– (Mary) All right.
Trudy, Faith, Sharon, are you ready to find out
what blue waffle is? – I don’t know.
– I am! – Yes!
– I wanna know. – I wanna know.
– I’m like, “I don’t know.” – Dirty, cute, whatever,
I wanna know. – I don’t think it’s cute.
– I bet it’s so cute. – I’m tired of not knowing!
– Blue waffle’s so cute! – I bet it’s adorable!
– It’s like this big. – Okay, we ready?
– Go for it. – What am I typing? Blue waffle?
– Yes. – (laughs)
– All right. – Okay.
– Are you ready? – Hey, guys.
React producer Mary here. So yesterday, we shot
a super fun episode with all of our moms cast.
We played Never Have I Ever with them and got them to do
some pretty crazy things that they had never done before,
so check it out. – So, you all have
something in common. You are all moms.
– (all) Yes! – (Mary) So, one at a time,
can you tell us a little bit about your kids and about
whether or not being a mom has made you more
or less adventurous? – Oh, adventurous.
You have to. I have four, so life
is an adventure just every day. They’re all in their 20s now,
but it doesn’t make anything any easier.
– I don’t think so. I think I was always
pretty adventurous. I think now I just have
a partner in crime. Just ask Vegas.
– Well. Well! – From giving birth,
which is the ultimate safari, and I’m gonna use that
euphemistically. You gotta roll up your shirt sleeves
and just get into some messy [bleep]. – (laughs)
– But literally. Literal. – Literally!
– Literal [bleep]. – You see a baby and they’re
all cute and everything, and next thing you know,
they got [bleep] all the way up to their neck.
– Yeah, exactly. – That’s an adventure.
– And the bathroom. The bathroom. Ugh.
– Oh my god. – I had two girls.
I was still like, “Y’all are not boys.
What is this?!” – Yeah.
– (laughs) – What is this?!
– (Celeste) What’s going on right now, you two?
– Carrying a speaker. – (Jack) We’re prepping
for our second Try Not to Move ultimate duel. This time,
the theme is greatest fears, which is basically
what the last theme was. What other theme could we do?
– Um… Things that they
really like and enjoy? – Yes.
– Like, we’ll bring out Billie Eilish. I would move for that.
– Try not to move. Yeah. – (Jesse) So, recently, we stumbled
upon a certain article online depicting various products
are that apparently intended for college students like yourself. – Okay.
– (Jesse) College Kids. – College kids. Yeah,
because you know us, just always on the go. (laughs)
– (Jesse) So today, we’ll be showing you some of the items
from the list, and we’re gonna let you test them out and decide
whether the particular product should be a thing or not.
– Ooh. Okay, fun. I just feel like it’s gonna
get so gross. It’s like a laminated pouch. Oh my god. (laughs) Oh my god.
I feel like it’s gonna squish sauce and grease everywhere
if I try to ziplock it. – (Jesse) Go ahead and put it
around your neck. – You know what?
– (Jesse) Look at that. – Look at this. Remember Harper from
Wizards of Waverly Place? I feel like this is something
she would wear with a pizza outfit, you know? (laughs)
Just like a good accessory. I don’t know if I’d carry
my lunch around like this unless my other bag
was already full of something, and I was like, “Gotta put
my pizza somewhere obviously.” ♪ (mischievous electronic music) ♪ – (Mary) Well,
besides being moms, you also have
something else in common. There are lots of things
that you guys have never done. So, before we get to today’s episode,
you’re gonna be answering 10 quick questions
about things you may or may not have done before.
You’ll hold up your green side if you have done it,
and your red side if you have not. – All right.
– Okay. – Okay.
– That doesn’t sound dangerous. – Okay!
– That sounds really easy. – (Mary) Have you ever
shotgunned a beer? – I mean…
– (all laugh) – My life.
– I don’t like beer. – No?
– I don’t like beer, no. – I don’t like beer.
– I don’t like beer. – I was like, “I don’t know
if I should”– – Yes, on any given day. – (Mary) Any question
you answered no to, you’ll have the chance to change
that answer by doing that activity right here, now, today
for the first time ever in this episode.
