YouTube Studio Setup – Home Video Studio Setup and Tour

YouTube Studio Setup – Home Video Studio Setup and Tour

– Looking for ideas for
setting up your YouTube studio? In this video, I’m gonna be sharing tips about the video gear that
I use, audio equipment, as well as some updates that I’ve made building out this studio. Coming up. (techno music)
(camera shooting) (beeping) Hey, what’s up, guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV, helping you go further faster in media. On this channel we do tech gear reviews, video gear reviews, and
even studio setup videos just like this one. So if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during this video, check out links and show notes
in the description below. I’ll list out all of the
equipment that I used, as well as any bonus links
and resources that I forgot. Let’s jump into the video. So when it comes to creating
content on a consistent basis, building out a studio
is a really good idea. It’s someplace to shoot,
as well as figuring out what camera, gear, mics, all
of those different things. And recently I’ve updated
some things based on my setup, updated some of the
equipment, so I wanted to go through a complete breakdown
of the gear that I use, as well as just the studio in general. So the first category is video and audio. Our main shooter camera is a Canon 70D, and I love that camera because of the great auto-focus that it has. It’s really good if you’re
shooting by yourself, good face tracking,
auto-focus during video. The dual pixel that the 70D and the 80D has, also the T5i and the
T6i, all Canon cameras, is really good for content creators and for making YouTube videos. Then, the lenses that
we use, we usually shoot mainly on a wide-angle
lens, the Canon 10-18. We use a 24 millimeter, and
sometimes the 50 millimeter for B roll, and we use all STM lenses because STM is a Stepper Motor. That makes them really
good for auto-focus. Again, for B roll shots and for just creating different effects. I actually have a full
video about those lenses. I’ll link it up on the YouTube
card and in the description. And then for audio, we
use a Rode Shotgun Mic, the video mic that you can see here, or the pro version, which
is actually on the camera that we’re shooting this
video with right now. We use it on a studio boompole kit, and that kit comes from DVE Store. It’s on Amazon or you can
get it directly from them. It’s great, you get the cable
and you get the boompole which is actually what helps
our audio sound really good. Sitting on that couch, even
with a wide-angle lens, typically you’re too
far away from the camera to get good audio. That boompole setup lets you get closer to the microphone so that the audio sounds really crisp and clean. Then the tripod here
is a Manfrotto tripod. It’s kinda overkill
for what you would need for a YouTube studio. I typically recommend a Ravelli
tripod that I’ll link up. It’s right around $20, and
that’s really more than enough, at least for these type of shots. It’s super simple if you have one shot. Now, a question that we get asked is, “Do you shoot with two angles?” ’cause a lot of videos
include product shots and they include a second angle. We could, but actually usually what we do is we just shoot the B roll
after the video is done. We just have a checklist and we shoot those shots separately. One thing that is nice
for if you’re gonna create any separate shots is having a fluid head. What you wanna search for is
a tripod with a fluid head or a video head on it. That’s gonna allow you
to do some smooth panning product shots up and down. This Manfrotto tripod is good for that. If that’s part of the content
that you want to include, you might wanna consider
investing in a good tripod. Alright, the second aspect
of this studio is lighting, and there’s really two
components to the lighting. The first are these Fovitec
Bi Color LED lights. These are a killer light kit. I actually have a
dedicated video to those. I’ll link it up on the YouTube card so you could check that out. But what’s nice about
bi color is that these are actually, you’re able to do daylight. So we have sunlight coming
through the back window there right now, and so
it can match that color. But at night, there’s two
different colors of bulbs and you can mix them. It actually can put off a warmer color, which is gonna match
usually the light bulbs around your house. So bi color lighting
makes these very versatile for just anything that we wanna do for lighting the set in general. Then as kind of a fill
light, and for a lot of other applications,
we use a Halo Prismatic, the LED version, which
is the newest version. Love this light, really good
reproduction of skin tones. It has a lot more, better
features as far as brightness. You have these two bi color
lights that come together as a kit with the light stands
and everything you need. Then optional, really
would be the ring light. It could be either or, but the combination of all three makes lighting
up this set, this studio, just really awesome. I’m very pleased with the results. And a third piece of kit that
we do for lighting sometimes is actually a hair light. If a shoot right here, or we
go a little bit further away and use this whole set as
a backdrop, in that case, we actually use this hook. I screwed this in, little red hook, looked for a stud with a stud finder, and then this is a Neewer light that makes for a nice hair light. Typically when we’re back on the couch we just use the window
light as a hair light. I also did that for the
office shoot as well. A hair light can be a good
way to create dimension, kind of a 3D look, and another
third light that you can add. Those are battery powered,
so just hook up there, put the Neewer light up there,
and it’s a nice hair light that can be a little hack that you could include in your setup. Then lastly is the set
and the background itself. You kinda gotta work with what you have. In this particular
case, it’s usually ideal to get off the wall, to have
some three-dimension to it. It’s not the best to be
sitting against a wall, but I think it works okay. We have the couch on the
wall, some IKEA side tables, couple different succulents,
couple lights, some posters, and that’s something that
I’ll mess around with. Got the pillows from Society6. That’s a pretty cool site. One of the things that I
like, actually, about the set, is not as much how it looks
when I’m sitting there and creating the content,
but also how some of the B roll shots can look
by having those background colors and those background aesthetics. Like a shot right here, or
if you look at this shot, those background elements, the color, having the depth of field
and having those shots kinda blurred out, I think
that gives a really nice, cool effect for tying
the whole set together once the shot with communicating is there, as well as the B roll shots. Then there’s really three different angles that we do so far with this set. Number one is just on the
couch like this right here. Another one is sometimes
I’ll step into the corner and include the bookshelf
and include this whole set, this whole loft area in the shot. Another one is to sit
dead on, just like this, and talk, utilizing the hair
light and having the set just completely in the background. That usually, for shooting video, again, you wanna get off the background to create that depth of feel, that
blurred background look. Once you have a set, you can experiment with different shooting positions, how close or far away you are from it. (upbeat music) Question of the day, What are your tips for
creating a YouTube studio? Let me know in the Comments section below, and remember that some of the best tips and strategies come from you, the THiNK Media TV community. Definitely connect with everybody
in the Comments section. Thanks so much for
checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for
more videos just like this. If you haven’t downloaded
the THiNK Media TV video gear buyer’s guide,
it’s actually a guide where I go through this equipment as well as every different piece
of equipment that I use a far as cameras, lighting,
tripods, things like that. You can grab that for free, link in the YouTube description below or up on the YouTube card. Until next time, THiNK
Media TV is helping you go further faster in media. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon. (beep) Oh how to set up your, okay. Going? (music stops) (beep)
(upbeat music) Let’s jump into the studio video. (music stops) (beep)
(upbeat music) Three, two, one. (music stops) (clearing throat) (beep)

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