WordPress Blog Tutorial – Blogging for Beginners!

WordPress Blog Tutorial – Blogging for Beginners!

All right. Hey guys it’s Greg and I’m here today at YouTube N.Y.C. to show you how to make a WordPress
blog in the fastest and cheapest possible way that there
is today we’re going to be using
WordPress .org so that you get all the
features like Google Analytics and Google Ad Sense social media buttons and pretty things that you
might see on other popular Web sites that you look at today. So you can make a website or a blog or a website with a blog or just a really simple one page site something like that. Either way it’s up to you. You just need to install the
Wordpress software which is what I’m going to
show you how to do right here. We’ll keep it really simple today. You don’t need to know anything
about servers or code or any of that despite what you might have heard or read. We have the only two tools we need
here to get started which are the word Pesta or web site and a web host which you can see here. And then you have me your teacher for better or for worse and maybe just a cup of coffee or whatever it is you like drinking. So let’s get started. If you already see where we can take you later on how to make a WordPress blog the right way. Let’s do it. All right guys and gals. Let’s do it. So for starters you can visit the WordPress org site if you want to I guess meet WordPress. But you don’t need to be on this
site and you don’t need to click download
WordPress either because our Web host of choice they host Gator has unlimited copies of it and it’ll set up WordPress for us. But sometimes I like click and showcase just to see who else is using WordPress. Like Bloomberg angry birds and the Walt Disney Company. All right. So we’re going to visit host keytar
in a second to see what they’re all about. But I’m also going to bring in our
handy stopwatch so we can see how getting web
hosting and getting a domain name if you
need it takes about as much time as it does
to check our emails. Which for me is four minutes. So let’s click start and we’ll keep an eye on that as we
go through. First up is a visit host gator at toldo that HBO s t o r dot com. All right. And we’re also going to
keep track of how many different snaps as we see throughout the tutorial that’s
snappy right here. So I choose those because they’re
always the first to come out with new products
like these. They have award winning live chat
support up here and you pretty much get more
features than you could ever need to try on your new blog. You’ll never run out of new things
to play with. So first step is to click get started now. Right here. And we’re going to get the hatchling
plan today because it’s the most basic cheapest plan one step up would be that baby plan though and that’s just good if you want to
run unlimited sites. But the hatching plan is
perfect. If you want to run one WordPress site or blog same thing and we can see that it starts at 395 per month. But that’s just what the general
public pays my audience. So we’re always going
to get better stuff and I’ll show you how to get a
special discount in one second. I just want you to know that you can
also click compare all plans and you get this really epic
detailed list from host gator showcasing what their three most
popular plans had sling baby and business come with things like a $300 credit to try google adwords or Yahoo bang and most importantly Hatchell and comes with amazing WordPress hosting right here. All right. So that’s all we need
today. But this list is obviously pretty
cool to see about it. All right. So now it’s time to see to get a
discount. This is just an example from a
previous video tutorial that people followed. But what I’m going to do is leave you a link like this one beneath the video. Believe me not everyone sees or finds it but it’s going to say something like
get biggest is kind of at home care and then you just click through it and the discount will be applied
automatically. So already we’re going to get the hosting down to three dollars a
month. That seem amazing hatting hosting and it also gets a domain name
thrown in and custom e-mail there. And so you don’t have to use your
Hotmail anymore. All right. So that will be applied
automatically. And I may earn a small credit if you sign up through my link that comes at no cost to you. So big thanks for helping me. By the way. All right so now click on get
started and we’re going to go to the
housekeeper. Order forms here in the right place. Step one. We just need to choose a domain. So enter your new domain name if you want to add a new one if you
need help with any ideas let me know in the
comments is parts really fun. But I already found the
perfect one and I bought it so I’m going to click on this domain and entering my word blog to tutorial. Spell it. Not bad. And I’m just going to use the dot
com here. We don’t need to get any of the other extensions because I’m not worried about
copycats at this point. But the Dotcom’s the best if you add the dot net or the dot org or something it’s not going to hurt
your site. People just think of the dot com
right away I saw like that in step 2. It’s time to choose a hosting plan. Just make sure you have
hatchlings selected and then for a billing cycle we can see that 12 months is a really good price. It’s actually the lowest price right
here but even more importantly perhaps 12 months is the ideal amount of
time to make your blog success and make some money from it or move on to another on an
adventure. But it’s important to give your blog
a website a chance to access and it looks like even huskier knows
that we’re going to choose it for $2 and fifty cents a month that would
just be $3 if you get a domain name to next choose a username and password and come down enter your billing info and step three. So I had autofill take care of that in step four make sure to uncheck
all the additional services you can add
them later. But we don’t need them at the moment
because we want to pay the least amount
possible and in step five we’re done. All right. So it’s going to be $31. If you just get the Web Hosting or $36 if you get the domain name that domain name will just be $5 a month which also is a discounted price. So these are both insanely amazing
deals and you have my personal word that
these are actually the best deals available today at my expense in the future. If it does just let me know in the
comments and I’ll help out. But for now let’s keep moving. Check this box and then proceed and click. Check out now congratulations and welcome to the host gator
family. When you see this screen it’s now
time to check our inboxes. OK so e-mail now. And I want you to look out for two
e-mails that host cator will send you which will help you do the next two steps we need to do right now before we install WordPress. All right. I’m sorry for going thirty four
seconds over. Greg owes you thirty four seconds redeemable however you want her. So the first thing to look out for is billing. Right. And if you don’t see these
