100 thoughts on “World reacts to cartoon of Serena Williams in Australian newspaper

  1. Why are Americans completely braIn dead? It's called a 'caricature'. Also if you haven't noticed, Serena has a bulky body and large mouth. There was nothing racist or sexist about the cartoon.

    In fact anyone praising or defending Serena's tantrum and using gender, race and motherhood tools to divert attention from her dreadful, unsportsman-like behaviour, verbally abusing/bullying the umpire, tarnishing what should be a great moment for Naomi Osaka should hang their heads in shame

  2. It’s simply racist to suggest that black people have dark skin and curly hair with big lips and wide noses, that’s like saying Japanese people have slanted eyes and black hair or Scottish people have red hair and rear Kilts! Ridiculous!

  3. What about the other side of the argument? This had literally nothing to do with racism nor sexism even uf everything she said was true. Which it isnt. You know different tournaments have different rules and some refs are more lieniet than others and the penalties were heavily justified. Breaking her racket against the ground? She earned that loss. She brought this on herself. Of course this will be talked about by lots of people of course people will joke about it. It would be the same way if a man did that.

  4. So basically everything is racist now. I am an artist myself. It is ridiculous to compare this to some of the work from the past!

  5. If this isn't racism, why the artist have Osaka looking like a white women in the cartoon, when she is black(Haitian) Japanese ?…..Yes it clearly is racism…period!

  6. Oh my goodness, the snowflakes are out in force, predictably. Get a life! Nothing to see here except the depiction of a spoilt brat not getting her way. Leftists are seriously phobic!!

  7. The demented left have admitted that the term "racist" now applies to anything or anyone they find contrary to their unique world view and belief system. The author is receiving death threats over his cartoon….sound familiar?

  8. She'd have looked a lot more like a horse if I did the cartoon. Get over it. My two year old wouldn't carry on like that. Anyone old enough might remember McEnroe got exactly the same penalty for a performance not quiet that bad many years ago.

  9. I cannot see anything racist about this , only the TRUTH said in jest. What a world we are moving towards. The West will end up worst than a communistic uneducated country.

  10. You people in these video are cowards, you know it looks like her, it's so fashionable to say the word racist. If a white person was drawn this way nobody would say boo about it. How are you suppose to draw her. White and thin lips with white feches.

  11. Pff it's not like he drew her eating bananas in in the middle of a watermelon patch

    maybe should have, at least he would have got his money's worth from the outrage generated by these clowns

  12. Where are the liberals who defended the so-called artist who put a crucifix in a jar of urine? That was called "art" and "free speech". Well, this cartoon is art and free speech, isn't it? In fact, I think it brilliantly captures the essence of the event!

  13. Serena, and her twin brother are actually MEN!!.."She is the cheater by playing in Women's Tennis..check out the Adam's Apple!!! …..(Playing the Race Card..that is all they ever do anyway).

  14. What about the people that like the cartoon? that Serena is a spoiled brat! How about when serena said to a female ref, I shove that F-ing ball down your throat? Don`t have it just one way bigots….

  15. Oh for goodness sake – it’s funnily accurate and deserved. Serena Williams is not exempt from satire just because she’s a woman/black/big and a mother. If you can’t stand public opinion, don’t throw a tantrum in front of the whole world. The fragile idiots jumping up and down on social media need to be ignored. Especially bloody JK Rowling who appears to think that her every opinion should be immortalised in gold ink.

  16. Although its mean its not racist at all.Serena is very man like and super muscly and unfortunately for her he drew what he seen.A big woman having a 2yr old Tantrum. Stop being so freaking sensitive ffs.

  17. The Murdoch press are famous for their bigotry. The Australian press don't rank in the top ten countries for media openess. It's still a penal colony where birth, wealth and colour count. That's why the US love us. Murdoch is our gift to you. Enjoy.

  18. Former player! Rules have become stricter since and sometimes an umpire is human too where the player triggers them e.g. called him a thief etc.

    As for the cartoon why is it so difficult for some Americans to understand that in Australia a cartoonist like this draws funny cartoons of everybody, especially celebrities behaving badly and we don’t have the same history of African slavery here. The argument is based on irrational thinking. I never hear Americans complain about South Park or the Simpsons cartoons which do the same with everybody.

  19. The people who claim this is racist… Are actually the racist people. Because they are insinuating that black is bad.
    They are actually portraying that it's better to be white… And if you believe it's better to be white than you are racist… If I was Serena I would be thinking "He didn't draw me dark enough… My skins darker than that"

  20. All this fuss over a caricature?
    I've noticed in the comments on Facebook, to which I occasionally get referred, that it is almost unanimously women who are upset.
    Men show a more laissez-faire attitude.
    I know Williams played the woman card, and if she played the racist card as well, then I think the show of some racism in the cartoon is appropriate.
    After all, it shows exactly what she thought was happening to her.
    Well done Mark Knight.

    On a side note: considering she played the woman card, I might have included an open box of tampons in the background.

  21. Oh, we will overlook the pathetic comments by the crowd towards the winner and the childish behaviour of Serina will we. America is a bunch of snowflakes.

  22. Mark Knight does this to everyone he draws, he exaggerates features a heap and the situation a little, the only difference now is he did it to a black women.

  23. It was a caricature of Serena "Spitting the Dummy." Nothing racial about it. I've seen worse portrayals of Trump and the English satirical programme Spitting Image. Their Margaret Thatcher was particularly brutal, but that's what cartoons are all about. Cartoonists always exaggerate their subjects. I watched the meltdown incident live and the depiction looked pretty accurate to me. All power to the cartoonists pen.

