Where to Find Blog Post Ideas: 5 Quick Tips

Where to Find Blog Post Ideas: 5 Quick Tips

You can have the prettiest blog in the
world, but it really doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t producing quality
content. After all, that’s what having a blog is all about.
It’s your space to provide valuable content to your readers. That’s what
keeps them coming back to your site time and time again. It’s what will make them
fall in love with you and your brand. But in order to create that high quality
content your readers will love, you need to know where to find blog posts ideas.
And unfortunately, this is something that all bloggers struggle with from time to
time. Luckily, I have a few tips to help you discover new blog post ideas that
you can start writing about today. Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my channel. I’m
Rachel, the founder of Define Your Hustle. Define Your Hustle is all about
helping aspiring, creative entrepreneurs build successful and fulfilling online
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Now, let’s talk about where you can find your next blog post ideas. If you’re on
the hunt for new inspiration to get those creative juices flowing again,
you’re in the right place. These five ideas I’m sharing with you are super
easy ways to come up with an endless supply of topics to write about. It’ll
really help you out whenever you’re struggling to fill up that editorial
calendar of yours. my first tip is to check out the magazines in your field.
Magazines are an amazing place to look for inspiration for a variety of reasons.
If you’re able to locate magazines in your field, you can use it as a tool to
find blog post ideas. See what they’re writing about and what the hot topics
are these days. That can influence what you publish on your website. You can also
turn to magazines for a little writing inspiration. For example, take a look at
the headlines on the front cover. Make a note of the ones that grab your
attention and why they stand out. What is it about those headlines that makes you
want to continue reading the article? You can use those very same tactics when
writing your blog posts. And that’s something super simple you can do in the
grocery store checkout line. You can also use magazines as a great way to find
visual inspiration. It can really guide you as you create graphics or take
photographs for your content. The ideas are right there in front of you. You just
have to be on the lookout for them and save anything that resonates with you. My
next tip is to get inspired by your favorite bloggers. And no, this does not
mean I’m giving you permission to copy their posts. However, you can draw
inspiration from what they’re publishing on their sites. Maybe they covered a
topic that sparks an idea of your very own or perhaps they wrote an opinion
piece that you disagree with. That means you can share your thoughts on your own
blog. Another great way to utilize other blogs is to read their comment section.
There’s a good chance you’ll find many questions going unanswered in the
comments, especially on larger sites where they don’t tend to actually
respond to the people who are leaving the comments. You can respond to those
people with your answer or even publish a blog post of your own about it. If
their question is something you can help with and it’s frequently asked by your
target audience, this is a valuable content opportunity for you to take
advantage of. Tip number three is to spend time where your audience hangs out. Figure out where your audience is spending their time online and then make
it a priority to be there yourself. This is your chance to engage in
conversations with them, eavesdrop on what they’re talking about, and get to
know them better. After all, that’s really important in your long-term success. So,
whether they’re hanging out in a Facebook group or an online forum, start
doing a little investigating. Find out which issues they’re struggling with and
how you can help them out. This has the potential to give you an endless supply
of blog post ideas. Tip number four is to turn to your readers for ideas. Have you
been receiving questions from readers in your email, comments, or on social media?
You can address those concerns in a series of blog posts. Odds are, if people
are asking the same questions, it’s something many others are struggling
with as well. By creating a blog post to answer those questions, you can reach a
much wider audience that may be searching for the same solution. However,
if your audience hasn’t been asking you any questions, it doesn’t mean you’re
doomed. You can take the initiative and ask them yourself. Create a survey for
them to fill out and ask what they need help with and what they want to see from
you. There’s nothing better than hearing it straight from the source. My final tip
for finding blog posts ideas is to pay attention to your analytics. They’re
housing more content ideas than you probably realize. You just have to know
where to look. Check to see which blog posts are receiving a lot of traffic.
Are they overdue for an update or could you actually write a second part to
expand on the initial post? You should also check to see what people are
searching while they’re on your site and see what they’re searching to land on
your website. This will let you know what people are looking for when they come to
you. Determine if you have answers to their search queries in your archives. If
not, you have a brand new blog post to write. Alright, those are my top five tips
for finding blog post ideas. Implement them the next time you’re working on
your editorial calendar and you’re sure to have a tons of ideas of flowing to
you. Thank you so much for watching this video. Be sure to give it a thumbs up if
you enjoyed the tips and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos every single

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  1. Great video. I like the magazine idea. I haven't read Writers' Forum or Writing Magazine for years, so maybe I should. I use You Tube and other blog posts to inspire me, but always have my own twist on a subject, or look to fill the gaps between popular topics that others miss. 😃

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