e-mails just ask Coast gaters Award-Winning live
chat. They’ll send them over manually. So open up billing and the first step we need to do and need to know how to do is just to log in to that place we were
before where we got that Congratulations. Welcome to the host family message get back there because that’s also where we install WordPress and I closed all my browser tabs so we need to see how to get
back there. All right. So to do that we just
click on this link that says host cator
billing portal. And then log in with the information
from that billing e-mail. So that first step is done. You now know how to get back to your
home skater customer portal which is that they also call it the billing portal
because from portal towns a little better. But this is where you do pretty much everything in terms of managing what you just set up. You need to have a lot of hosting
packages and this is also where we install
WordPress. All right so let’s click on posting and get ourselves to the right
place. But what we need to do now. The second thing we need to do is go back to our inbox and open up the no reply e-mail. All right. And this e-mail contains first name server and second name server which are two important pieces of
information we need to connect our domain name with our hosting. Everyone needs to do this step
especially if you registered your domain name
somewhere like Go Daddy your name cheap. Just log in to those registrars and follow the instructions. Or ask their live chat where to put your first name server and second names are and then make sure to save So your domain name points to your hosting. Right. This a necessary step. And I’m sure you have now. But this is a host game tutorial so
if you really want I’ll let you know in the
comments how to do that at a place like Go Daddy or name cheap. For now we’re going to move forward and enter the first name server and second home server at home
Skeeter should take us about a minute so
let’s continue and continue. OK so we’re just going to write these down or copy them in our case it’s a easier. Highlight right click copy and I’m going to remember that the
other one is just 9 8 7 9 7. Come back to your host customer
portal and then let’s click on domains at the top and what are you going to do. This is just an example. You’ll see your domain name right
here. You’re going to click on the gear on it and then where it says Name Servers
are going to change and you’re just going write over
these two name servers. So delete it and then right click paste and then write in the new one as
well. Right so that one was just an eight and then once that’s done you’re
just going to click Save name servers and you’re good to proceed. Good job. All right. I think we know that at
one minute. Great job. So let’s come back to hosting. All right. So lots of fun new easy tools to play around with in this section of hose skater. But for now it’s time to move
forward with the main event of the tutorial and install your copy of WordPress. I think they should take us about
two minutes and after that we’ll learn as much
as possible in wordpress as we can today. All right. And if not cut plenty more tutorials on the channel so let’s do it. Go ahead and come down where it says
get started with wordpress today and click that link. And now all we need to do is select your domain name from this
list which should be pretty easy unless
you’ve made it like a million WordPress
sites like me right there. Well there it is. And we’re going to leave the
director box blank on anything there and just click next. Now you need to enter some
information like a blog title so this can be changed later. I’m just going to go through
quickly. The only thing you need to really focus on here is your email because WordPress will send you some
logon details and your admin user this is what WordPress will understand as your
username. So when you publish a blog post it
will say published by whatever you write here like Greg or you know tenis guy 22 or something. That’s what it’ll say. So make that one series and get it all right. Now check the terms box and click Install now and cross your fingers. This is the famous WordPress one
click install you might have heard about and were doing it together. All right. Success. We got the green check mark
installation complete. You do not want to click on the
installation details. You just want to take these and copy them and put them someplace safe like in a blank note file. Or you know a word doc what you do want to do now is click my
installs upper right and change your password. So it’s the at that. Thinking we’re going to come down to our new install at the bottom click reset password. You might just have one word
processor you know a lot. In the future choose your
name and address it in a new password. I see you something different. Click update password. And now let’s click and admin logon. All right. So I just pause the video
now to tell you three things. The first one is that if you visit
your WordPress admin log in link like we are at right now but you don’t see this WordPress logon. You see some sort of blank or error page. Then it’s either because when you just install WordPress it can
take between two and four hours for the screen to start working because your server and other servers in your area are updating. To understand where your web site is. Also if you just connected your domain name from somewhere like
Godaddy to your hosting it can take up to 72 hours to start seeing your Web site live because of what’s known as
propagation. That’s just so you know. If you don’t see this WordPress
logon screen but you did follow the instructions. You probably didn’t do anything
wrong. Just take a break and come back a little bit later. The second thing I want to say is
we’re now going to start ten steps to master WordPress in 10 minutes. I hope you’ll stick with us because
this is where we’ll learn how to make it complete
Wordpress blog or web site should be a lot of fun. And the third thing I want to say is that we’re going to get rid of the
stopwatch because I think we want the full screen but I’ll just use that for my
reference. All right. So let’s continue. The first step in our ten steps to master WordPress in 10 minutes is just to log in. So go ahead and do so with the password that you set in the screen. The host Guter control panel
marketplace lets also check remember me. And let’s also bookmark this link so that when you log on when you
want to log in in the future you can just find this link from your bookmarks or from a folder courier job. All right. And if you do lose track entirely of where to log in you can always just visit your domain name dot com and write affords us W.P. Dasch admin and click enter and it’ll take you back to the same
thing. All right so that’s how I do it
sometimes. So let’s click logon and welcome to WordPress we can say we don’t need help
