Wilder vs. Fury 2 | full fight recap | feb. 22, 2020 | w/ ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Wilder vs. Fury 2 | full fight recap | feb. 22, 2020 | w/ ENGLISH SUBTITLES

hi boxing fanatics welcome to jdragtv Here we can see that wilder is wearing all black mask as he walked into the boxing ring and fury is wearing a royal crown like a king in his head. in round 1 fury was faking a lot and continued to press attack against wilder. we can see here that wilder hit fury with a left hook fury continues to hit and jab wilder while wilder awaits for the right time to hit and while focusing fury continued his pursuit for attacking wilder and he connected a jab and people cheered. and here is Fury’s good connection throughout round 1 with the last 10 seconds remaining. lets watch the round 1 fight recap here in round 2 fury continued his jab and he connects and scored and wilder immediately returned a right hand punch to fury. lets watch out some highlights in round 2 we can see that fury hits wilder several times and fury continues to press attack we see that wilder seems to have become wobly when he got knocked down to Fury’s blow and his legs are shaky yet. and here in round 4 it was almost like the two started to clinch right away and fury secretly slipped an uppercut and wilder retaliates while the referee are to stop them and when they were seperated the referee asked to stop the time and started to warn them both and said he would start deducting points if they repeated it. they started to exchange blows but they did not connect to each other and got out of balance so Wilder fell down but the ref didnt count since its not counted as a knockdown Lets watch it We can see here that they are in a clinch and Wilder’s legs seems to be out of balance and Fury stil continued to press attack and at the start of round 5 Fury immediately started to hit, and he connected a 1 2 that hit wilder. and they exchanged punches And Fury connected a body punch which caused Wilder to get knocked down in the 2nd time lets watch it and after he got knocked down, Wilder seemed to get slowly weakening and while Wilder was sitting on his bench side, we could see there was blood coming out of his ear. after 10 secs of start of round 6 Fury immediately followed up and storms wilder with punches lets watch it Fury said i wanna taste blood this is what he showed here, thats why he seems to be licking Wilder’s blood adn this is round 7 lets watch it here we see that the fight was stopped because the camp of Deontay Wilder threw in the towel and indeed won the TKO by Tyson Fury. thank you for watching boss
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  1. Why the fuck would someone put music over a BOXING clip?
    What are you going to do next?
    Put a TENNIS clip up
    Watch highlights of FEDERER and NADAL with MUSIC over the top

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