Why I keep a journal (and you should too).

Why I keep a journal (and you should too).

Hi friends. So at the beginning of this year I started
a journal. There are two reasons I did that. Reason one is I tell stories about my life
every week on the internet so I thought it might help to start writing my stories down
so I could remember them when I needed them later. The second reason is you know how you have
that friend who is always putting way too much detail of their life in a really long
facebook post or *coughs* Doing those vague tumblr posts where there’s
a bunch of sad stuff behind a click for more cut and your whole tumblr is just a sad kid
sad blog And you see those posts and you’re sympathetic
at first but then you start to sorta feel uncomfortable and kinda feel like they should
maybe call their mom or a therapist? While i do have a mom, and a therapist, and
a really supportive group chat, sometimes you have feelings and you just need to write
that shit in your journal. I think everyone should have a journal. I think you should get like a government-issued
journal like when you start middle school. And here’s how I use mine. Part of it writing sad kid sad blog stuff. Because who keeps a journal about being happy? Actually a lot of people, like I’ve heard
that’s actually a really good thing to do for your mental health is write down positive
things so try that if you want to? Another thing that i try to do is write down
the details of the things that happen to me that might not seem worth recording. The things you won’t remember the next week
or even the next day. Like the way the train conductor sang the
name of every single subway stop on you way home, or the way somebody’s eyelashes felt
brushing on your shoulder blade. I also keep to do lists, ideas vlogs, lists
of words that I’d like to try to write a story around. Doodles. The little spirals i draw when I can’t think
of what to write but I want to keep my pen moving. I write down lines I really like from articles
or interviews or books I read. I keep little bits of paper here and there. Ticket stubs, business cards, this is the
program from my grandpa’s funeral. And I take them everywhere. It’s always on my bedside table or in my
bag wherever I go. I keep extra sets of my pens everywhere. That’s another thing if you wanna do this–get
notebooks and pens you like. Make it feel like a treat. Then never let it leave your side. The con of taking your journal with you everywhere
is that you can lose them. I lost one of these that I had been writing
in for two months and I’m still hella bummed that I lost all those thoughts in there I
wanted to hold onto and also sort of mortified that somebody might have found it and read
it. But I use these small skinny ones because
at least it was only two months that i lost. And it was almost completely full. I like to try and fill these up as much and
as fast as possible and then get the little rush and reward of getting to start a fresh
one. There’s no aesthetically pleasing calendars
or grids or white space like some of the more meticulously beautiful bullet journals that
some people do. Because that’s what works for me. I’m a stuff minimalist but a thought hoarder. I let myself be greedy with what I write down. I can keep all the ideas and advice and thoughts
and wisdom i can find. I don’t ever have to let it get lost to
my fallible memory. To me, spending 20 minutes writing about my
day, or copying out a paragraph of an article i adore feels like a real luxury. And spending some time paging through my journals
and revisiting everything every couple of months makes me feel even more creativity
rich if that makes any kind of sense. Luckily, all it costs is some dedication to
it and like, 10 or 20 bucks of supplies. If you keep a journal tell me in comments
what you put in it and…what you get out of it. If you liked this video you can subscribe,
you can find me anywhere on the internet at itsradishtime, and there is still time to
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and I will see you next week. Bye!

61 thoughts on “Why I keep a journal (and you should too).

  1. Recently I've moved to a new country, and I don't have many friends yet. So I like to go to museums or parks or new areas, and writing down in my little pocket journal how I'm feeling at that moment is really nice and less people look at you weird when you're writing something down in a notebook at a cafe then just sitting there alone. I don't know, having a journal feels like an excuse that whatever you're doing that day feels more important because it gets documented, instead of just something that'll be forgotten when my personal memory fails me.