because you have me. And then the first thing we want to
do is just dismiss a few of the notifications like no thanks right here and we’re going to clean up your
dashboard a little bit so that all of us are on the same
page and that your site runs perfectly and really simply. All right so first it says your site
is currently displaying. Coming soon
page what does that look like. Well I’m going to open up our site incognito so it doesn’t know we’re logged in and show you that coming soon page looks like this. All right. So anyone other than you like your friend or your business partner who’s not
logged in will see this right when you are at this point in making your
wordpress site. So if you want a coming soon page if you’re worried that people
will see your site before you launch then you might want to keep this up. However I like removing it because then your friend can look
at the site and give you feedback. You know they don’t have to be
logged in and it can be kind of confusing if you don’t know this page is up and it is and people aren’t actually seeing your site. I guess to put it hopefully simple. All right. So if you want to keep
that page up if you’re worried about her say look then just leave it. But if you want to remove it click
here. And if you want to see how your site
looks to the world you just click in the upper left on your site title and it’ll take you to the front end
of your site which is how the whole world sees it
once it’s live at the moment it’s just you that can see it like this
because everyone else sees the coming soon page. And if you click on that site title
again it’ll take you to the back end or the dashboard where we make our
edits. So just clicking the button will
just go from one place to another. Front and tabac and you’re caught but I don’t like the coming
soon page because the colors don’t match my branding so I’m going to click here and that’ll get rid of the coming
soon page and everyone will see your site as it is. As you build it. All right. Great. Up next let’s click updates whenever there’s a little red
circle. It means that we should update some
stuff. So we can just. Select all on the plugins which I’ll explain in a little bit. Update them and you can also update the theme. Just a best practice to keep
everything updated. All right. So now is a good time also to go to plug ins and plug ins. We can make sure that we’re on the
same page. I just want to delete some
plug ins we don’t need so we can actually activate access. That’s an anti-spam tool which you
can sign up for later. It will reduce spam on your blog
posts and pages and we can delete Hello Dolly. Just click OK. There is no harm in deleting a plug in from your site. You can always reinstall it and get it working again and you won’t experience any
negative side effects unless your whole site like depends on it. But our site doesn’t depend on any
of these at the moment. So we’re going to deactivate and delete Meldrum or your place opt in Monster and jump back. You can always bring them back later
for free. All right. So if we could plug ins
again we should just have one plug in
activated as well it’s a plug in in the first place. A plug in is like an add on to your site. It extends the
functionality by definition. So if your WordPress is an apartment a plug in would be like the
television the oven the couch your apartment doesn’t come with those things automatically just
like WordPress doesn’t. But when you bring them into your
site plugins like to do a lot more like
show social media icons or create an image cyder or rank better in Google and so on and so forth. So you need Paulian but you want to make sure you get
the right ones too. And just ask me to share my
favorites if you’d like. All right. So we’re done with the
first step in our 10 steps and the second step is the theme. Let’s change the whole work of our
site. If we click our site title to go to the front and now we see that our site looks well like this. It’s got one of the default themes
in wordpress running. I know that it’s called 2016 but everything you see from the
black lines to the way the fans are the way your sidebar is over here. And every little detail down to the shape of the search box
that’s all guided by the theme. So this theme works pretty good for
a lot of people but we want our site to work. Amazing. So let’s change the whole theme and to do that we can go up to our
upper menu and we need to common themes. Or we can go the long line which is click on your site title and then hover on appearance and click themes. I’ll take you to the same place. And we can see that activity’s 2016 made by the WordPress team you can see all the details here. X out. And so if you aren’t activate one of
the other themes that your site came with just click on activate button here or to get a new theme we can click
on the big plus sign here. Right now you’re going to see a ton
of things. So these are all made by WordPress developers the WordPress
community and wordpress you know features some and so others are popular. And you’re going to want to like
play around when you have a moment. The only problem is some themes look really good. And then actually they don’t work at all. You know when you install them like
they do right here responsive is a really good one that
I know but there’s too many things to keep track of. So I picked out one already which I know looks good and it’s just called North Beach search for north than it or find it. All right. And it’s by a company
called Site origin so origin created the smash hit vantage theme which absolutely dominated WordPress for the past three or even four years. So I know you’re going to like North
because they made a really popular thing
before and this is one of their new models. All right. So to get north working we can just hover on it and click install and then click activate cool and now right away it’s going to say things for reasons that are
not equal or marble here or it’s great to customize her art so she can go at her own pace and we’re going to see what our set
looks like. Like the title and right away everything looks
different. So it’s a lot more simple yet. And of course it doesn’t look very
good at all because there’s nothing here. So let’s move on to Step Three in 10 steps to master Press adding blog posts. And within this section also show
you how to get free images online. So to get your first blog post live
hover on the skinny at the top and click the post start off right away with an image so open a new tab. And I like going to a site called
pick’s X a b a y dot com. All right. When you get a pix of it
you can get all sorts of free high quality
nature images. And you know any way you want to search
basically works you can’t go wrong. So if you have a food blog you have
a nature blog whatever kind of thing you want. I usually go on with nature and once you click on an image you
like you can also click on the categories. So it’s pretty cool and you can try to find the best
