Why is the internet so SLOW on my Mac all of a sudden?

Why is the internet so SLOW on my Mac all of a sudden?

– So, you have slow internet. Who do you blame? Is it your Mac? Is it your wireless router? Is it your internet provider? Is it solar flares? Is it because your father
never hugged you as a child? I’m gonna show you some
steps so you can prove where the problem is, and
then you’ll know who to blame. So, I’m gonna show you how to use the process of elimination in the most efficient way possible. 90% of the time the issue
with your slow internet will be either the website that you’re on, the web browser that you’re using, your wireless router, your
internet service provider, or other, solar flares. In this video I’m gonna
talk about the solution to the first two and I’m
gonna give you an option to prove that it’s the router or the internet service
provider, also called an ISP. The solution for the router for
the ISP and for solar flares will be in part two, which
will be a separate video. Subscribe on YouTube to
make sure you get that one right when it comes out. So, let’s start off with “Is it the website itself that is slow?” Now, often people think
that the internet is slow but it’s actually just that one website that you’re trying to access. So try a different website. If Microsoft.com was slow,
head over to Apple.com, click on some things,
see if it loads quickly. Does that resolve it? Great, blame the website. Is it still slow when you
go to another website? Now let’s see if it’s the browser app. So, sometimes the slowness that you feel is actually in the web
browser that you’re using, like you’re in Safari and you’ve got a bunch of different tabs open, then you wanna quit Safari and reopen it, and see if it’s faster. Or you can just switch over
to Chrome and try that. You can see my other
video about quitting apps. If you’re using Chrome now
and everything seems fast, great, blame the browser app. Blame Safari. Is the internet still slow
when you try a new browser? Try connecting your Mac to your iPhone using Personal Hotspot. Now this is assuming
that your phone has LTE or 4G or something better. This is creating a WiFi
network using your iPhone, and this is a fantastic
way to troubleshoot because it’ll be very fast to connect but it’s also amazing
because you can do this Personal Hotspot anywhere when you have your Mac and your iPhone. So, to do this you go into
Settings on the phone, Personal Hotspot, and turn it on, and then set a reasonable
but secure WiFi password. Then on your Mac you
go under the WiFi menu on the top right, and
then you look in your list to see the name of your iPhone here. You click on that and
then wait a second or two until you see the interlinked symbols that you know you’re actually
connected to the Hotspot. Is the internet nice and fast when you try going to a website? Great, now you know you
can blame your router or your internet service
provider, or both. I’ll cover how you’ll figure out which one of them it is in part two. Stay tuned. If you want someone patient and helpful who speaks your language to come to you and take all your Mac
challenges off your mind, head to macinhome.com. (beeping) (laughs) Is it because your
father never hugged you? (crew laughing) Oh my god. All right.

32 thoughts on “Why is the internet so SLOW on my Mac all of a sudden?

  1. You forgot the aliens and the government that put chemicals in the water to make the frogs GAY! If alex jones says this then it must be true. 😉

  2. ugh. not the website. not the browser. wifi and hotspot both terrible. but my ipad and phone work perfectly on the same wifi. so it just seems to be my MAC. ONLY MY MAC.

  3. Sorry, not too helpful. Only my iMac is very very slow download. Other PCs are fine. There is not enough depth here to help.

  4. Umm… I Tried all of these and I also took out the plug and put it back in but when I did that ELECTRIC SPARKS CAME OUT SO I QUICKLY STABBED IT IN THERE IN FEAR

  5. Hi there nice info, but it seem that i couldn’t find my answer anywhere, so i have this problem when my mac connect to wifi it slow down the internet to all gadget but when i turn off my wifi the wifi on other gadget works fine, and i tried to connect the wifi with my mac friends and it works fine on her mac 🙁

  6. ironically my internet is so slow i can't even watch this entire video…I've been in the kitchen for 30 minutes and it stuck a few seconds in and has been buffering.
    macs have become shit since the company focussed on making phones

  7. Waste of time watch this. This kind of video with so many unlikes should be forbidden in Youtube, really. Totally nonsenses

  8. Helped me my Mac book won’t load App Store on WiFi and it will take ages to load safari and on hot spot it works very well , chrome works on my internet but safari and App Store dont

  9. I PROVED. IT"S THE FUCKING MAC !!!!!!! I fucking hate apple. It's because of an update. I can't seem to fix it. All other devices at home work perfectly. Im about to install Ubuntu on it. There isn't even an update available to fix the damn issue. I can only roll back probably which is a headache. I work also with Linux and Windows alot. And Mac is fine if you don't have problems. But when you have a problem it fucking SUCKS ASS and you can't do anything about it.

  10. Internet works great on both my macbook pro and phones, but my imac is so slow. I perform an internet speed test and its fine. So confusing. Any help?

  11. not very useful information for the issue at hand. Great video to explain the process of troubleshooting, but everyone here has clearly already troubleshooted or else they wouldn't be here. This video would better have been titled "how to troubleshoot basic wifi problems".

  12. Please help me, Internet on my Macbook Air is slow , on my phone and other devices it’s fine.. i don’t know what to do 😭 please answer

  13. Wrong, before you blame your internet provider, you have to insure that your MAC PRO OR MAC IS up to date with software and hardware, is a big deal

  14. There probably are a lot of youth and adults who have never been hugged by their father, and possibly exposed to other sorts of trauma.

  15. Most here are having the same iMac problem. This video could go viral if it addressed the actual problem. My Macbook Pro, ipad, phone all work fine on my wifi network. But with the same settings my hi-speed wifi takes at least 3-5 minutes to simply load one page like yahoo or CNN, making it suddenly unusable. I have turned it off, reset router, deleted other accounts, done so many things but it seems like nothing has worked.

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