Who is Andrew Yang, the Internet’s Favorite Candidate? | 2020 Presidential Candidate

Who is Andrew Yang, the Internet’s Favorite Candidate? | 2020 Presidential Candidate

A former
tech company executive who’s a political newcomer — “I am not a
career politician, as most of you know.
I’m an entrepreneur.” — with a devoted
internet following. “Hello, I’m Andrew Yang.” And an army of memes. Andrew Yang is
running for president. So, who is he? Yang is the son of
Taiwanese immigrants and a lawyer by training. But he made his mark
as an entrepreneur. He helped build a college
test preparation business that was bought
by a big company. And it made him
a modest fortune. “Are you ready
to build something?” After that, he started an organization that
connects college graduates with startups. That job took him
across the Midwest and eventually led
him to politics. “We automated away
four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio,
Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and so I was like, why are
we not talking about that? So, that’s where
this all started.” So, what are his priorities? Well, he’s got a long list. But the one policy
that’s turning heads: “Universal basic income —” “Universal basic income —” “He calls it the
Freedom Dividend.” “Now if you’ve heard
anything about me, you‘ve heard that there’s
an Asian man running for president who wants to
give everyone $1,000 a month. And all of those
things are true.” Yang says this will ease
the pain caused by the robot apocalypse, as more
jobs become automated. His internet army,
known as the Yang Gang — “Where’s the money?
Where’s the money? We have the money.” — helped sell the policy with the #SecureTheBag hashtag. But opponents of the
plan say its price tag makes it unrealistic. It could cost
approximately $2 trillion, roughly half the
current federal budget. Some of his other
policy proposals? Medicare for all,
gun safety and even free
marriage counseling for all. The dilemma to Yang as
an internet darling? Some of that support is
coming from the internet’s far right, in places like
4chan, Gab and 8chan. Yang has spoken out against it. But there’s no doubt
it’s helped him go viral. “You know, it’s been
a point of confusion because I don’t look much
like a white nationalist. So, I’ve completely disavowed
any of that support.” What’s his relationship
with President Trump? Well, Yang has positioned
himself like this: “The opposite of
Donald Trump is an Asian guy
who likes math. And then there’s even an
acronym we’re working with, which is Make America Think.” And he hasn’t held back. “As an entrepreneur,
most entrepreneurs feel like Donald Trump gives us
all a bad name and he’s more of a
marketing charlatan than he is a real builder.” Yang doesn’t seem to be
on Trump’s radar just yet. Yang says he’s the
candidate to beat Trump because he’s focused on the
economic anxiety that got Trump
into the White House. “We need to evolve to the
next form of our economy in order for Americans
to have a path forward.” So, what are his chances? Yang is still a
fringe candidate by conventional standards
and polling behind the leading
Democratic contenders. “Yang Gang 2020.
Yang Gang 2020.” But in an era where a
so-called meme army helped President Trump win,
being an online megastar could still count
for something.

100 thoughts on “Who is Andrew Yang, the Internet’s Favorite Candidate? | 2020 Presidential Candidate

  1. Lots of whiners on this page who have not been willing to do some of their own research on how the money will become accessible. Just a few shifts in the way we are looking at the numbers visa vie stats that are outdated and do not see the issue of capitalism gone awry. Still for capitalism? Just with a few more humanizing twists added and we get to keep us all on board. Do your homework. #YangGang2020 It has been #AndrewYang2020 talking points for a couple years, as he has steadily worked his way into the debates and conversations; these conversations on UBI can be heard or seen world wide. Just saw one mention in 2016 by Sramana Mitra. https://youtu.be/3ff5_rWbvio

  2. Every candidate is always good at talking, but sucks at doing…. it’s just like Starbucks says they provide “free” WiFi, but guess what? It requires password….. no offend that I would say Starbucks is scamming everyone’s money, and those candidates are scamming for votes… But again, guess what? People still falling into their “trap”….Don’t wear such a big hat without a big head… do not let eyes and the ears fool the mind

  3. The people who support him are the same ones who said Trump shouldn't be elected because he's a business man and doesn't understand politics

  4. Isn't it odd that this video is the most "liked" and viewed of NYT's Democratic candidates profiles yet he receives a disproportionately low amount of attention (and biased at that) from its editors? Your ratings and readership should increase with fair and transparent reporting.

  5. The middle class canary has been chirping. We need to wake up. our society is in the process of falling apart if we don’t catch the middle class.

  6. he's at 3% i think people don't understand how the primaries, delegates and super delegates work.The only person that can come up behind the top 3 to steal the race at this point is probably Buttigieg.

  7. #1 Internets favorite candidate doesn't mean squat. The internet consists of hundreds of foreign countries and billions of people that have no real stake in living, working and dying in the US. #2 what good is having an extra $1000 dollars per month in your pocket if the cost of living increases $3000 per month? Someone please explain this logic to me.

  8. Stop saying "Internet's" Favorite Candidate. The internet is composed of PEOPLE. Therefore he's a popular candidate among the PEOPLE. The internet isn't just some sort of made of reality, alternate universe where make believe things happen. The internet is full of real world people who spread ideas, connect, and support each other.

  9. The US and the world need a POTUS who understands and has sensible solutions to old problems as well as 21st century challenges facing humanity. Yang is the man.