possible image. So I’m going to search for like New
Zealand because I just visited there and I’ve been pretty obsessed with it and use this image. The first one because I was actually
there. That’s the gondola in Queenstown. It’s pretty cool actually golfed right there. That’s a story for
another time. And to get a nice image just click free download and then you can choose the size of the second largest one is good. Really good. Click download. And then it’s going to ask you to
sign in and do the capture. And I just did a free social media
site and before so I don’t need to title it and save it cool. Now we can go to the blog post and you can easily insert an image into the blog post by
clicking add media then click select files then just find the image on your computer. That’s usually in downloads or on your desktop when you find it. You can double click or click open it will upload to your WordPress
your blog and be stored in your hosting. And then you just have to choose
that display setting. So whether it shows up like really big or smaller in the post and if you want it to float around
text or link to something all right and then you can click insert and post. So I chose the big setting. So you get a huge high
quality image but we actually just want to click
it and remove this because we want our image in the featured image
section so that the theme does something
beautiful with it. So Clix a featured image choose the image and set each image. I don’t see that in just one second. For now we need a title. So how about made it to the top in New Zealand and then some text. Sorry about the noise I guess. The chase is on with my kids. Categories are good for people and the search engines to find your
post so why not add a new category to something basic like travel. We can uncheck categorize and tags are even more specific in categories like New Zealand or categories or food than tags are brownies and cookies. All right great job and we can leave the rest the
settings the same although there are a lot of fun
to play around later. And let’s publish the post. Or in my case update because I
already published it. Right now we just need to click the site title to go back to the home
page and we can see that our first blog
post is live. Great job and the North theme did something
beautiful with the image inserted in this perfect square here. So that’s where featured images will go. It looks really professional. You can see the byline here for your author and the date. And then once you
start getting comments those will show up in the link right
next to the title right here. So the next step in our 10 steps to
master WordPress is pages some more to post but slightly different. Let’s go back to our skinniness and click new page and let’s just create an about me page so about me. So this one is cool. I’m going to show you how to get
another image now but this one is going to be from our own gallery because it’s an
About Me page. All right. I’m going to open up the
photos app on my Mac. If you’re on a PC then just go with the default photo uploading app. I already had to plug in my phone and click Import. And so now I have some images to choose from. So are there kind of goofy and I think a good one would be like maybe. So I have a few Yes yes. No images to choose from. Am I going to go with like. This one. So to get it from the app to your WordPress. I like doing the old fashioned drag
to the desktop. Now go back to WordPress in your
browser and click Add media again upload files or slide files and you’ll see that new image on your desktop. Right. So we didn’t rename it but that’s OK for now. We can just double click and it’s a big image because it came
from a phone. Now we’re going to size the image
down to large and set the alignment to the left. So the tax will set to the right image. You’ll see that in a second click instead of the page. Here and I look an image. And so now I’m just going to write a
little about us player that will hopefully good on our new blog. So if we click anywhere to the right
of the image and then start typing and you’ll see your text appear
right away you just gotta start typing. So when you start writing the names
the image goes in the wrong place and an easy way to fix it is just to click the text tab and then you can find the part of
this blog post which is the image. So in our case we have text and image and we can see if we will of close
not that the text ends after tutorial and then there’s just like this
image aged female We’re going to separate it by
hitting enter then we’re going to highlight all
that image it’s female and we’re going to cut it there we’re going to come to the top make some space and put that image back there because the image should have been
at the top. It just likes kind of hugging the
text. So not a quick visual then the image will align perfectly. Good job. And we can even clean up that one
space. All right. So that’s starting to
look like a professional about me page if you’d like you can go back to the text tab and actually do a lot with this little H.T. not Editor window for example. You can add some styling to the
image such as style equals quotation marks border to pick’s. Just a random site I chose Dasht blue some so can quote and give your image a nice border around it. Keep in mind there is pretty much
unlimited things you can do within WordPress because you are now in control of the Internet and as many real web pages as you
want on the Internet. So let’s just publish our page. I think it’s ready to go. And we’ll check it out by clicking home page and we can see we have a link to our new page in the navigation menu. And there she is. So just to start I would see a lot more that we could do. All right. So the fifth step in our 10 steps to master WordPress
involves the links to your blog posts and pages also called you or else. And also called
Permalink. So if you’re anything like me you’ll
see a page that you’re on on the web and you’ll look up here you are
Albar in your browser and what we don’t want to see is
anything complicated such as an index step or a date even because that can update your posts over time. In the eyes of Google all you want to see are keywords like about me. So to simplify your links or Permalink. Go back to the dashboard with me. Hover on settings and just click permalink. All right. And now we just need to
choose the host name. There’s a bunch of options. I’m not really sure why but they could be useful for someone and click save changes what that
post name selected. Now only go to our blog WordPress will know that the blog
post and the about me should only have the keywords right there after the domain name. Great job. And that will apply to all of your
links going forward what you want are it. Part 6 is going to be involving our homepage. So let’s click on our site title
right here. And I just want you to know that the
home page doesn’t have to show off your blog
posts. All right.