  2. I was always carrying a journal around with me for the last 5 years. Last year my best friend gifted me a self-made calendar with a lot of creativity space (which is btw the best gift I have ever received) which ran out of pages just a couple of weeks ago. I can tell that keeping a journal is SO important and just.. relieving in some ways. You really feel when it's missing because I keep on having the urge to write something down to keep in mind. Having no journal just sucks tbh 😀 I will 100% get a new one soon.
    In comparison to you I am having sort of a mixture of just written down chaos and .. stable beauty? If you'd say it that way. Sometimes I even doodled just on top of some irrelevant notes.
    thank you for making this video 🙂 it could really help some people who didn't know about the 'power' of a journal.

  3. Thats cool. I tell myself 'okay there is things in your head that you was not suspected' when im writing down my thoughts.
    Thanks for this video !

  4. I had a journal over the summer and I finally finished in in August, which was the first time I have ever finished a notebook and I was so proud. I have been putting off starting a new journal because the ones I bought are so blank and pretty and I am worried that what I write in them won't be. I really am going to start one though, I have missed the writing outlet.

  5. My journal entries are usually writtenn around a thought, moment, conversation or event that happened that day – which made my day, taught me a lesson or initiated a train of thought. A description of an hour I spent in the sun cross stitching, how I felt and what I thought. A meal planned and prepared. An outing. A conversation with the Tesco delivery driver. It reads like lots of little stories. I always note underneath which song I listened to and also anything I've watched or read. Question: what do you do with your finished journals? I have about 60 which currently live under my bed and take up a significant portion of my (limited) storage space. I'm thinking of moving my daily journalling online, with a notebook for when I am on the move or away.

  6. Thanks for this video. Your videos are very personal, touching and really motivating. I generally have been using my phone to write down my thoughts in the notes apps but I feel something is missing – after watching this I realized what that is – I need to doodle.

  7. It's a nice thing to have everything in one place like that 🙂 I have two notebooks, one for the sad stuff and one for more constructive plans and ideas. And I collect tickets and things like that to one day scrapbook them. I still need a good way to store the good times I had. I hate the idea of forgetting about those

  8. For the past two years, I have been keeping a journal almost daily. It's where I write down all of the things that are bothering me or I keep notes of conversations I had that were inspiring or great advice I received. I also try to write down happy memories and bottle up moments of joy in these journals, but those, admittedly, are a little scarce.

  9. I keep a really simple bullet journal with a weekly calendar on the left, homework and work to do lists on the right and at the end of every month I do a reflection page. Journaling daily has never lasted long for me, but when I get the urge I just use the next free page in my journal or I post on my WordPress.

  10. My journals are so colorful. They are all over my house. But I'm more of a art journal person. After my mom death I did therapy for a year. That was part of my therapy. I love to journal.

  11. My journal is mainly my thoughts. I write about things I'm stressed out about, things I need to do or want to do. I get a safe place, and a place to vent. It also helps me destress.

  12. I could never keep a diary and every one I've ever started begins with "let's hope we can do this consistently this time" and then end shortly afterwards. That being said all my notebooks for school become filled with doodles and the way I hoard my memories is with my notes app and voice note app- random phrases or ideas but is always more satisfying when it's written tangibly.

  13. this video is really inspiring and made me want to do some writing, thank you! i keep diaries because i find holding all of my thoughts in my head very overwhelming, and the act of getting them onto paper is soothing and has the bonus of being pretty helpful for organisation as well

  14. I've been keeping a journal since I left Belgium for an exchange, one month ago. I love it! I'll stay here for 100 days so it's not very long and I was so scared that I wouldn't get enough out of the experience. So I decided to get this journal, every night I write about my day (very typical dairy stuff, I know!) But it gives me the time to think back on my day and then I realise all the different things I've done, nice people I've met. Thanks to this journal I go to bed without my phone but with a smile on my lips because of how lucky I am to be able to experience this all! Love this video by the way! Your style is very refreshing and lovely. I really adore your way of handeling this and your view on life! Nice work you have there. Lots of love.

