World Bloggers Awards, Cannes 2019: Winner of “Best Street Food Blogger of the Year”

World Bloggers Awards, Cannes 2019: Winner of “Best Street Food Blogger of the Year”

I was chosen from 58 worldwide bloggers for World’s Bloggers Awards 58 bloggers I’m one of them 52/58 its an honor for me I’ve been chosen from thousands of bloggers and Influencers in the world I’ve been chosen to come here to Cannes for the international awards for the first time in 2019 the event is starting soon, I’m going to the hotel to wear my suit stay watching cos I’m really excited and you might also be excited we’ll see together what will happen today its time, I’m ready its a Gala dinner, going now to Martinez Hotel I’m very excited 58 persons from all over the world and I’m one of them the event is going to be amazing, I’m very excited to meet these bloggers who has millions of followers in this amazing event, its a week of Cannes festivals and that’s it come with me wish me luck this is whats happening I still din’t put any story, I’m still getting in the mood everyone is gathering outside, and this is the dinner behind me there is around 200 chairs 58 for the bloggers and the rest are for the press from around the world this is the stage the event will start soon its at 8 o’clock but we’re a bit late cos everyone is taking pictures especially the ladies wearing very long dresses I’m very excited, my table number is 9 we’ll start in a bit Stefan Rabinov, contribute from Forbes Magazine. United States of America Guillaume Stalins, director of digital marketing. Hotel Martinez Florence Haxel, digital communication specialist event producer, our amazing Maria Grazina Chaplin thanks to her great idea, dedication and inspiration we are all here thank you all the amazing and charming Valentina Nessi Julie Nguyen from Brazil Amanda Ford Benjamin Ortega Naomi Jane Adams and she is Camilla Lucchi best tourism blogger and the winner is Lenka Josefiová she has miss tourism title and she is a beauty queen Patricia Gloria Contreras and the winner is Anthony Rahayel I recognize you thank you so much, this is so exciting I love this thank you great to have you can you share us that little story you were telling me yesterday I think is a very exciting one about your name my name is legally the foodGod because you know what, if you want to be a brand you got to live as the brand so in about a month its going to be official foodGod given on my passport legally yea official we set the trends here right? you do set the trends Anna Andres so exciting its my friend that I’ve haven’t seen forever best celebrity influencer Nusret 21.9 million followers congratulations thanks to World Bloggers Awards social media have changed the world completely because today platforms of entertainment have changed completely and we all own our own network so we all are global entertainment but this is not only a good thing in the sense that we even have responsibilities and we have to use social media even for good purposes sometimes I laugh because there are people that criticize but at the end of the day you entertain people and make people smile and you say you think its not enough? so until when a smile is going to be priceless I’ll be doing this, thank you see you next year congratulations for Lebanon I’ve been teasing you since morning and not telling you where I’m going or what I’m doing I arrived to Cannes World Bloggers Awards I would like to tell you that this is Lebanon from this small country that even many people don’t know or heard about so this award, Best street food blogger of the world is for Lebanon and the Lebanese citizens and for the effort that we’re making together and now I continue my tour the best celebration is with a burger and I found next to the hotel, Big Fernand in my opinion Big Fernand has one of the best burgers gourmet burger in Paris I’ve visited it almost for 4 or 5 times and every time I come back here I eat this burger its wrapped with this paper the bread is great, I ordered it double patty the flavor of the French meat, also the pepper and salt the cheese and the bread that melts like butter oh my God, this is a great burger gourmet, super duper burger the best way to celebrate … that big success fries with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard I will end the day and go to sleep but I don’t know if I’m going to sleep early but tomorrow morning at 6am I’m going to next destination I told you that you will travel with me for 8 days, very beautiful unforgettable trip but its also a surprise I won’t tell you I will show you step by step so you feel the same way I’m feeling one more bite I wish you could feel what I’m feeling

100 thoughts on “World Bloggers Awards, Cannes 2019: Winner of “Best Street Food Blogger of the Year”

  1. مبروووك ????? تستاهل فعلا، احلى تحيه لاكتر شخص حببنى فى لبنان،احلى تحيه من مصر ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

  2. الف مبروك تستاهل انطوني …مجهود جبار بتستاهل تكون من ال5 الاوائل

  3. we have a quote in my country that suits these kind of events of vain people and it says: the world is burning, but the vagina is brushing itself.

  4. تستاهل والله.تمثل الشخصية اللبنانية القديمة الحقيقية الطيبة الودودة❤تحية طيبة للشعب اللبناني❤من المملكة المغربية❤

  5. congrats, I think you deserved it for all our hard work and how you persistently show us the different foods of your country

  6. مبروك أنتوني تستاهل تكون وزير سياحة لبنان تحية الك من سوري عايش في سكوتلندا

  7. ألف مبروك.You deserve the best Anthony
    Edicted to watching all your videos. خوات
    Tony Aoun from Sacramento, CA

  8. Congratulation Tonyyyy Habib. God bless you baba you touch thousands of people homes heart with your interviews videos and I know now how beutiful are middle east people
    Love it first trip Lebanon

  9. الف مبروك … انا د. سمير الحسيني طبيب اسنان . جهد جبار منك افضل من وزير السياحة . مرة اخرى الف مبروك

  10. Congratulations Anthony. You have an awesome channel. I wish I spoke Arabic but sadly not. I hope you will also do some English content for your global audience. Or subtitles ????

  11. Congratulations Anthony you deserve this commendation for this wonderful effort. Please keep up this effort and looking forward for more posts.

  12. بتجنن انطوني وبتستاهل اكتر واكتر يارب دائما موفق وناجح بكل اعمالك ومشاريعك ومن حلو الي احلي دوما وابدا

  13. ‏?? ✌️ ?. حقيقة قليل عليك وعلى جهودك شو ما أعطوك … محبة الناس الك هي بالتأكيد اعظم جائزة .. الف الف مبروك ?♥️

  14. Congratulations from Las Vegas , Bravo Anthony and thank you , love your program it's real , it's honest and one of a kind ,thank you again ???????????

  15. Superr !! Anthony you deserve it !! I always get super excited and hungry to visit Lebanon every time I see one of your videos !! Keep it up and thank you for representing Lebanon and our amazing cuisine!

  16. Congratulation Anthony I'm proud of u and Lebanon as well and all the people of Lebanon proud all the best always God bless ??

  17. ألف ألف مبروك وإلى الأفضل بإذن الله
    و فالك التوفيق والنجاح
    محبك من ??⚘⚘

  18. الف مبرووووك شرفت العرب لدخولك هذه القائمة – اخوك خالد من السعودية

  19. هل مسموح لنا زيارة لبنان .. يا اطيب قلب مستر طوني??❤

  20. الف مبروك تستاهل كل خير
    نحن اللبنانيين نفتخر ونعتز بكم كل الاحترام والتقدير لي حضرتك استاذ انطوني

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