So what I like doing when I build a website for a client or make a blog for a client
sometimes is showcasing a huge image with buttons on it or an image slider on the home page and then they’ll have to click
somewhere to get to that blog you know. So it’s not the first thing they see with the blog. It’s more just like some beautiful
information about the company. So if you want to do that I’m going to create a separate tutorial
because that alone will take about 10 or 15 minutes to set up. But the basic way to start doing that is to make a page called front page. So you go to a new page and you just call it the front page and click publish. And this looks crazy confusing right
now. But then you go to settings reading and here’s the crux of it all. Where front page displays shows you would change it from your latest
blog post to a static page and make that front page equal to the front page. You don’t have to call it front
page. I just like doing that because it’s
WordPress terminology. And then you’d make your post page the blog. So you’d have to create a page for a
blog to anyways just a little bit of advance
word pressing that Olby definitely for another
tutorial coming soon. All right. So look out for that. For now we’re going to stick with our latest posts on the
homepage and just change yours. All right. The seventh step in how
to master WordPress is creating a menu. So follow me now to appearance menus. Very good and even though our site has a few
items in the area that’s just WordPress. Guessing what you got here so we don’t want to sample page of course and we might want these to
rearranged or so in menus start off by clicking create new
money. Call it something as simple and explanatory as possible like the main menu and click create menu. Next you can choose what goes in it. By checking these boxes here like that and clicking add to menu. If you have something in here that’s
not ready yet and you want to remove it open and click Remove. Make sure to choose the display
location such as primary menu which is where it will go on our theme. Different themes will have different
display locations. And lastly I want to add a custom link to our homepage. So click Custom link. Open up your site. Copy the URL. We’re going to walk quicker now
because we’re getting a lot better at WordPress as we go
through. I can feel it and now. Oops my bad copy paste in there and just give it some text like home and click Addleman you can reposition menu items by
dragging and dropping and family save money and let’s go to our site and refresh to see what we need. Great job. You I know how to make a menu in
wordpress. All right so I like to show you how
to make a logo now and to do that. I like starting at the logo maker dot com that’s logo maker with out the E and move that you are right and this is just a great place
to find logos and graphics. If you search for a graphic like
Comverse I’m a big fan of compasses and you’ll get all these really cool
icons that could be a logo. Or maybe just an icon explaining your services or your goals or your mission
statement. And then when you find one that you
really like you can just click on it. Like that you can easily change that color by dragging around the
color wheel. You know you might like a dark blue or like a nice dark blue. You can change the size by dragging and dropping and that’s literally just the start
of what you can do. Here in Logo maker you can also add text. For example just click on the T and type something. All right. For now I’m going to show
you how to save and upload this logo click crop in the lower right now click Save logo in the upper upper right. Sorry got the lower and upper next up. Long day and never again to save this as you know will go. Version 1 see it and because this logo is free you just have to paste a few little credits on the site. So just click this button right here and now come back to our blog. All right. And we’re going to go to
the dashboard here. We’re going to make a new page by
clicking pages on the left add Neal. And we’re going to call this page
credits and then drop in that little credit
from Logo makers so we don’t forget to do that later. Very important stuff that you don’t
want to forget. So yeah because that’s code repasted it
should actually go in a text. And paste that in there. And then when you click back to
visual it will look good. If you just publish your page don’t
worry it doesn’t show up right away on the
site. Just make sure to add that in later. We can also go back to pages and we can click trash on a sample page. All right. Now to upload our logo. I’m going to show you that. Customize your area where a lot of
the fun goes on and wordpress just hover on appearance and click customize. So this will be where we do the rest
of our mastering WordPress steps to insert the logo. Just go to. Whatever you think might be the
right section. But in our case I know it’s the site
identity and because no logo is selected like Logo upload or again select again. And find that logo from our downloads. There she is. And open. Great job. And slide it. All right. Now when you just grab it
a little bit drag and copy image. Right. So now let’s see even
publish. Let’s see how our logo shows up. It might be too big. It might be perfect. Refresh and it’s a little bit too big. At that. So I come back with me to customize and I’m going to show you a really clever and easy way to change the size of something on your
site and do it the way a professional web designer would. So if we go back we can navigate to the additional CSI section where you can add your own CSI as here. So when I learned were press at the start I had no idea. Yes that’s what held me back. I want to show you right away what
you can do here because that way you’ll feel a lot
more powerful with everything so we can just delete that dummy text here. You can also like actually click the
help icon to learn more. Right. So this is helpful stuff too
if you’d like to learn more about us. And for now I just want to show you how to write a little bit. So all it is is just hash tag masthead. Period side dash branding. I am g and that is going to say Listen up
logo we are talking to you then do an open bracket like that and just write in Max with 75 percent semi-colon and close bracket and then that match when you click on the site it should refresh. And then if you don’t see the
changes right away it’s just because we gave it the wrong percent. So let’s try a lower like five twenty five. We can see that this will
automatically change the size of our logo because it’s
telling it to only go a certain width and to circle so that applies to every part of it. All right. So I like it nice
smallholder kind of like the Apple website or the uber Web site or you know the Netflix website or something like that. So 15 percent 20 percent is too much and 15 perfect. So 15 percent is perfect. Now when we say publish you go back to the site and refresh you can see our new logo looks a lot sharper. Great job. We just want to get rid of that text
beneath it which is our site tagline. So let’s go back to customize here back so that entity and we can get that tag line which
is still shining. Just delete it right there. Save and publish. Refresh Well how does that feel better. All right. The final two steps to
master WordPress are just a matter of cleaning up the
site. The first area when I cleaned up is
our side bar and to do that it can go back to customize back and click widgets and then you can click the main
sidebar and literally just delete everything we don’t want and our Sidebar remove remove remove remove and save and publish. Now refresh and our Cibo will look a lot cleaner but a little bit empty. So we want to put in like a Facebook box on our Sidebar. How do we do that. Well we can go to the Facebook like box through Google and we’ll get the White Box it’s of open that that’s going to say like OK this is what you can and can’t do. So we actually want to go back and we want to go to the page
