she is Pookie’s Mr. Torres gave me my own set of keys. So I’d feel at home. I loved him for it But every time I use those keys I felt a pang of guilt That’ll take the journal didn’t see Nothing there It’s hard to keep track of the ones that you’ve read and the ones you haven’t I Think it didn’t but her mom was a piece-of-shit drunk So she turned to drugs and was like not doing all that well And then Marie took her in food rescue Yeah, it was a good place The green eatery, ah The first number appears there’s a three We had a party today celebrating three years of food rescue. Everyone was there all those happy familiar faces loved it? Kelsey came in I never took her for one of the hungry. I don’t think she knows my name, but everyone knows hers She’s gorgeous It surprised me as all I could see this the shame in her eyes when she had to accept the bag of groceries from me Still I couldn’t take my eyes off her if this world allows someone like Kelsey Jackson to be hungry It must be everywhere. So I’m gonna fight with everything. I’ve got that’s sweet So I think Marie had a bit more of romantic intentions in mind. I don’t of Kelsey reciprocated, but three Four nine three four nine five one. I Need to find the key three five you’re number Five nine one She must have written it down here somewhere. How do I get it wrong? Three four nine five one not five nine eleven. What is the code Murray? Wait? Yay, good work Kelsey. I did it. Whoa my god. Oh The past like the future is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities Stephen Hawking said that I wish it were true But there was nothing I could do about the past. It was definite as hell Sometimes I didn’t get Murray I Really thought a night by Jones’s pool would help her relax She used to love it there But she insisted someone had been watching us. I just wanted to have a good time and she was ruining it So I said some things I shouldn’t have She just stood there staring at the window. I was so annoyed and that’s when I knew she’d been right Trevor Right there in the room. He’d just come in through the open window Creepy, how did he find us? He didn’t know where marine I lived. I always made sure of that But he took an orange from his backpack and started peeling it It had been Trevor by the pool and he’d followed us home He said to Murray I told you not to mess with me, but still I didn’t get it No, it wasn’t until he started moving in on her That I realized it was Murray He was after Murray He blamed her for everything and he had a knife I’d never seen him. So angry so evil Murray tried to get it away from him. He asked her why she never answered her phone Did she not read her emails? Or did she think they were hollow threats? God, I just wanted to punch him with anything. I could lay my hands on my Backpack I smashed it against his wrist knocking the knife out of his hands Murray went for it But Trevor was faster He kicked her in the head I do for the knife, but he jumped me as we struggled He hissed didn’t I get enough action yet? Maybe I needed another baseball bat to get my kicks. I stopped Because right then I knew what he was up to. He asked Murray about. Mr. Torres was he? Alright, did he still get stomachaches? Murray lay on the floor by the bed in shock Realizing it had been Trevor who almost killed her father then Trevor looked at me added with a smile and Her that’s when it all went to pieces Trevor ripped us apart, and he was enjoying it Murray didn’t understand I tried to explain apologized, but she wasn’t listening. She kept asking me if I’d been there with Trevor in their house Trevor stirred things up even more he told her it was me No over the head with a baseball bat that I’d enjoyed it. I screamed in frustration No, that’s not what happened tears streamed down Murray’s face She couldn’t believe I would do that hurt her deliberately God, I wanted Trevor to stop talking. I attacked him scratched his face hit him Wherever I could I hated him. He was twisting everything. I Wanted to tell her that I was sorry yes, we robbed the house and We got caught by mr. Torres, but I never meant for anyone to get hurt. I didn’t smash Murray’s head. I Panicked. I wanted to stop her from seeing me when I realized how badly injured she was. I called the police I tried to stay but Trevor wouldn’t let me he pulled me by my hair into the van But Murray wasn’t listening. I Was losing it and I like to think I beat Trevor up pretty good But Trevor punched back harder and faster He was about to crack my skull marie-claude for the box Her opened it She screamed told us to stop Pointed that 9-millimeter at us Trevor went nuts charged for her. She screamed told him to stay back She’d never shot a gun in her life. She wasn’t going to start now Trevor grabbed her by the shoulders and What do you think you remember is not necessarily what really happened or how others remember it But Trevor fell back on the carpet dead That we all remember Holy shit Mom, where are you? Did you get the journal? I’ll be down in a minute every is getting a little worked up here She’s writing this book in cigar in your car. Don’t let her don’t let her smoke I love that car II know you do get down here. Mom. You’re taking like forever I’ll be down in a minute bring the journal So there’s some friends Of course I knew it was her who else there was only one thing to do get to hurry This as we’re older then Oh Oh That was good That had a little sweet ending to it Well done that took a way different twist than I thought it was going to That was very clever because it was building up this thing. Well, obviously it was Trevor of the entire time We didn’t know to what extent But All the stuff I thought it was Trevor and Ben that had robbed the house But then you find out it was Trevor and Kelsey that robbed the house The nice they talked about her beating her head in and that she enjoyed and she said he was twisting the words And I thought oh, maybe she didn’t do that He’s just saying that she did so that he can break the two of them apart. But then she said She just didn’t want her to see her there. So she hit her in the head with the baseball bat Man that took a twist Holy hell, that was really good though. I like that I was enthralled by that and I was I was into it in my head I was like picturing all the scenarios and I was picturing what they look like and all the characters where they wore and it realized that I was like so into it until now It was really really good. I like that a lot It’s very hard to do we came and to sell that much story in such a small space It reminded me a lot of gone home When I played that years ago when that came out That’s another game that had you explore a house and discover a story through the environment and discovering a story through the environment is very hit and miss sometimes because Some games like to do it where they overload you with like Journal entries or like some of the Bioshock games have they? Like the voice recordings and Bioshock one did them very well But then some of the other Bioshock games kind of relied too heavily on them So it’s a very hit and miss thing. Sometimes you need a lot of the environment to Tell you what’s happening. You can’t just rely on The bits and pieces of writing and dialogue and those types of things to tell your story Sometimes you need visual aids to tell you bits of the story as well and this some of this got a bit tedious some of it like trying to get every single little piece of Information around the place to try and open up that case because I can see a lot of people playing this thinking that there actually is no end to it that you would just Keep finding Clues until you came up to your own conclusions when I’m glad I stuck in with it and actually searched around for everything because you have to like look at all these little tiny specific little things to try and get the whole story and I think that That could have been handled bit better. I think (jack talks about stuff which you won’t listen to) leave some of the the bigger story elements as bigger pieces in the environment and Then some of the extra little tidbits can be there extra little tiny pieces of information around please whatever it was still really good I liked it a lot and it was a lot better than I was expecting it to be and For the fact that this is a free game as well. All of you can go play it for yourselves right now They’ll be linked in the description as always whenever I do any of these games Very very good. Good job Voice acting was decent the story was good Visuals were nice. The music was really nice. Very very good. Very very pleasing little game to play. I’m glad I did anyway Thank you guys so much for watching this video. If you liked it punch that like button in the face like Your pies and may the road Though all Trevor’s fault damn Trevor