  15. I recently started keeping a journal again after not having done so for about two years. I've always had trouble with keeping routines in the past and I would get so mad at myself for not writing in my old journals that I just kind of stopped.
    The reason I started again was kind of just because I got a really pretty notebook from a friend and wanted to use it for something nice. This time I'm way more relaxed about the whole thing, the only time I wrote in it everyday was when I was at a youth trip and shared a sofa bed with a guy who wrote in his journal everyday. And of course I also wanted to remember all the cool things we did each day and how I felt about it. But him taking time to write inspired me to do the same, and I think writing in it everyday for a week started a good habit for when I got home, even if I only write a few times a week now.
    I mostly write about things I do that are out of my everyday-stuff, I wrote about the lectures about feminism I attended yesterday, I wrote about the trans-group I was at last for the first time last Wednesday, and I wrote about the Harry Potter-club meeting the day before. But I also write about thoughts and feeling that crop up during the day, sometimes I'm afraid that I'll miss things because I can't whip out my journal and write things down then and there, but that's okay. I don't need to record everything. Sometimes I draw something related to the thing I write about but sometimes that's difficult and it just becomes five pages of messy handwriting. I really like the low-expectations I've set for myself with this journal. It's not supposed to be something grand and important, it's just a place where I can let all my thoughts bubble out and that can hopefully help me from having too many thoughts at once.
    I also have a calendar where I write down events and things that happen, everything I need to get done, and when school work is supposed to be handed in. Without it I wouldn't survive and for the simplicity I don't mix it up with thoughts or feelings, just little smilies if it's something I'm excited for or notes like "just get it done, you will thank yourself later" if it's something I really don't want to do.

  16. I like journaling therapy debriefs because it helps me remember so much more of my sessions than I otherwise would have, gives me more insights, and helps to integrate and process things even more. I also like to use it to work through things between sessions. I like writing with my non-dominant hand especially when I’m feeling stuck and don’t know how to express what’s there. I find that really, really helpful. I’ll also journal passages I want to remember, or do art journaling, etc. I’ve recently discovered how amazing it is to be able to go back to read old journals, to remember what I was dealing with and feeling at the time.

  17. This video is just the push I needed to try to take up journaling again! In the past, I've found the best thing for my mental health was to find one positive thing that made me happy that day and write it down, and when I'm having a bad day, it's nice to go back and read the small simple things that had made me happy.

  18. I have a hard time writing consistently in a daily life type of journal. I forget to bring it with me when I travel, many days I don't know what to write or feel that I'm rambling by myself, I would get upset if I realise the written thoughts are generally sad or negative, I get frustrated because my handwriting looks horrible if I don't write slowly… etc, etc. Silly, I know. I need more patience.

    BUT in the past, I once had a journal were I wrote some of my dreams, those dreams you forget an hour after you wake up. And I remember that was pretty fun and interesting. Although the way I dream has changed (before I used to have very few dreams but they were usually long, full of adventure, fantasy, wonder, like animation movies), recently my dreams have become more realistic and easier to understand (which is a bit boring LOL).

  19. I have kept a journal in some form or another over the years, and mostly I just write about my day and stuff that happened, and sometimes I go on little rants. I do have some older journals that also have drawings in them. Now I have several journals. One where I write about my day, one where I write down quotes I like, and the other I use to write down my schedule for work. The one I use to write about my day stays at home, but the other two stay with me. And I always have pens with me. But I would like to write in the ones that stay with me more.

  20. I’ve been that “share too much on social media” person one too many times and, like you, I keep a journal. I don’t write in it that often but I do use it to process or document my life. My current one dates back to 2010 or 2011 so you can tell i don’t write in it that often. For all the everyday stuff I have my bullet journal which i take with me whereas the diary stays home. Away from the outside.
    And hey, yay for journaling. It’s a fantastic thing.

  21. I've kept a diary since I was 16. It's proven very useful for noticing my "patterns" – for example, a day before a trip, I'll feel like I'm getting sick but that's always been a thing so now I know it's probably not genuine sickness. It's not like the same things keep happening to me but there are similarities, and it's very helpful to be able to say "I've been through this before and this is how".