  24. I don't think Serena has mirrows in her house. Hello!. She is black and big. Since when it is illegal to tell the truth. Should he have drawn Jennifer Lopez instead?.What it is wrong is for Naomi to feel like she did something wrong after defeating Serena and cry at the end of the game, when she should have been smiling.

  25. Where's the racism? In the wish of MLK, judge by character.

    It captured her character perfectly. She totally disrespected her opponent and her countries reputation internationally.

  26. But this is what she looks like!

    In any case, I've seen many far unkinder depictions of public personalities in my lifetime, but perhaps that's not supposed to be a problem because the personalities were generally white.

  27. Caricature is normal in cartoons. Look at his work, look at how he has portrayed all sorts of public figures. Caricature in cartoon is about exaggeration of an individuals notable physical characteristics. Serena Williams is a woman of ethnic African origin. What is really being said here is that you cannot caricature people of certain ethnic backgrounds, in which case you cannot caricature anyone. And another thing. The rest of the world does not have to accept or be constrained the sins and ghosts that haunt US society.

  28. She is african american how else are you supposed to draw a cartoon of a large african woman? Also its a CARTOON !!! cartoons are not supposed to be exactly accurat.

  29. The cartoonist is correct and good for him. It is a CARICATURE, it is meant to funny and exaggerated. The referee and the opponent were not exaggerated as they were not the subject of the cartoon, Ms Williams was. She had a major tantrum and, as the cartoon showed, she DID spit her dummy out of her pram. And, as a by-the-by, why is it only black people who see this cartoon of Ms Williams showing her as a gorilla(as mentioned numerous times on BBC news today)? I don't see such an animal, or any animal, – I see a spoilt brat whether she black, white, pink or yellow – a spoilt brat who thought the rules did not apply to her. PC, leftist nonsense!!?? yawn, yawn, groan groan – get a life!

  30. I guess we will start drawing Asians with slanty eyes. Racism is ok again. And if you are against it you are a snowflake. SMH

  31. Who's James Blake? 😂😂😂
    Is that the tennis player who never even reached a Grand Slam final and only won Davis Cup once or something? He can get away with much worse cos he ain't a champion, he just played professionally for a long time, Serena on the other hand is the greatest tennis player alive, an icon, a role model…

    Come on… Behaviour of Serena should be punished by tennis authorities, threatening behaviour and actual threats, THREE COURT VIOLATIONS in a second set and 2:6 in the first, looked a lot like she was trying to lose the final without taking any responsibility for her poor performance that day…

  32. I think he has captured Serena Williams. I suggest these people look up the word cartoon in a dictionary where it is discribed as
    "a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one in a newspaper or magazine.". Which is exactly what this is. The U.S media needs to stop looking at this in a way that it was not intended.

  33. This sums up the left perfectly. Let's not discuss the appalling behaviour, let's discuss a cartoon so that we don't have to talk about the bad behaviour.

  34. It looks like Serena, when he draws a fat white balding Aust he draws him as fat, white and balding. – you guys deserve Trump.

  35. The left has no sense of humor. Great cartoon. One would think Serena would be appreciative of the artist depiction of her. It looks just like her. Bravo Zulu

  36. This pretty much sums up how she reacted while playing and also the state of what America is nowadays nothing but a bunch of crybabies making something out of nothing. There is no"free press".

  37. They both play well ! Stop bullying them! There is no pure race, every intelligent person should know that or MUST KNOW and ACCEPT that!!! Put you in Serena's shoes and you will see that you would have done worst ! Shame on you all these people ! Naomi is proud of herself and so are her parents and relatives ! Serena is proud of herself and so are her relatives ! People around the world are very proud of them so MUST WE !!!
    People all around the world must seek if they don't have any other relatives who are not mixed or mixed ! THERE IS NO PURE RACE !
    Mister Mark Knight and all the people who are bullying them are just trying to attract attention on them, when some people will stop find food to eat on behalf of others' back specially those who are working hard to live ! Get a life, people !
    Monsieur Mark Knight essaie juste d'attirer de l'attention sur lui, quand va-t-il s'arrêter de manger du pain sur le dos des autres?
    Get a life, negative and jades souls!!!

  38. I've been to Australia and I can say that it's the MOST RACIST HATEFUL COUNTRY on earth
    They ABSOLUTELY HATE Black people

  39. They're both women of color. And the referee is latino. I don't get it. Explain why this is racist. Serena broke her tennis racket.

  40. He also drew the Brazilian umpire with a big nose and the Japanese opponent with accentuated cheekbones. News flash America that's what charactercher is.

  41. Oh, poor septic tanks. Such sensitive possums. Go and fix up your shit hole cities like detoilet, chiraque, San Francisco skidrow, lala land etc. Trillions and trillions of expenditure on military madness to maintain Pax Americana and you have a president with the emotional age of a three year old. Serena is not the only one who needs to be caricatured.

  42. For god sake….can Americans please learn how to pronounce things correctly????

    a) It's pronounced Oss-stray-lia
    b) It isn't Mel-bourne (as in Jason Bourne)….it's Mel-bun (as in hipster man bun)…
    c) We are not OSSIES….we are OZ-EEZ

    Come on…please try harder….it is just bloody awful to hear…..

  43. Williams looks does not have a problem at all. But look at the other player. Osaka – she looks like a white blonde girl. She dyed her hair, but not like the picture .The cartoonist must observe better, and people must give more attention to that. The cartoonist does not realize the player is not a white lady. I think that Japaneses must protest about that.

  44. It's mean but it's not racist. If Mark Knight only depicted one race negatively, then you'd have a case for racism. but as it stands, he's just as insulting to prominent white figures behaving badly. I'm more upset that the asian winner looks like a white woman.

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