Who Actually is America’s Team? | Blogging the Boys

Who Actually is America’s Team? | Blogging the Boys

Somethings have just become synonymous with
the United States of America: apple pie, the bald eagle, and maybe most importantly, the
Dallas Cowboys. The team has held the title of America’s
Team for over 40 years and shows no sign of willingly giving it up. However, they now might have some challengers
for the name. After all, what could be more American than
a small Wisconsin town owning the Green Bay Packers? Does any team have better traveling fans than
the Pittsburgh Steelers? And who could be more popular than the New
England Patriots, the most successful team ever? So with all this competition, are the Cowboys
still America’s Team? To truly know, we have to go back to when
and why the Cowboys were given this nickname back in 1979. For most of the 1978 season, the Cowboys were riding high. They were the reigning Super Bowl champs,
made the playoffs for the eleventh time in twelve seasons, led the NFL in points scored,
and became the first franchise to make five Super Bowl appearances. But it all fell apart when the Cowboys lost
to the Steelers in Super Bowl XIII. After the Super Bowl loss, NFL Films employee
Bob Ryan was working on the team’s annual highlight reel, and trying to come up with
a title that reflected an amazing team, who just had an unfortunate finish. He originally suggested “Champions Die Hard,”
but Cowboys management wanted to go in a different direction. Eventually, Ryan came up with these now iconic
lines: “They are the Notre Dame of professional
football. A national team whose popularity extends from
coast to coast. No matter where the Cowboys travel, there
are always friends to greet them. Their players are heroes to the young, and
their success and style has gained them a following across the United States…. They appear on television so often that their
faces are as familiar to the public as Presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys: America’s Team.” When later asked about the film’s title,
Ryan said he was inspired by the team’s overwhelming popularity: “They had legions
of fans across the country. They were a team that you either loved or
hated… So it was based more on fact than on fancy. This was not something I said, ‘Oh, this
would be something strange to do.’ It really was based on fact.” The nickname was born, and Cowboys General
Manager Tex Schramm was smart enough to embrace it. Soon enough the title caught on in the media,
and across the league. Ironically, Coach Tom Landry and some Cowboys
originally didn’t care for the name, thinking it gave opposing teams another reason to play
hard. But over time, the name won them over, and
the organization still proudly calls itself America’s Team. It’s hard to argue that the Cowboys didn’t
deserve the title in the late 70’s, at one of their franchise’s highest points, but
what about now? Well, when you look at why Bob Ryan gave them
the nickname, the answer is obvious: Yes! The Cowboy’s weren’t given the nickname
because of on the field success, but because of their overwhelming popularity. Their success might have launched them onto
the national stage, but once there, they entrenched themselves as a national brand. And not even their own mediocracy in recent
years could take that away. The evidence overwhelmingly supports the Cowboys
for being America’s Team. Maybe most obviously, the Cowboys are valued
as the most valuable sports team in the entire world. You heard that right, not just in NFL, but
the world. In Forbes’ annual 2018 list, the Cowboys
were appraised at being worth 4.8 billion dollars. The second closest NFL team was the New England
Patriots at a mere 3.7 billion, over one billion dollars less than the Cowboys. To put that in perspective, that 1.1 billion
dollars could pay Tom Brady’s $15 million salary for the next 73 years. If that doesn’t convince you, then let’s
take a look at social media, the ultimate indicator of popularity today. Every year, MVP Index evaluates all major
US professional sports teams, and determines which team has the most valuable social media
based on reach, engagement and mentions. In 2018, the Dallas Cowboys were the highest
valued NFL team, with an estimated value of $173.3 million dollars, just for their social
media! It makes sense when you realize the Dallas
Cowboys have a combined reach of 15.3 million followers, one of the highest amounts in the
entire league. If you still aren’t convinced that the Cowboys
deserve the title of America’s Team, then let’s take a look at an annual report from
Emory Business Professor Mike Lewis. Every year, he evaluates all 32 NFL teams
on three categories to determine the brands with the best fan bases. He evaluates each team on: fan equity, social
media equity and road equity, which basically means how fans support the team financially
at home, how willing fans are to engage online, and how well fans travel to away games. To no one’s surprise, this year the Cowboys
topped the overall rankings again by scoring first for Fan Equity, second for Road Equity,
and third for social media equity. He breaks it down more specifically in his
2018 report: “The underlying data reveals why Dallas does so well. The Cowboy’s average home attendance usually
leads the league, fans are willing to pay high prices, and the team’s twitter following
is exceptional. The Cowboys are America’s team.” So, there you have it. When you look at the Cowboys’ continued
popularity in the modern era, there’s no way you can argue they aren’t still America’s Team. Being America’s team isn’t about how many
rings you’ve won, but instead about how many fans you’ve won. And whether you judge it by social media followers,
financial value, or fan commitment, the Cowboys simply lead the league. America’s Team.

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  2. Man, I just love it, we are still America's team! For over 40yrs! Sorry Patriots, cowboys own that name, and the stadium with a hole on the roof, so god can watch his favorite team is synonymous!

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