  22. I have a journal and I put everything in it. Mine is pretty large and I do a little end of the month recap and set goals for the following month each month. I keep a gratitude page for each month and track water and mood for mental health purposes. But other than that it's all just thoughts and quotes I like and sketches and plans and it's only aesthetic if I feel like making something aesthetic 🙂
    I like having a larger journal because I can look through it and see how I've changed throughout the year and what I was thinking about half a year ago.

  23. I love this, because I've been keeping a journal type thing for over a month now and it's really helped me!! It's nice to let myself write down whatever comes to mind, and it kinda helps to get my thoughts and worries more ordered in my head 💜

  24. I've kept a journal since I was 13 (I'm 22 now) and I find that I need to write more when I'm feeling sad/down, because it's a way of getting things off my chest. But I wish I was as naturally inclined to write when good things are happening, so I can remember those times, too.

  25. I used to journal like this. This is one of the things that fell off when I moved here. I do still lean quite heavily on my 750 Words, though, which is something. (I used to do both, though, and maybe one day I will again.)

  26. Such a good video! I keep a super simple bullet journal,just to kind of track what I do with my time and not just feel like it's constantly slipping out of my hands. And then I keep an omni-journal, were I write anything and everything I want to write down, and doodle and stuff. It's super nice, I really get what you mean by it feeling like a luxury to get to sit down and write stuff down.

  27. I have a ton of various journals.. I love to write things down or else my brain gets too crowded. My main journal is definitely very ~sad girl, sad blog~ but it helps me stop ruminating/not unload some of my more ridiculous worries/thoughts onto my poor, overly supportive friends. Also, all my journals are quite ugly, I've never understood how people can have enough foresight/self control to make them nice looking. Oh well.

  28. i had tried journaling many many times and always gave up on it because i felt like i was supposed to just write a summary of my day every day and that was boring to me. then earlier this year i started keeping a journal so that i could put unhealthy thoughts somewhere private (as opposed to tumblr read-mores so that all my friends could see how bad i felt, yikes!), and that allowed me to really work through my feelings. that's when i was really able to commit to journaling. now i pull out my journal whenever i'm overwhelmed by emotions and need to process my own thoughts healthily. i've also started keeping gratitude pages in them, where i'll write 5 or more things i'm grateful for from that day alone. that really helps, especially if i've had a bad day. there's always something good to find, and it's nice to have that next to a page of word vomit about bad feelings. it keeps a balance that's good for your brain and wellbeing. i think there's this idea that suggesting keeping a journal is just a silly neurotypical thing, but that's so untrue. journals are so healthy i'm so passionate about them!

  29. I first started keeping a journal in middle school, and it was mostly silly entries about my day and lots of Pokemon stuff. I've kept a journal consistently, every single day, for about 14 years and I think it's such a gift to be able to look back on that much time. I do it because I need the offload at the end of the day and I love getting stuff out of my head. I also just like having a record of what I've done each day, even if it's just routine.

  30. I've been keeping a journal consistently since I was 6 years old and I'm so, so grateful that my mom made me start doing it when I was homeschooled… I write pretty much everything in my journal, it's usually a running narration and commentary on my day-to-day life, so it's sometimes really boring, but it's one of the best things I can do when I'm feeling down AND it's so fun to go back 10 years and read what came out of my weird 14-yr-old brain!

  31. "Stuff minimalist and thought hoarder"–I like that. I've been attempting to cultivate something similar, as I'm currently sort of the opposite.

  32. I journal mostly to remember, I have quite a fear of forgetting, so to make up for that I take tons of photos and journal whenever I have a day or a moment or whatever I want to remember. It started when I went to a concert when I was 17 and didn't want to forget all the jokes the band had made, so I wrote them down. After that I mostly just journaled really big events that I wanted to remember, but recently I've branched out to writing small things, like something my friend said, or beautiful bathroom stall graffiti. I've really come to love journaling.