Paulian. And this is what you see typically
on the web on any major Web site that has their Facebook box and you can like it right from the
page itself. So it’s really fun you learn about inserting Facebook onto a Web site. So let’s just give ourselves the
right link here. Mine’s already there. Go ahead and create a Facebook page
if you need it. It’s obviously free. And then we can set a max with maybe about 300 and this will update and then you can play out the
settings. So I think actually the small is pretty cool. I like being brief. Now you just seem to click good code and what I’ll do is grab this bottom
code first just how I like doing it. Copy that and come back to WordPress add a widget choose a text widget where you can put an
arbitrary text or H.T.. Now that’s the key. And then just paste in that code
from Facebook. And so let’s give it a little chance to load save it and refresh Azzi that worked and it didn’t quite work. In fact it doesn’t know that it should appear. It’s just a link to Facebook. All right. So that means that we
need to insert the second porticos from Facebook into go back to this page and copy this step to code and put that somewhere on our site. But where do we put that. Or the perfect place to put it is
actually inside a plug in which might sound crazy confusing. I know but if you made it this far you can definitely insert this code onto your site. Just go back to the dashboard by clicking X cooking X will actually take you back to
where we were when we went to customize. We were on the pagers list and now it’s click on plugins and you’re going to learn how to add
a new plug in and it’s just like adding a new
theme like add new search for it. I don’t want to repeat insert code. Super simple plugin I use on a lot of my sites. It’s usually in the upper left
corner. In this case it’s the one with the magenta colored thumbnail and click install on it. Now it and this will bring us to the page where we now have to plug ins. Very nice looking good. And we want to just hover on
settings where we now have a new section for
this new employee so click that and then we’re just going to paste
in the code from Facebook right in the
header. So it is a great place to paste in
analytics code or Facebook code or Google Code. You don’t need to know how the code
works. You know you just need to paste it
in the right place. And that’s a whole lot of the world
works and deciding that people don’t
really know what the code means. We just use it save changes and now refresh your beautiful blog and we’ll see that the Facebook Like
Box populates perfectly. It’s just like chopping off part of our site. I’m not sure why. All right. Speaking of clean up we
might also delete our sample post here so just open it. It’s kind of cool that we have one
comment early but I’m sure you’ll get more. As you promote your blog which will be the next section. All right. So let’s go to posts and just trash. Hello world. All right now we check out our site looks a lot cleaner. And the final step in mastering WordPress or at least becoming a master as I’ll call you is just to add it our footer. All right. There’s a lot of stuff
you will do in wordpress but this will make you a master to begin with and then you’ll become more of
a master. So we’re going to edit the footage
right now. How do you do that. Let’s go to customize and in this section you would
definitely expect to see something for the footer
maybe in widgets. No that’s not in widgets although
you do get a top bar which is kind of cool. Try that out later. We just need to know where to get this piece right here so we can go back we go back to the dashboard and there’s a lot of your site that
lives in appearance editor appearance editor. So this is where I like the the nuts and bolts of your site. Love say it lives and if you actually edit something here and do it in the right way it’ll
show up on the homepage or on a blog post so you can if you want to go this
way. In this case we do want to do a command for her to open a theme for her file. And we want to just come down to where it says div class equal site info. So I’m kind of encouraging you to become a little bit of a beginner coder here which is definitely going to help
later on as you learn more and more about the
Internet and how to make an amazing WordPress
site. That’s beautiful. And the audience
loves it because you know how to do
everything with it or even teach it. So what we want to do here is just
like command a command to see the entire file. We want to open a new text file and just pasted in there and call this north water to be back up and save it so that if we do
anything or copy paste it from here in your site and it back to normal in no time for now I know that we can actually delete everything in this container right here. Or we can just modify like little
sections of it. So I’m going to go for the whole
enchilada and just delete all of it and you’re right in 2017 vertical bar. This is war. All rights reserved. So you know I’m kind of making a
joke of this. But seriously Noorani tutorials. That’s my YouTube channel. We can also put in a link if we want but for now text or do let’s just steal this copyright icon from the site itself. I mean you actually paste that in right there and loved it. So you can see how like on WordPress you can pretty much do anything within reason. All right. And now we have a totally
new footer that you know not to do because you’re an expert with appearance editors just don’t
get too overconfident and chop up every one
of these files because that might hurt your
site. But you know what. At the footer
you’re much further ahead than most
bloggers when they make their first blog. All right. So that does it. We’re now done with 10 steps to
master WordPress in 10 minutes or maybe a little bit more. Sorry about that but thanks for sticking with us and I hope you now know more than you ever could have
imagined about WordPress. All right. So we’re done making our humble
little blog and I think it will work for any niche that you choose or niche because it’s so simple and it’s cool how you can see
everything from the logo to the footer on one screen and get a lot of information across right here above the fold. So now it’s time to move on and set up Google Analytics so that you can look at and nice traffic curve like we saw in the introduction. So we’re going to drag in our
stoplight again which I know some of you won’t like but I hope it helps you and show you how we’re going to set
up Google Analytics in under three minutes or about as much time as it takes to
feed your pet. So I think this will help us in the
corner. I hope so because we have to get
through Google Ad Sense and online marketing. After all right. So let’s begin to get started with Google Analytics is going to open a new tab because I’m already logged in and the other one. I’ll show you the steps so you can just Google Analytics and then Google Analytics will come
up. The first one Google dot com slash analytics. You can see their Web site here which is beautiful in its own right. They help a lot of small businesses and just click seinen in the upper
right and choose analytics like almost all of Google’s
products. This one is free. You just need to have a Gmail or create an account with Google and then follow the steps and they’ll help you get set up set up and tell you if you have data already or if you’re going to start
brand new. All of that will help you get set up
easily. So what are those steps look like to
insert Google Analytics on a Web site. Well we can check out my analytics. Again Google dot com slash
analytics. Sign in click analytics. And so this is what it looks like
when you set up your account. Have some users showing up at my