– Ooh. – All right!
– (Mary) Whichever person completes the most first-time tasks–
– Damn! I wish I hadn’t thrown the green.
– (Mary) Whichever person completes– – Kristine!
– (claps) – (Mary) Whichever person completes
the most first-time tasks will win this game and get a coveted
get-out-of-punishment-free card for use in a future episode.
– (moms) Ooh. – I want one of those.
– Well, I win a lot. I mean, I don’t know
if I’ll need a punishment card. – (Mary) So, leave those positions,
and then you’re gonna come into those, like putting your arm up
or crossing your arms or putting your hand in your pocket.
So, I’ll count you down. All right. And so, Trudi,
you can drop your arm, and then you’re gonna put your arm up.
– The right one. – (Mary) So, three, two, one. Pose.
Perfect. We’re gonna do the exact same one more time.
– (whispers) They’re so hot. – Rolling.
(clapperboard clacks) – (man) We starting?
– (Josecarlos) Yeah. – Something’s fishy.
– I don’t like it. It’s stupid. I don’t like this.
– (Josecarlos) Why are you so quiet? Jeannie, yeah, you’re so silent.
– Well, I just– I feel like I know what’s gonna happen.
– (laughs) Personally, I’m nervous, ’cause you have shattered
whatever trust I had in you. – (crew laughs)
– It is now gone. So, every time I’m in the studio,
I’m holding my breath. But it’s nice to be in here
with other people now. – (Josecarlos) Exactly.
You’re all in this together, whatever this is.
– I’m shaking, partly because it’s cold,
but mostly ’cause I’m scared, ’cause I don’t know what’s happening.
– Hey, guys. So, right now, I’m using my nifty tape right now,
and I’m packaging up these gifts that were actually from the episode
that were couples reacting to different types of products.
– Oh my god. I wanna start watching this. This is…
– What is it? – …Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop.
– (FBE) So, we’re actually going to be giving away
some of the items in this episode to members of our SuperFam.
– (gasps) – Whoa! Giveaway.
– (FBE) So, if you wanna enter to win some of these products
to join the SuperFam, all you gotta do is head over
to React and hit the Join button. – Yeah, come and do it!
Join the SuperFam. You get some cool perks,
and you might win one of these Goop products.
(chuckles) – It’ll smell like
Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina and our hands.
– (laughs) – We’re actually giving these away to some our SuperFam, which our winners are Kacey, Ashley, and Jill.
Thank you so much for being part of our SuperFam.
And we are gonna send these products to them right now. – It’s just a blue waffle?
– Yeah, just blue waffle. – Okay.
– Okay. – Great. I’m gonna
put blueberry waffles. – “Is it a real STD?”
We’re getting into it! It’s not just an Eggo, oh no!
– It’s an STD. – It’s an STD.
– Should I do dictionary or Medical News Today?
– Medical News Today I feel like has
the appropriate explanation– – Or Urban Dictionary?
– Urban Dictionary. – Oh, Urban Dictionary.
– You want that one? – Yeah.
– (all) “Don’t [bleep] look it up.” – “Just don’t.”
– Just don’t do it. – Oh, is it right there?
Is it– no? – No, that’s an ad.
– (Mary) All right, Sharon. Now you’re gonna type
blue waffle disease into that Google search.
– (fake gags) Okay, sorry. – I’m just guessing
it’s gonna be so nasty. – Disease.
– I just have a feeling. – Go to Images.
– Images. – (gags)
– (gags) – I’m out.
– (coughing) – So, I’m done.
– I just seriously threw up inside my mouth.
– I’m so glad I don’t have that in my life right now.
– (whispers) What the [bleep]. – If I wasn’t a million percent
lesbian before… I AM NOW!
– YOU ARE NOW! (laughs) – If it’s a skunk,
I’ll just… I’ll– – (Josecarlos) What do you
think it could be? You know, what was one of your fears,
I guess, that guys had put down? – Snakes.
– Snake. – Reptiles.
– People are so afraid of snakes. – Dude, I like reptiles,
so I’m chillin’. I know Shar is.