  33. oooh this is super inspiring! I've tried doing the journal thing now and then but when it's too organized I worry that I'll end up only remembering the few memories I stored from that day, but tbh this makes me think that I should maybe start again! I love your technique of not having a technique (if that makes sense) – I think what's tripped me up in the past has mostly been trying to stick to a formula (i.e. write this much every day) and giving up when the formula falls apart, so maybe just being a little more free with it would do the trick

  34. I just blogged about this!! I've journaled for most of my life (since I was eight or nine) and one of the biggest reasons is so I can be more mindful of how I'm feeling and I can better deal with my issues rather than complain constantly to people I love.

  35. I tried to keep a diary every night a couple of years ago, and that worked for a few months but I found once I was busy I couldn't be bothered. Now I have a poetry notebook which I've given myself more freedom to use. My old one I would only put ideas for poetry in – now I'll write whatever the heck I like. It's really freeing, and interesting, because often looking back at events or particularly moments of high emotion, they can get realy distorted. To have something written down from the moment means you don't lose sight of what it was really like

  36. I really like keeping things and thoughts in different notebooks. I have my bullet journal, another one for social media stuff, reading journal, film journal, and then tons for song ideas and poems and writing. I'm a journal enthusiast.

  37. I'm always torn between having a journal for story ideas and creative stuff and then having a separate one for the more sad girl rants. OR if I should just keep them combined. It's a debate I've had going with myself for years though and I don't see it being figured out anytime soon. Either way, I loved this little reminder to get to writing. 🙂

  38. I've been wanting to start journaling again… I used to keep a diary as a teenager and there's just so much of it. For the past year or so I've been participating in diary slams, where people read from their old journals, and it's hilarious. It also reminds me how much being able to write down my thoughts – ridiculous as they may have been sometimes – benefited me back then. So I absolutely agree that everyone should do it! My problem right now is that I can't get myself to spare the time… but thanks for the nudge 😉

  39. as an artist i LOVE making art journals with mixed media , thick paper. i write inspirational quotes to books I'm reading and draw, paint, collage etc. visual representations how i feel, its a form a therapy!

  40. I've been keeping journals for about four months, and it's become such a big part of my routine… At first I bought one because I had a lot of thoughts to write down on that day, but it's quickly become something that I needed to do every few days.
    I have a few drawings in there, but it's mostly writing and just like you, I don't try to make it particularly aesthetic (though I do have a prettier bullet journal for planning…)
    I tend to write a lot about my mental state or random things that I might need to remember later on (I have a few pages somewhere reminding me that no matter my small mess-up, my boss couldn't just fire me overnight, and a few other similar reminders for when I get scared of people's reactions)
    I find that writing my feelings down helps me reach to conclusions just as if I'd talk about them with someone, except writing about some of the darkest stuff is easier than speaking about them.
    In a word: go journals!!

  41. I like to write in Spanish as a way to keep up my fluency. I write when I'm stressed or about little moments in my day or thoughts and ideas that I have like you.

  42. I really like pressing leaves/flowers from places in my journal too! It encourages me to be outside more (which is good) and then also feels like a very tangible memory add-in of a place, whether it's a new city or just a new coffee shop patio.

  43. I keep a journal and tend to write in it at the start or end of the day. It's mostly just annoyance with myself or something that's going on in my life, but often writing about it makes me realize what I'm actually annoyed about and figure out how to deal with it.

  44. I have a diary. I don’t write in it every day, or carry it around with me everywhere I go – I never really thought of that – but it’s been so, so helpful in working out my twisted, tangled, maze-like emotions. When I’m feeling discouraged, or angry, or confused, writing those feelings down lets me look at them and analyze them, instead of wallowing in them. And when I’m feeling happy, or curious, or thoughtful, I can write that down and look at it again later. I would have completely forgotten who I was two years ago (when I started my first diary) if I hadn’t written that down.

  45. I have two scrapbooks; one for holiday/ general memories, and one to stick in my favourite things, cinema tickets, cute dogs and that sort of thing. Then I have a to-do list notebook, a positivity notebook, and a bookstagram notebook for post ideas and readathon tbrs so I don't forget the prompts. I don't use them as much as I would like but they're really helpful when I'm having an anxious day. There's nothing more calming than sticking and gluing 🙂

  46. Thank you so much for this, my journals tend to be filled with pessimism but it makes me feel good because it allows me to release it there rather than take it out on others…someone told me I am just depressed!

