Where I Keep My Secrets | SoSonia’s Journal Flip Through

Where I Keep My Secrets | SoSonia’s Journal Flip Through

(pen clicking) (paper fluttering) (pen clicking) (paper tearing) – People have
been asking to give them a little bit of a tour, so welcome to my journal. There’s absolutely no
sense of conscious grammar. These books are my little home, a very honest representation of myself on paper. So, I’ll tell these pages the truth. This monster keeps all of my secrets. I honestly did not realize how many I had until I had the space
just to let them out, a space to feel emotions that I was holding back. I’ll write letters, write stories about strangers, put secrets inside sealed envelopes, lipstick stains on the pages, needle and thread, pressed flowers, and when I go to cafes, I grab napkins and write
the story for that day. (gentle music) I take little packets of sugar from everywhere I go, and I write on the back of them as if I’m just keeping the sweet memories. These are the little sentimental ways I like to remember my day. Perhaps like me, you used to journal. Maybe when when you were on a trip, and you used to write out those days when you had more time, or back in school you
used to keep a diary, or even considered
keeping a dream journal. Let’s be honest. It is hard to keep up with journals. I was the kind of kid in school to be writing her own short stories underneath the essays she
had to write in English class about the book she didn’t read. I had some serious irrelevant but beautiful math notes, and alongside it, I would
write short stories. When I left school, I noticed how hard it was to keep up my habit. So that’s why I’m making this film, for me and for you. If you’re thinking that
you wanna start journaling, right here, I challenge you to a new little habit. And so, I wanna leave you
with a practical set of tips, things I’ve learned along the way. Number one, get a journal and a pen, something that feels good in your hands. Number two, be honest with yourself. It’s harder than it looks. Eventually, start taking
your journal along every time you bring out your phone or your laptop. As weird as it is to say, a book never runs out of battery, and if you’re intimidated
by the white pages, below I’ll leave you
some prompts and ideas. Journaling is my front door into this little world that is the madness of my mind. The reason I started journaling was I started to think about it this way. In the future when you’re older and you start to forget, you’ll wish you had made more effort to remember when your mind no longer can. I honestly don’t know what is gonna happen to all my memories, how my life is gonna change. So for my future self, however lost she may get, this is my way for her to remember who she once was. So I invite you to discover how you can be an author. Help the person that you will become remember who they once were, and one day, you’ll read your life like a story, and the way that you want to remember. Journaling is my form of expression. What is yours?

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  1. Hi Sonia!!I love watching your videos but this one is my personal favourite!! You inspire me so much and you give me motivation to keep up with my own journal. I hope you keep doing such inspiring videos. They always make me thankful about my life and where I have gone so far. So thank you very much Sonia😊

  2. Every time I need inspiration I watch Sonia's video. I can watch them over and over again, I never get tired!

  3. someone shared this in our reddit journaling community (/r/journaling) and I absolutely love the video! Definitely approving it on the mod board ;D

  4. Oh my god!!!! Why didn't I reach your channel earlier???!!! You are so inspiring and awesome it's just bizarre!!! And that videos… Damn! How much effort you put in; it shows definitely!! Totally subscribing. Xoxoxo

  5. Could someone go through my channel and leave their opinion in the comments? I would love to share my aesthetics and my way of doing things with others, doing my art my way

  6. I've only recently started consistently journalling and falling in love with it. This video was beautiful. I love it so much because my main goal is to write for my future self. My family has a history of Alzheimer so I know a tiny piece of my future so I want her to at least be able to read about what it was like when she was younger.

  7. as usual i was scrolling through my YouTube page, and just saw the notification of this video and i took it! aaah! the best feeling everr! 💛 the vibe you provide within gaah! 💘

  8. The message is so simple, but also impossible.. and then that video.. djeeezes, talking about art 🌸

  9. beautiful video and form of expression,, i've been so interested in video art lately and would like if we cooperate. thank you.

  10. Thank you so much for this meaningful and inspirational video! You opened something inside me and made me to just write. Your videos are beautifully crafted. You are amazing. Keep being you!

  11. This is the first video of yours that I have seen and I loved it. You are creative and inspirational. Your journals look amazing. New subscriber here!!

  12. This video has been in my recommendations for soooo long and I’m just clicking on it! Oh if only I’d known what I was missing out on!😩 you just gained a new subscriber and I’m only 17 seconds in!❤️❤️

  13. I’m 13 and I’ve been journaling since the start of 2016 and I’ve completed 2 big chunky books so far and will hopefully continue to write journals till I’m older, if you’re ever stuck on what to write about here are some journal prompts

    Journal prompts ✨☁️

    * write about all the zodiac signs. What they are like, have you met any, what they are in your life (best friend, friend etc)
    * Pick a year, maybe a year you/ friend/family was born find our important things that happened that year. The top song that played on the radio, the movie that won at the Oscars, any notable inventions?
    * Draw a alternative world. Maybe it’s the same current world but some of the people have horns? Maybe it’s a world in a hour glass?
    * Are you superstitious? If yes write/draw about your biggest superstition if no, write/draw about one that interests you.
    * Write/draw about how you feel at 3am.

    Hope you find these helpful!
    Always remember that you don’t need to write about something “important” journaling can be about just letting your emotions out or making something creative it’s really up to you because after all this is YOUR journal and you are in charge just think of it as your space where you can express yourself however you would like!

    whenever I’m out of inspiration or just want a creative boost I watch her journal flip through and it gets my juices flowing! I was on Pinterest the other day when I came across a paragraph about journaling and it really inspired me to get back to journaling when I wasn’t really feeling it so here is the paragraph!

    I tell everyone this and I mean it. Buy a journal.
    Carry it with you wherever you go. And I mean everywhere. Write about your favourite moments, your least favourite moments, ideas, grocery lists, people you’ve met, strangers you’ve walked pass on the street, favourite quotes, words to remember, what the sky looked like at 7pm, new songs you’ve discovered and what they mean to you, your childhood, places you want to go to or places you have been, how you feel in the exact moment, draw out the mountains, scribble over the pages and then when it gets full, buy a new one. Reread it in 2 years, 20 years, when you need a good laugh, when you’re crying on the bathroom floor, read it to your children. You need to remember these moments in you’re life. They are so important.

    Hope you found all this helpful and remember, all you need is a pen and a journal 😌

  14. Every time I get out of journaling, I come back to this video and I’m instantly inspired again. Thank you Sonia

  15. Wow… It's hard for me to enjoy others flip through videos… I can never fine the right one but I'm ten seconds in and I had to like and subscribe. I love the style and the editing.

  16. Once I had a diary, but my mom read it, so yea.
    Make sure you hide it, really, my mom fracked out, and a lot of secrets came.

  17. How is Ur videos soooo different..Ur editing process..the story ..ah love Ur channel! 😘😘😍

  18. 2019 but still watching this a few timea in one day cuz thia video makes me motivated to write so far i have 5 journals

  19. This is my favorite journal flip through video. Do you remember where you got your journals? (The red ones with the blank pages)

  20. Nowdays most videos I watch, I either speed up or don't have the patience to finish…this is my 2nd time watching this…in the same day! Very inspiring, very different, very artistic! Thank you for this refreshing little gem amongst the mass of generic redundancy that YouTube videos in my feed can be.

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