– They don’t bite. I mean, not the bite ones.
– (Shar whimpers) – Ah!
– (Josecarlos) I’ll tell you when. Remember, stand still.
– It feels like it’s something heavy, man.
What is it? – (Jaxon) Are you saying
it’s on you? – (Josecarlos) All right, guys.
I’ll tell you when to open. – Please tell me
it’s a [inaudible]. That’s all I’m asking, man.
I can– I can– I can relax. – Ooh. It’s a rat.
– Ooh. – I’m out! I’m out! I’m out!
– Ahhhh, no way! – (Josecarlos) You guys
can open your eyes. – He’s cute.
– Ahhhh! – They’re so cute.
They’re so cute. – Bro, no!
They’re over there too. – Are they pooping?
– They’re right there, guys. Nooo!
It’s coming down. – They love you.
– Come on, please. Go on me. Go on me. Go on me.
Yeah, baby. Yeah, baby. – Oh, and they’re pooping too!
Ohhh, [bleep]! – (Celeste) What are you doing?
– I’m waiting for Jack and Josecarlos. They’re gonna come.
I’m gonna shoot them in some intros, outros,
in-between-tros for video for the SuperFam,
which is like extra content from the Try Not To videos
that didn’t make in, like deleted scene kind of things.
– So, this first episode is Try Not To Freak Out.
I saw a lot of the comments were wanting us to reveal
to the reactors what was actually in the box.
We actually did reveal all of that, so you’re gonna see that
in this episode, a lot of unseen footage,
and it’s really, really fun reactions. – Stephen, is there another
question that everybody was asking? (music stops) You looked like you were
about to something, so– – Sorry. I was like, no.
– (all laugh) – My bad! I [bleep] that one up.
– (Stephen) I guess, why was it cut? – Oh yeah. Why was it cut?
– It was cut, ’cause we just don’t have enough time, and we had
to push this out very quickly. – Yeah.
– There’s just not enough time to fill everything in.
– I think it was 3 PM the day before when we got a message like,
“Hey, by the way, this is going out 10 AM tomorrow.”
– That’s right. Yeah. This was the one that was quickly
(snaps) put on our schedule. And now you can see all the other
hard work we’ve done. It always sucks
when we can’t show everything, especially when it’s really funny.
And now we can to you, because you help support us,
so thank you. – Woo!
– (Kyle) Wow. – You dirty scoundrel.
– The first wives’ club here. – (all laugh)
– (Mary) Kyle here has volunteered to say something rude to you today,
so you can throw a drink in his face. – I’m ready.
– I feel like a douchebag with this hat backwards by the way.
Mary made me do this, this hat backwards, okay?
I just wanna make that clear. – Like, you look like somebody
who needs a drink thrown in his face. – Yeah. Exactly.
I look like a real douche. Sharon.
– Mm-hmm. – Why haven’t they graduated you
to Elders React yet? – Oh.
– Because I’m too funny for Elders. – (gasps)
– I would beg to differ. – (women laugh)
– “I’d beg to differ,” he said! – (laughs)
– I probably look like [inaudible]. – Uh-uh!
– You are my least favorite reactor. – (gasps)
– I get that a lot. – Oh, oh, oh!
Try not to laugh. – You have never heard–
– (Trudi makes buzzer noise) – Everybody likes these guys
much more than you, including me. – Including me?
– That’s not true. That’s just a lie.
That’s a lie. – (all yelling over each other) – I know. I know.
– I’m the one commenting. – I don’t want to,
’cause I love you. – (all) Awww.
– I don’t wanna throw a drink in your face.
– Okay. She’s too nice. – Faith–
– (laughs) – (all laugh) – (Mikaela) Kyle,
how does your face feel? – Wet.
– (Mikaela) Wet? – And olive-y.
It smells like olives. They did not tell me
there was gonna be olives inside of the water,
so now I smell like a dirty martini. – (Mikaela) Ah, yes.
Well, you look great. – I do?
– (Mikaela) Have you ever had a drink thrown
in your face before? – I wish I could say yes,
’cause that would be more interesting, but no. I’ve always been
a very nice guy.

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