Why I came to MIT? IITians in MIT ?

Why I came to MIT? IITians in MIT ?

It is every Student’s dream that he
want to study in the best university in the world
hey guys so there are 3 ways to go to Boston or Harvard, MIT etc 3 ways to go to Boston or Harvard, MIT etc. 1. By Car 2. By Air sing in USA which is by converting box
into Freeston Frost and I say Atlanta just like Atlanta has been converted to Freelanta. So I am going via mission Freeston, or Froston etc. that I will tell you later whether I am going via Mission 3 or 1 or 2. I will tell you later My life has been playing suspense-suspense with me now I will be playing with you guys Nova so without any further ado let’s
get started so he’s gonna guess where I’m from the T
first country that popped into my head this Indian okay what’s it about a
second that’s the only one but no I Muhammad Kibum Hakeem stingers I am –
Javy again it’s a jockey wrestler by the name of three colleague colleague that’s
where I got it from oh great color yeah yeah see ya I am
Singh – I’m not lying – coincidence maybe I mean I am but Javy I am saying I’m not telling no field if I have a
boarding pass in my hand I don’t need to like get into the line so as long as
they put is so packed that we had to get out in the middle of the road look here
my god I need to run to catch up my flight so which we do you know that okay
thank you and you guys also might be the England
why I didn’t come by mardow but the problem is it starts at 4:45 a.m. so I can’t take risk. If I had started at 4:45 started at 4:45 a.m. then I would have
reached at 5:05 but ma’am boarding we but I was done with checking at 5:05 so it is risky and flight is at 6 a.m. so I didn’t take
the risk and Uber costed me $9 $9. So you might think why is the Airport so empty. the reason behind that is stuck in traffic numbers and you saw there was so much traffic in Atlanta before then I’m still thankful and I called off
in the middle of the road and I made it on time Pazhani was the last time when I
was traveling to Florida or well that was in January so it was like so much
crowded I was like 45 minutes another 45 I cam 45 minutes before my flight and I
literally had to ask every single person in line can I skip
the line but everyone was rude but you might think Americans are polite but not in the morning and specially in a line No one is polite in early morning flghts current it was very tough time and also
I printed my boarding pass yesterday so Because of boarding pass in hand I didn’t have to stand in too many lines also you know like when you check in
your package and all that which is above I didn’t need to get into the checking line straight went in to check in place and I
mean the security check up and I got up here so much love it was pretty
convenient and other than this I’m only I want to share that I am traveling for the first time on my own will. usually I have to travel when people ask me usually circumstances make me travel. This time I wanted to travel here calmly I’m at love I have to go to
India for example you remember last year I had to skip my one week of internship
to go to India so that was a sad part but anyway like mother Commission’s a
bit out here like just meet someone this Last year I travelled, I went to India to meet nani (grandma) la nada but it’s time first time I’m
going to Boston so let’s see how this trip goes and as
you guys know that I’m going where Spirit Airlines . So with this airline the flight is the cheapest pretty much the cheapest but the con is
that they only allow one person item you only get one 1 personal bag. no check bags allowed one hand bag so I’m good with that but
they charge you lord again accidentally what love their optimism acquired with
aperture up to the viewer girl then you need a purse or if you need them look
back then they are like very strict If you get another back then they might charge you around $40 you will have to pay for that that
carry-on baggage so that’s the thing you have to consider if you’re traveling by
Spirit Airlines and overall your flight in with your buddy 175 dollars key and I
cannot reveal a lot about it he says I am playing suspense-suspense xD it was just a coincidence that people travelling with me were punjabi 3 hour flight no free food. And I noticed coffee is cheaper than water Coffe: $2, water: $3 Saddam when Nani went to Hazur sahib. Flight was for 8000 rupees but had FREEFOOD $100 (converted) but had free food yes I missed the first free bus to
Cambridge where MIT is every 3 mins. there is new bus. so no need to worry Boston’s downtown view is amazing. there is ocean and river. that’s the best part At the time of landing also the view was just amazing the best part and I’m super excited to
see MIT Harvard you might could figure out that why I
came to MIT and why I came to Boston but I’ll come on a scale of amun let me echo
India that I am mainly with love totally got her way I’m through third way to
convert Boston to frosting or free So i can via free bus and free free train to Boston so far by the points guy was a pleasant journey
upset but loved many was a big heart I will tell you the entire flight expenses soon as well for that you guys meet another iitian in
MIT. I am not biased for IITians. I am just sharing the students I am finding sharing whoever students . what can i do if I am only finding IITians
will Ram a gas so hello i’m Shashank I’m a third year graduate student in
mechanical engineering department main I did my Undergrad at IIT Gandhinagar
which is based in Gujarat and yeah I’ve been here for last three years Wow
and what’s your best experience at MIT yeah so the best part of MIT is its
people the people come from so many different cultures background from whom
you not only learn technical skills but you also learn social skills how to
behave you say kasib are turning here there are a lot of things that we don’t accept but those are norms in someone else’s culture second charm I would normally so you
learn how to behave how thinking of the people can be different than how to
behave It is every student’s dream that he want to
study in the best university in the I had the same dream too I also wanted to study in MIT back then but but I no more have that dream the moment I went to 10th grade then I lost that dream with IIT-JEE pressure. I started doing what everyone was with IIT-JEE pressure. I started doing what everyone was my goals and my mentality became like that I knew what to do and how to collect national/international level certificates etc but then i lost the form but nevertheless. you can reach that point in life without MIT/Harvard. the best salary etc. you can also reach there without my MIT
without IIT but yes well I found 95% IITians here I attends like here that is true but I
mean yeah but there are five percent of there are 5% non IITians too but I couldn’t find them. I really want to share what they did without the IIT tag who worked really hard with us with an
impressive project state so if IIT can the students who worked harder than ever along with IIT tag the moment I find them, I will share their stories to you guys as well her their story to you guys as well
and other than that I really want to weather is amazing here. It is not hot. It feels so pleasant here It is so pleasant. you can see people jogging here in the afternoon it took its name with love Logan are
paying with love jogging Corinne it’s I have never seen such a great weather in life It is easy to stand is sun in Atlanta. But here it is the easiest my point and especially in the Sun i am i see i graduated from iit roorkee
in 2016 and joined MIT in the same year and in the fall semester Wow for a ph.d

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