sites and a lot of new users that’s good and new sessions. And so what I want to do now is just
go down and click the ad men click the gear choose an account. So I’ve set up analytics for a lot
of different accounts and clients and create new account. All right. And then tell Google Analytics about your site. So this is what you’ll be doing. Exactly. Select an industry category this is
always tough for us teachers because it’s like a
combination of education and Internet. OK. Remove the HGP and then come down and leave these check if you want to
get Google services it’s recommended and click track and then click accept. And now you’re going to get your own
custom piece of Google Code. So click once right here in the Web
site tracking box copy. Now come back to our blog. Click to the dashboard and you’re going to be pretty happy that you have your W.P. insert code plug in installed because we can just click that and then make some space beneath our code from Facebook and just paste it in and then it’ll start working. It’s in the right place now on your
Wordpress Web site. All right. And it just means like a couple of
spaces right there that’s fine. Save changes now when you come back to analytics we can verify that it’s in there. So we’re done here within Google
Analytics. Just click back to property settings
scroll down and click save. All right. And now we’re going to go
to another Google web site which is
called webmaster’s central. So look that up click the first link sign in and you’re going to want to click
add a property right here in the upper
right and then type in the Web site again not the wireless code just your Web site. So copy paste and click add and this is going to add your Web
site to all of Google’s like data tracking and blog Chagnon Web site tracking. And so it’s going to say recommended
method to verify ownership is Google Analytics. We’ve already done that. So click verify. Cross our fingers. And congratulations. It worked. All right. So Google Analytics is
now confirmed in our Web site. They know you’re there. They’re going to start tracking
anyone who visits your blog or website. So click continue. And if you have any questions about
exploring the tools here let me know. You don’t need to. You really want to spend most of
your time in analytics over here because they have all this rich data and it just looks beautiful. One thing I like clicking is on behavior and site content and then all pages because it lets you see exactly which pages and post are getting the most
traffic. The third and final step you can do
is just submit your you are out directly to
the Google search engines and you can literally just google submit my you URL to Google. And I think we’re going get a third and final tool which is the Submit
Your L Google. Open that and then just you know paste in your web site link check that you’re not a robot and this is like a hard submit. All right. So this is like going to tell them even quicker. It’s like a third reminder. And now you’re officially in there
your web site is like in Google’s line of processing. Right. So that’ll get done. You don’t need to do anything else. And we’re good you know have Google
Analytics working perfectly. All right so it went a little over
there again. I’m just going to owe you guys a
bunch of grags time here. By the end but hope you enjoyed
those couple of extra steps to make sure
that Google Analytics is working. All right. So now we’re going to
move on ad sense. Very similar process. You can just Google Ad Sense. And so we’ll do it in cognito. It looks like when you’re a new user of course. So you just look up this link Google dot com slash ads and slash start. All right. We could look at her video about
like phones and you know and in the link I want you to
actually go. In fact it’s just google ads and sign up think it’s slightly different to
sign up right here. So I’ll leave you these in the
comments below of course in the video notes and the beauty here is that there’s only three things you need and you know exactly what you need. So you just need to sign into your
Google account. That’s the first step. And then it’s going to ask about
your Web site. So you need to have some sort of website up you know Google understands that there are
restrictions on free Web sites like WordPress dot
com and Tumblr where you can put ads. So they don’t want to mess with
that. They just want you to have your own
WordPress website. I mean that’s the
definition of a real Web site these days having WordPress and they want you to have a little
bit of content. So it doesn’t look like you’re going
to be funny or just like duplicate web sites. Your web site has to look authentic. So what you need to do is follow the
steps to make a WordPress website or blog. And then right I would say one to three blog posts and populate it with some nice
content and then you’ll go ahead and submit your website right here
in the welcome to add sense. All right. After that you went to
New Basic information and they approve or disapprove you. So at that point I got to say good luck and I’m happy to help you at any
point in the comments below. Get Accepted to add. It’s a little bit harder nowadays. I’ve heard there is a line. Then when I sign up like you know so
many years ago but you can do it. I’m here to help. Just don’t delay because it can take some time to get
approved. All right. So inserting add sense onto your blog or website and putting an ad up is just as easy as putting Google Analytics in maybe even easier. Just go to this ad sense site Google dot com site ads and now sign in. Once you’re approved. It’ll hopefully look something like this. So this is the new modern dashboard. And. Yeah. All right so we want to click on my ads and you’re going to want to click
new ad units already have some we can
use they’re already active so it won’t take any time for them to appear. Let’s try this one line. Sidebar. From one of our past amazing
tutorials. You seem to copy the code Asen Kearney’s is recommended. And then come back to your blog. And then easiest is to hover over the menu and click widgets. And I’ll take you right to the side
bar area. So what I like doing is. Using a text widget add widget and then just pasting in that code. I make sure to click Save otherwise
it won’t work. And so this is another way of
viewing our main sidebar and it’s the old fashioned way of
seeing widgets. The newer ways collect and customize. And then you can get two widgets from there like we added our you
know Facebook box. Now we can out and see our blog and hopefully we’ll have a nice ad
somewhere but we don’t and that’s because I
actually run a block or so to click that and operate it. And approve all pages on this domain and exclude. So now we have our very first Google Ad working and it knows that I like Virgin
Australia because we just went to Australia. It’s a pretty smart program. It’ll generate your blog or your website revenue and that type of ads that show up will depend on the content around it. And the cool thing is that
depending on your niche those ads can earn you anywhere from one to about $20 per click. Because you know obviously when
someone clicks it that person person’s going to spend more if it’s like stock market advice or a finance book as opposed to just like I’m you know cat toys or something. I spent a lot of cat toys. So then you’re going to earn money and there’s no reason that you can’t make you know anywhere from one hundred to five hundred dollars maybe even a thousand. After a few months of work it’s definitely difficult. But if you blog every day and publish every week regularly you’ll be amazed how people come and enjoy your content and will get to know you and even help you you know by using your advertisements and your products. And for a lot of bloggers I’ve talked to you and heard about putting that first ad on their blog