  10. “Yanggang” logic: Free money good, even if it’s actually our own money being redistributed trough taxation, productivity bad, automation bad, much rather nominal employability. Corporations bad, but let’s keep all of what maintain their privileged oligopolistic position (regulation) and not open the market, instead let’s tax them, it’s not like their additional costs will be reflected on the prices or anything, welfare very very good, subsidising something does not increase the incentives to have more of it. We don’t believe in free market a bit, but let’s call ourselves capitalists so we can have the votes from those who hate the left and are completely economically ignorant.

  11. I like Yang but I’m concerned about his Gun Views. I work in a gun shop and my hobby is firearms. Is he going to infringe on my rights? I don’t want to be forced out of my job and my hobby… Could someone clarify to me his views?

  12. The major media is going to be forced to talk about Yang to get views on youtube and use click bait. So funny to see real democracy interfere with intentionally motivated news to back big money puppets as much as possible. Basically attempting to control public opinion.

  13. NYT you only got a like for recognizing Yang as a click bate to push bias opinion to control public opinion. Congrats you basically just admitted to hundreds of thousands of viewers that you are scared of this movement.

  14. any new Yang Curious folk. Look him up.amd do your own research. listen to his uncensored and raw talks. Joe Rogan has a good hour plus conversation on youtube.

  15. He's the first candidate I looked at since I was old enough to vote where I agree with over 90% of his policies!
    Humanity First!

  16. As a NYT subscriber, I will now unsubscribe. Thank you for sharing what poor media is like. Andrew Yang is to be taken more seriously because he is backed by Americans who have done their research and math on humans' biggest creation: technology.

  17. One might take this thumbprint of all the democratic candidates as just that, a thumbprint. I found it informative enough to select the person I knew I would like from the beginning. Andrew will win the nomination and take our country on a journey of recovery by concentrating on helping HUMANITY FIRST. From that standpoint you'd have to be inhuman or sub-human to not resonate with Humanity First. One look at his website convinces me the man deserves to help us all. He is that guy that helps others and boy do we need help now. Andrew Yang all the Way!!!

  18. You want to do your part to help in yangs success? Go to every high view count video of the other Democratic competitors and leave a positive comment about Yang without bashing the competitor.

  19. This reporting was back in May 2019.
    Need to update to November, December 2019, then January 2020, Feb 2020, Mar 2020, April 2020 …. January 2021 … Feb 2022,… Feb 2023 … Mar 2024 … May 2025 …. June 2028 …. June 2029 … Yang Gang 🙂

  20. Soooo who’s going to pay for this universal income exactly? Where’s the money coming from?? Who determines how much will be allotted to each individual or household??? How much more national debt will it create for America???? Will my personal income tax rate increase (obviously it will) and when it does how much more will I be paying to help others who are too lazy/incompetent/just plain stupid to survive in a capitalist economic system that has WORKED for hundreds of years in the good ‘ol US of A?????

    Socialism- YOU make it, THEY take it….and give it to a loser junkie who refuses to work or be a productive member in society while stuffing their corrupt little politician hands with your hard earned money and way overspend on incompetent, inefficient, and wasteful government systems and bureaucracies that do not work for you.

  21. ow to pay for it [primary]
    Andrew proposes applying a small 10% VAT tax on non-staple items, as well as use current spending on welfare and social programs like food stamps. People on welfare, or other programs would choose to either keep their benefits, or opt for the $1,000/month. Read more here: yang2020.com/what-is-ubi

  22. Obama;s a "lawyer" that just about ended the US. Do we really wanna take risks by elected another war criminal>

  23. Man, and I thought the NYT was the winner when it came to being made up of mouth breathing mongoloids with the IQ of a sack of hammers. Suddenly a NEW contender has emerged. The comment section of their YouTube channel.
    Not everyone here, but a good portion none the less.

  24. Sorry man, but progress cannot be stopped to save a few jobs. If we had to stop technology to save people’s jobs, we would still be living in the Middle Ages. No chance of winning in a country of innovation like the US

  25. Hes like math and hes asian he must be smart and knows what to do unlike trump running his mouth to other Authorities causing problem going to get us all killed

  26. I don't doubt Yang's sincerity, however I do not think he stands a chance. I do doubt that many of his supporters will donate to much more than his candidacy. There is nothing stopping anybody from donating to good causes or people in need as I type this comment.

  27. Universal Basic Income will be paid for with a value added tax on luxury items which would keep giants like Amazon from avoiding taxes. We can beyond afford it.

  28. Also inacurate about his talk about having health care , or having a bold solution.
    He has a medicare for some who might "want it" … but they will not be able to afford it in some places of their lifetime or in a time of losing their life or home paying for it …. so he would not be able to manage to leverage the prices down, and he would not be able to controll the price goudging through insurance companies, happening in American health care.
    America is rated at #27 of all the nations in health care even while having the right equiptment in hospitals …
    He has ishfull talk without being active on point leveraging out the insurance companys, the middle zone where the prices sore, and yet would be the best health care in the world for all Americans , if single payer.

    Americas health care is rated at #27 in the world despite having some great tecnical equiptment in health care. Yang has no structure or leverage organization to or will to lever out the price goudging that comes from the insurance companies. bernies health care is the only one qualified and sustainable.

  29. Yang is the First presidential candidate in 45 years I've been excited to support. Andrew Yang is the First politician I have ever donated money to. UBI will increase America's productivity and prosperity.

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