100 thoughts on “WHAT’S MARIE HIDING IN HER JOURNAL? | Marie’s Room

  1. Thank you so much Sean! We created this game with great passion, a determined vision and no budget at all. It was a joy watching you play and seeing you enjoyed it. Thank you for supporting smaller indie developers! Couldn't be happier right now. PMA! Best, Kenny

  2. Hi Jack! You'll probably never read this but I thought it'd be good to put this up anyways 🙂
    This was a hard video to watch. I have mental illnesses thanks to a break in when I was younger. It reminded me of how much the event changed me as a daughter, a sister, student, a friend and a person in general. I don't really know why I insist on me watching it. I get jittery at any mention of the break-in… But I'm glad I watched it because it really helps me remember that I'm not alone in facing the difficulties of overcoming this kind of trauma which is really difficult to do. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  3. Ayeeee my names Kelsey! It’s so cool to actually hear my name in a game cause it’s never in a game or a film 😂

  4. HEY I live in California! But the wine does suck….but the redwoods are AMAZING I live in Burney, California and president roosevelt said" if I could make a 8th wonder of the world, than I'd make it Burney Falls."

  5. As soon as he said “Where is the Journal.” I literally said “Why is the journal!” Cause infinity wars am I right?

  6. It was only wen you said "farenhigt and celcius" that I realized what you meant before that I thought "100 degrees what do you mean that's an average hot day

  7. this game has science and a Mr. Jones who's socially awkward. my science teacher name is Mr. Jones who's socially awkward…..wtf game?!

  8. The characters bday is march 4
    Im watching this march 5
    My ex friends birthdays were march 1 and march 4
    And my bday is march 21
    March seption

  9. I just now watch this, and it kinda reminds of those people that enact abuse too there girlfriends/boyfriends/husband/and wife when things don't go there way. And, when some people help the victim get out of that type of stuff, their also targetted by death threats by the scorned lover and are willing too hurt them. I think this game reminds me of that, and I am grateful that Trevor was killed by Marie it also shows the current state of things when couples married or dating are getting abused by their partners or show the first symptoms of it, till they get broken up and snapped. Just throwing my two cents here.

  10. The music, when your character had the flashback, sounded like a beginning to a Walking Dead game. I like it!

  11. A lot of wine comes from California. Also this game is one of those games that makes you feel something and I love games like this

  12. The Qr code says "Well done you! Thank you so much for playing Marie's Room". That's so nice! I love games with Easter eggs like that!

  13. I used the qr code app on the ticket and it says well done you ! Thank you so much for playing Marie's Room x

  14. Jack (hears it’s 100 degrees over here): how do they survive over there?!?!

    Me: simple, we don’t.🙃

  15. 21:58 Just because something isn’t against the law doesn’t mean you should do it. It’s a question of morality, not legality.
    That principal should be fired since he refuses to take action because Trevor broke no rules, despite knowing what he did.
    Morally, that’s just plain outrageous.

  16. Is no one gonna say how shitty of a friend Kelsey was?? Saying she didnt want to be marie's friend in public, or how the free food place was nice before Marie was there, and shit like that. Not digging the lesbian undertones or """happy""" ending, but only because Kelsey doesnt deserve Marie.

  17. It's 2019 and I'm watching this and his life is strange stuff and everything else now but idk why I didn't subscribe to his Chanel before

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