is the first step to earning a full time income. There’s no limit on it through
blogging. Right so now you know how to do that
first step fit a lot of people can’t even
figure out. All right guys and gals so you’ve made it this far. Graduations you’ve made a blog you know about ads and analytics now. And I want to close with a few minutes to talk about
online marketing. You’re going to be doing a lot
online as a blogger and a web site owner and one very important thing is marketing. All right. The good news is it
doesn’t have to be hard. It’s fun and there are proven steps laid out ahead of you. All right. So we’ve already paved the road as previous online marketers. And here’s how to do it so that your
blog gets readers and you can generate traffic sell products to affiliate marketing and you know grow in any way you want. The first step is to guest post. So when you start of blogging you don’t have an audience but other blogs do. One example of a blog that does is pro blogger. All right. So what you can do is write about
topics you’re good at and submit them to blogs like pro blogger and then hopefully after a couple of weeks of waiting and you know biting your nails they eventually send you an e-mail
saying you’re approved. Once they do they’ll publish your
content in with a couple of edits they’ll give you a byline and a link back to your site which
is important. I’ll talk about that in one second and you’ll start to look like you know an author that has a certain amount of credibility. You have to write posts that are
very good don’t get me wrong to be long
exhaustive and within the post you are to use your style. So you know enough said you know how to write a blog post. But the cool thing is you can
actually link out to other bloggers like I linked at in a Hofman. All right. So she like tweeting me
saying big things. And then we got to network together and I really admire
her. Check out her blog right here. And you get that link back to your post. So you get two to three links at
least one. What this link does is people can
click it to get to your site of course and then they’ll say oh man this
blog is actually cool even though it’s new. I’m going to read some of their
articles and post comments and share. But Google also sees this link as a vote from pro blogger that your site is worth linking to. All right. And that helps your
Google rankings over time which you need to start building. You need to start building
Google rankings through links on other websites and blogs and guess posting is one of the best ways to do it. So once you have people coming back
to your blog and you start building SEO juice from these links your blog posts need to look good. They need to pass the test. They need to be readable. So you need to develop a style that
people can actually get through with headers and webs and images. But you also need to use a tool called Yost. So let me let me show you that one. You can edit this page here. And I have a plugin installed called Yost which gives me actually a checklist of
everything I need to do to make a blog post or a page of friendly. You click Edit snippet. And you can tell Google about your posts like writing a
better description. This would appear beneath a link in Google when someone
searches a fellow like a blog for Mani. This is the description right here. It’s like the great text really important. To rank in Google. So you can actually control what
shows up there. You can even give it a focus keyword and then once you do that Yost’s will tell you where to write the
keyword how much to write if you should edit your images and so on and so forth just doing this much and having a checklist will set you
apart from the thousands of other blogs in
your niche that are too lazy to or just don’t know how. So know if you don’t know now you know you can get this tool for free. Call the Yost as you go here. And then so once you do that and you have people coming to your
blog and your blog posts are good and they pass a test your pages look good and they pass the test then
you’re going to want people to stick
around. So people will often read your blog and then forget about it. But if you have an e-mail newsletter here above the fold looking you know good enough that
someone would pop in their name and email and click join then you’ll be able to keep contact with readers and deliver them more value. And then eventually online market to them in the future with your e-books your ideas your new products your new
businesses your new Web sites and that’s how the process sustains
itself. It’s really easy just sign up for a
whether they charge a dollar per month to
get started. I use them for all my email
management. And by that I’ll give you a link to
every tool we talk about in the video below in
the comments. You don’t need to go anywhere. I want to say comments. I mean the notes below the video it would be great. I’ve collected over 5000 subscribers with them. I get stats for when I send out a
newsletter. The company will open it collect it if anyone complained. I know it. Point four of a
complaint. But I should probably get that. And then you can create as many
emails as you want for like you know your
parent blog or a different blog. So on and so forth. You even get detailed information
about each subscriber which I won’t tell
you of course because this is all very
professional and private. If you don’t want to get a
professional e-mail management tool like this
that you have to pay a little bit for if you’d rather grab an email
marketing software that’s free and just super basic and get MailChimp will give you a link to them to below. And I’ve used them for different
projects. They were great. You can capture people’s emails you know send them a free welcome message send them an ebook and start that whole process. So these are all very good positive things to have on your
blog. It’s good numbers so when someone
subscribes you can check out that stat and get excited about it. And then of course when you land a guest blog post or you know make your own blog post you can get very excited as well. If you’re anything like me this
stuff makes me more excited than I was as a kid at an amusement park to wake up and just open the laptop or fire up the desktop because you look at the numbers and you can see how your work is
doing. You start finding people. What I forgot to do for all that. And you know really immerse yourself in blogging and get a piece of the pie from all the blogging success people
are experiencing. So that’s online marketing in a nutshell. I’ll show you more guest
posts if you want but that might be kind of vain. I just went on like a
blogging Post blog. Guest Post frenzy when I first started Dear blogger. So that’s what you can do to guarantee it works and will leave you back at. The blog we made together so you can keep adding to it. Write some more blog post below and maybe a contact page and then make sure your sidebar
looks perfect. Maybe you’re going to want to add in
that a Weber or MailChimp right here. Just that simple copy paste piece of
code into a text widget like we saw
before. All right. But I’m confident you
have the tools now to make your blog into a successful endeavor and really join the blogosphere with style and make it a better
place. So good luck. And here’s where I go
into asking for things from you mode and asking you to please share the
video. Subscribe rate and post a comment. I really really need these things to keep doing what I do and it really helps if you learned anything and you can do that. Thanks so much for helping spread the good word about blogging. If we ever meet up at some
convention drinks on me and you know Cheers. Thank you so much for watching. I love making these for you guys. So I’m going to go into that mode

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