  47. This year I tried the bullet journal thing. I like how I can track how well I am doing with eating–among other things. I want to get a travel notebook so I can put the bullet journal in there and two smaller journals. One for writing down my dreams and the other so I can draw if the urge strikes me. Typically I write ideas for things online, but I might have another small one for that or just random thoughts when people watching. When I'm not traveling I can keep them in designated places. For instance, my dream one would be by my bed while the other two small ones might go around with me.

  48. I've been keeping journals on and off since I was in middle school. I still have all of my really old ones where I tried to write dark, sad, emo song lyrics and poetry, which is hilarious and mortifying to go back to. I used a locked folder on my computer's desktop for a while to free write, because I could type much faster to keep up with my thoughts. Now, I'm back to a classic notebook and pen because it seems more and more that I need to slow my thoughts down instead of trying to keep up with them.

  49. It's interesting to me that you keep lists in the same place as your diary-type journaling, because for me they're two separate things. I have a bullet journal that is basically my free-form planner, and I also have a journal-journal where I write sad kid sad blog stuff and contemplative rambling, but also sort of…essays (?) about things I've been thinking about more broadly in relation to myself/the world/society/etc. That said, I don't write in my journal-journal as often as I'd like…November goals? A sort of plotless, personal, mostly non-fiction NaNoWriMo? 😛

  50. I started keepibg a journal when I turned 22! It was totally what I needed and then I found more old school notebooks and made a new theme for each. One for drawing one about my inner thoughts
    one about my family
    one about boys
    and one for drawings
    I have one for my daughter
    One about marriage
    One about workouts n motivation
    One about online classes
    and a sketch pad.

    I get alot out of these. Mostly reading back on them I see my growth or seeing the dates makes me want to write more. No matter what its spilling my emotions and still keeping them secret.

  51. Thanks for your thoughts. Used to keep a journal especially while traveling. Thinking about starting again. Maybe kick it off with a trip. 🙂

  52. Like this! Great idea! I’m hoping to get my six-year-old to start her journal in 2018. She loves writing already!

  53. I been keeping a journal since I was 13. I just started back writting a year ago,when my first sexual assault counselor advice me,in case law informer has to look at it someday.
    Also,I found,journal is a good source, if something has happened to you,in case police need to see it.It show help with few of my rape situation, that happen when I was younger.

  54. I'll never forget the military ER doctor who after running tests on me as a 14 year old coming in experiencing a panic attack (and confusing it for a heart attack) said so calmly "In my expert medical opinion, I think you need to keep a journal.You're way to young to be this anxious. Write everything down." I wish I could go back and find that doctor, he had a huge affect on my life.

    PS: I'm binge watching your videos a lil bit

  55. I do keep a journal but it's so discouraging when all I find on Youtube is journals filled with art, lettering, quotes, and collages. I do like and indulge in that stuff in small quantities to decorate my journal and express my creativity. However, the most important part of journaling for me is getting thoughts out of my head for various reasons. Helps me de-clutter my mind and work things out, as well as keep a record of feelings, thoughts, etc. to discuss with my therapist, husband, and groups at a later date.
    I enjoy the simplicity of your journal style-it is very inspiring!

  56. I've kept a journal (on and off) since I was about 14 (I'm 20 now) and even though I sometimes cringe a little looking through my old ones, I'm so glad I did. It also always makes me realize how much I've grown, how far I've come and how much I have achieved and overcome that I never thought I could (which I might not otherwise have noticed) and sometimes reminds me of ideas I had or things I wanted to do.
    I've given myself permission for them not having to be perfect pretty much since the beginning, which makes it a lot easier for myself (a hard-core perfectionist) to do it regularly, and usually the messiest pages are actually my favourites.
    Love your content and the way you tell stories!

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