YouTube Gaming is a New Gaming Website – Digital Boundaries News

YouTube Gaming is a New Gaming Website – Digital Boundaries News

What’s up Bounders! I’m Fig, and this
is DB News! Do you remember all the rumors about YouTube
buying Twitch, about a year ago? How the deal fell through, and how many speculated that
YouTube wouldn’t take this defeat lying down? Well, let me introduce you to YouTube
Gaming! This summer, YouTube Gaming will launch to the masses. YouTube Gaming, is a new app
and website dedicated to video game content! That means let’s plays, livestreams, speed
runs, commentaries, and yes – even gaming news shows.
YouTube now attaches livestreaming, and video content under one banner. So, if you subscribe
to a channel – you are basically subscribing to that person’s livestream at the same
time. You can even filter content by game. Very much how Twitch lets you watch streams
for a specific game, YouTube gaming lets you do the same with both video content and streaming.
So, if you only want to watch stuff that is related to Call of Duty, you can.
Live streaming is the major focus of YouTube Gaming. That will be put front, and center
at all times. YouTube understands the power of Twitch TV, and how many gamers consume
content. On Twitch, you can find people playing games, talking about games, and even channels
that have a 24-hour cycle of pre-recorded gaming content on loop. So, YouTube gaming
is designed to appeal to that. During the announcement, YouTube made it very
clear that one of the big reasons they did this is to separate gaming content from YouTube
proper. That way other types of content doesn’t get mixed up in your search for gaming content.
Plus, it gives YouTube the flexibility to focus on the needs of gamers more efficiently.
YouTube Gaming also promises that the days of scheduling your streams in advance are
over. You can stream to YouTube Gaming just like any other streaming service out there.
You’ll be able to stream 60 fps, and it will automatically archive streams so people
can watch later. They stated that they have drastically improved chat to stream latency,
and improved the chat room tools considerable. YouTube says it will launch YouTube Gaming
in the U.S. and U.K. this summer. So what do you think? Leave your thoughts
in the comment section below, and as always, thank you, for being awesome!

11 thoughts on “YouTube Gaming is a New Gaming Website – Digital Boundaries News

  1. YouTube Gaming was announced today by YouTube and is preparing o share more information about YouTube Gaming this E3 week. YouTube gaming is a website and app that will hold both live streaming and video content related to video games. This is designed to be a direct competitor to Twitch TV in the streaming market while also giving YouTube the flexibility to cater directly to gamers. #youtube #youtubegaming #gaming

  2. Sounds interesting. I like how you can play with the heart on the website.

    The new graphics look nice by the way.

  3. I'm subbed to a lot of gaming news channels and you're the first to cover this story. Keep this up Fig and you'll become naturally larger because you're the first on the scene with important news like this. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I think the concept of YouTube gaming is great, but it really comes down to how they're going to implement it. Are the search results on regular YouTube going to change in order to correspond with the new site? So, instead of showing content of all kinds it ONLY shows things such as vlogs, short films, etc?ย 

    Or will regular YouTube still pump these searches through to gaming, but redirect to YouTube gaming? My issue with this is SEO, and the idea that YouTube in itself shouldn't segregate content.ย 

    If someone were to livestream (that isn't a gamer) would their channel appear in YouTube gaming? Or would it appear on YouTube?ย 

    I can see instances of people going to YouTube in the hopes of searching for something such as "Resident Evil" and the only things appearing in the search are the movies (that somehow haven't been pulled.) and such like that.ย 

    I'm sure a lot of people on YouTube will jump the boat to gaming either way. There's probably going to be a big announcement and shebang about it. Though there's still issues. Also, will ALL channels automatically be converted? I'm guessing that one is a simple "Yes" but at this point I can't quite be too sure.ย 

    Other than all of that. YouTube will probably turn into my go-to streaming platform if it turns out they did fix latency issues and the chat. Not to mention. It'd be great to stream and upload in the same place and acquire subscribers through both methods.ย 

    Lots of good stuff to be had on YouTube this summer.

  5. Never really got involved with the whole watch a game livestream for 4 hours when I can play the game for myself for twice that time and still have way more fun, but hey. At least the YouTube devs have something to do.

  6. Pretty nice new intro man ๐Ÿ™‚ and this streaming service seems to be like a good idea if they do it right ๐Ÿ˜€

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